Eliminate Root Canals with Stem Cell Regeneration

What does dentistry and stem cell research have in common? The answer may be more enlightening than you can imagine. Scientists are working diligently to discover the abilities of cell regeneration within the human body. Dentistry is playing an important role in this new age research. Is it possible that the days of the root […]

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Digital X-rays for Biological Dentistry

Dentistry has witnessed some incredible advances over the years that have improved the ability of our profession to deliver a higher quality of care for our patients. Several examples include the air driven dental drill, light-cured composites for dental filling materials, and the intra-oral camera which offers the patient a visual aid to view oral […]

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Microscopes and Oral Spirochetes: Visual Images With Impact

Five years ago, I purchased a phase contrast microscope for our hygiene department. My intention was not to become a microbiologist but to observe and identify live samples of the bacterial activity occurring in our patients’ mouths. I was particularly interested in the subgingival areas (below the gum level) where it’s difficult to clean with […]

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Is There A Battery In Your Mouth?

That’s a strange question to ask or is it? Did you know that most metals found in your mouth have the ability to create an electrical charge? This charge can be responsible for numerous side effects that are rarely associated with the dental work found in your mouth. Galvanic current is a term that has […]

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A Key To Good Health: Probiotics

A common theme throughout my practice of Biological Dentistry is the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy body balance. This simply means encouraging a lifestyle that continues to support rather than undermine the basic needs of our bodies. Probiotics, which can be found in conventional foods and dietary supplements, are “friendly bacteria” that are […]

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An Integrative Health Care Approach to Biological Dentistry

If you ask most people, “What effects do your teeth have to do with your overall health and wellness?” the answer most likely given is, “I never really thought about it,” or “I didn’t know that my teeth had anything to do with my overall health.” However, if you ask a functional, integrative, or alternative […]

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Healthy Diet, Healthy Teeth

Although the heading seems to state the obvious, you might find this article quite interesting as we uncover the underlying events that actually occur to our teeth when our diets become compromised. Poor diets eventually invite a decaying process to develop within the oral cavity. Not eating properly, and following the Standard American Diet (SAD), […]

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Cavity Reduction Using Dental Ozone

In 2012, I wrote an article in The Healthy Planet that received much attention after its publication. It was titled Dental Ozone: Simple, Safe and Effective. It explained many of the positive effects that ozone therapy could provide for our dental patients today. Recently, I received more scientific literature that continues to support the impressive […]

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How Effective Is Your Hygiene Checkup?

Dental cleanings are one of those procedures we know we need but don’t get too excited by them. We tend to be much more motivated toward activities for which we understand the importance. Even if they aren’t as exciting as an exotic vacation. Most people don’t really know much about an “effective” hygiene checkup. Effective […]

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How Long Will My Dental Work Last?

How long will my dental work last? I’ve been asked this question a thousand times. My answer has evolved from years of clinical observations and understanding the biological concept of the Tooth and Body Connection. I was once told that good dentistry will last approximately 7-12 years before signs of recurrent decay, leakage or fracturing […]

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