Biological Dentistry Loses a Pioneer: Dr. Hal Huggins

As we’ve noted, it’s not like dentists never knew about the problem with mercury amalgam until now. Not even 10 years after they came into use, one dentist described it to the first class of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery as

one of the most objectionable articles for filling teeth that can be employed, and yet from the wonderful virtues ascribed to this pernicious compound by those who used it, thousands were induced to try its efficacy.

That was in 1840.

Today, increasing numbers of dentists and patients are well aware of just how objectionable it is. Much of the credit for that has to go to Dr. Hal Huggins. Through books such as It’s All in Your Head and Uniformed Consent, he helped countless individuals come to understand how dental conditions can contribute to systemic illness. He spoke out forcefully, even bluntly, always courageously.

Dr. Huggins passed away last Saturday at the age of 77.

Over the years, Dr. Huggins’ research led him to investigate a wide range of dental situations, including materials toxicity, cavitations, implants and, of course, root canal treated teeth. His Dental DNA testing helped confirm the research Dr. Weston Price, showing it to be far from “outdated.”

He taught other dentists. He mentored. He cared. Deeply.

With Dr. Huggins’ death, we have lost a real pioneer – one to whom biological dentistry owes a lot of gratitude.

Here is Dr. Huggins sharing his vision of dentistry’s positive future – in poetry, no less – just this past September in Austin, Texas:

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  1. vicky Hughes May 24, 2017 at 7:17 am #

    This was a great eye opener. Love him much for his care and his work!

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