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Lack of Sleep Affects Your Oral Health, Too (plus 10 Ways to Get More – and Better – Sleep)

Lately, it seems there’s been a lot more news than usual about the science of sleep and how a chronic lack of sleep can damage your health. How it can raise your risk of heart attack and stroke. How it impairs your decision-making ability. How it may contribute to obesity and Alzheimer’s. But what you […]

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dental floss

Flossing vs. Nails on a Chalkboard? 7% Say They’d Choose the Nails

There’s one moment during a dental hygiene visit that a whole lot of people dread: the moment when the dentist or hygienist asks about your flossing habits. Some tell the truth. Others dance around the question. Some sheepishly admit the truth and promise to start doing better. And according to a new survey, a good […]

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dental ozone application

From Our Archives: Dental Ozone – Simple, Safe and Effective

By Michael G. Rehme, DDS, CCN Working in the oral cavity can certainly create some interesting challenges. We are constantly fighting a battle with infections that are found in the soft tissue and/or the underlining bone structures. These infections can come from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Conventional methods have taught us to fight these […]

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worn out toothbrush

How Grungy Can a Toothbrush Get? Very! Here’s What to Do

“You’ll never want to brush your teeth again!” Or so went one common reaction to research presented a few weeks ago at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. That research found that more than half of all toothbrushes used in shared bathrooms were contaminated with fecal matter. Pretty gross. Yes. And it […]

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woman jogging

The “Nearly Universal Prescription for Better Health”

Two thirds of American adults say their health is good. Yet about half have one or more preventable chronic diseases. Think heart disease. Think diabetes. Think cancer. Such conditions may be aggravated by overweight or obesity. Two thirds of Americans also grapple with those. Maybe the ultimate irony is that, on some level, we all […]

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Sunday Express headline

Some Harrowing Hygiene Habits

A recent headline from a British tabloid: The horror! Actually, toothpaste really isn’t all that necessary. A soft bristled brush is. And your arm power. But that’s about it. In fact, some research has suggested that brushing without toothpaste may be more effective than with – at least on some surfaces of the teeth. Of […]

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handful of almonds

What Makes for a Healthy Snack?

In a survey we told you about a few weeks ago, lots of folks were able to identify apples and vegetables as tooth-friendly snacks, but fewer were aware that things like nuts and cheese can be good options, too. And, of course, are these are far from the only options out there. Yet in a […]

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Mercury Amalgam Policy Starts to Shift – in the EU, at Least

While the FDA holds fast to its position on mercury amalgam, the same can’t be said for the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR). In their just released final report, they now state that alternative materials to dental amalgam should be the first choice for certain restorations, such as […]

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glass of water with sky

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

So we left off last time by noting that, unlike soda pop, water is something your body needs. Yet many Americans don’t drink enough of it. As a result, many suffer from chronic tiredness, headaches, constipation and a host of other problems. While you get some of the water you need from food, it’s not […]

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pouring soda

Are Other Artificial Sweeteners Any Better than Aspartame?

Recently, PepsiCo. announced that, come August, it will no longer put aspartame in Diet Pepsi. They said that consumers just don’t want it. They said that avoiding it was the number one reason why people were drinking less diet soda. Give the people what they want, right? And there’s certainly good reason to steer clear […]

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