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The Role Your Oral Health Plays in Aging-Associated Disease

Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer – conditions like these don’t just crop up overnight. Genetic predisposition in a lifetime of environmental exposures and lifestyle choices all play a role in the dynamic of illness. Poor choices that don’t seem like a big deal when you’re young have a way of catching up with you. And this […]

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amalgam filling in x-ray & clinical photo

Dental Amalgam Evidence v. Dogma

The recent news from the FDA isn’t really news. Motivated by an IAOMT lawsuit, the agency finally responded to three outstanding petitions against the use of mercury amalgam in dentistry. Despite the growing library of evidence showing this product’s threat to human (not to mention environmental) health, the FDA largely denied the petitions, continuing its […]

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Nutrition, Oral Health & the Tooth-Body Connection

Disease is not due to the presence of bacteria, but rather to the body being out of balance in such a way that the bacteria responsible for the inflammation are breeding out of control. Killing the bacteria is not the answer. Placing the body back in balance is a much more effective method of treatment. […]

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bone loss due to gum disease

Diabetes & Dental Health

Recently, news of “smart” insulin made international headlines. It’s a fascinating development that may change how often diabetes I patients need to take insulin. To be clear, there are two kinds of diabetes. Type I is when the body’s immune system kills off insulin-making cells, whereas type II occurs when the body doesn’t make enough […]

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How Secondhand Smoke Can Damage a Kid’s Teeth

For Valentine’s Day, the American Academy of Pediatrics offers “14 Ways to Show Love for Your Child,” with tips ranging from positive talk to remembering to say “I love you” to providing healthy meals. But we thought of one they missed: Giving them a smoke-free environment. Unfortunately, smoking is still prevalent here in the US […]

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Guest Post: Your Best Source of Nutrients? Real Food!

Our thanks to the office of Dr. Joe Sciabbarrasi for letting us share this recent post from their blog. Original. Supplements are an invaluable source of preventive medicine and treatments for disease, and they are an integral part of the individualized nutritional programs we offer our patients. But the centerpiece of wellness and your first […]

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jawbone osteonecrosis

What Are “Cavitations”?

A tooth extraction isn’t just yank and all done. It’s a surgical procedure. Sometimes it’s relatively simple and straightforward; others, it’s more complex. In all cases, and like any dental or medical treatment, it involves risks. Last week, we mentioned an all too common one: the development of “cavitations.” But although it’s common, this condition […]

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wisdom teeth

Does Everyone Need Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed seems almost like a rite of passage to adulthood. Those third molars usually start pushing through in the late teens – with some stress on the word “usually.” A good number of people don’t have the full set of four, if any at all. (For why that might be, check […]

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grocery store water section

Sparkling Water & Your Teeth

As long as we’re on the subject of beverages, let’s take a look at yet another type you’ll find near soft drinks, teas and juices: sparkling water. What makes sparkling water sparkle is carbonation – the infusion of carbon dioxide gas into water. Here’s how it works: The process makes the water more acidic than […]

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Juicy Juice

Is 100% Fruit Juice Better Than Soda for Kids’ Teeth?

For parents with kids who love soda pop, substituting 100% fruit juice may seem like a victory. But it’s a small one. Although the label can make it sound super healthy with claims of “no added sugar,” the fact of the matter is, even 100% fruit juice is already mostly sugar. There’s about as much […]

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