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Just Vitamin C or Liposomal Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the key nutrients for good oral health. And if you want to get the most from it, you take it in liposomal form. And just what is liposomal C, pray tell?   Here’s a bit more on how liposomal technology works:   Also see Dr. Rehme’s article Vitamin C Connections […]

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fat-free low-fat labels

The Ongoing Debate: Are Unsaturated Fats Really Any Better for You?

You can hardly turn your head in the grocery store without running into “low-fat” options – not to mention products labeled “fat-free” or even “naturally fat-free.” Those who buy these kinds of products may also have switched long ago from butter to margarine and learned to look on egg yolks with disdain. What caused this […]

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Will the Tenth Amendment Guarantee Your Right to Drink Raw Milk?

If we were to honestly look at our personal habits, we’d have to admit many of the daily choices we make have the potential to cause us harm. We make thousands of decisions each and every day on what to eat, drink, smoke, how to travel, who to couple with, what commercial products or chemicals […]

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eating quote

What Are You Eating Really? A New Test May Soon Be Able to Tell

Ever had one of those moments when you swore to yourself that you were going to start eating healthy? If that moment was followed by the realization that you’d have to either eat or throw out half the food in your pantry, you’re not alone. Many of us choose to eat that stock down, despite […]

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Reversing Diabetes Might Be Simpler Than You Think

If you or someone you love has type 2 diabetes, you know that carb intake is the single biggest factor in raising blood sugar levels. And if you – or someone you love – is taking medication for diabetes, you might have wondered, if carbs are the problem, then why does the dietary guidance recommend […]

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elephant and donkey

Food Politics Can Divide – or Unite

No doubt, this year’s presidential campaign is tough to ignore. And one thing has come clear: More attention provides more fodder for disagreement. Not only does this discord speak to the ideological distance between citizens who identify as conservative and those who identify as liberals – it can blind us to our similarities. Regardless of […]

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food allergy sign

Heavy Metal Toxicity & Food Allergies

Given the numbers, odds are that you or your child has a food allergy. Fifteen million Americans do. One in every 13 kids are affected, and that number is climbing. According to the CDC, between 1997 and 2011, food allergies among children increased 50%. While researchers investigate why, mother turned activist and author Robyn O’Brien […]

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ketchup and fries

French Fries & Ketchup Count as Vegetables?

When it comes to the availability of fruits and vegetables in summer, we have an abundance of choice. But if you’re still shopping produce in a grocery store, you might notice that three in-season organic peaches can cost more than a dozen powdered sugar doughnuts. Cost, according to a recent analysis in JAMA, is one […]

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black coffee

Coffee Perks

For some of us, when it comes to coffee, we can’t get enough. Sure, coffee is one of those beverages that goes in and out of favor with regard to health. Just within the past week, we’ve been told that parents’ coffee consumption may raise risk of miscarriage and that as many as 5 cups […]

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10 Tips: How to Quit Sugar

Recently, we looked at life buried in sugar. But just how do you dig out from under it? You’ve probably heard more than a few horror stories about how hard eliminating sugar can be – tales of migraines, shakiness, lack of energy, irritability, and more. Fortunately, these withdrawal symptoms are only temporary. And there are […]

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