Soda Pop: The Tooth and Body Connection

It’s probably not surprising to realize that soda pop is the most popular beverage consumed in the U.S. American consumption of soft drinks, including carbonated beverages, fruit juice, and sports drinks increased by 500 percent in the past 50 years. What’s the soft drink attraction? Studies have shown, for both regular and diet soft drinks, […]

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Take Responsibility for Your Health

It’s been one year since I began writing articles for the Healthy Planet. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for me to share my thoughts and insights regarding biological dentistry with you. Biological Dentistry is an old, but disregarded, concept in dentistry that’s slowly reviving. It’s continuing to evolve as more legitimacy is being given to […]

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Teeth and the Focal Infection Theory

Are your teeth “connected” to other parts of your body? In other words, can an abscessed or infected tooth actually cause a problem somewhere else, say your lower back, sinuses, stomach or even your heart? Focal Infection Theory (FIT) is the idea that a local infection affecting a small area of the body can lead […]

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Tooth/Organ Connection

Is it possible that your teeth have a biological effect on other parts of your body? In order to understand this concept, let’s consider the therapeutic effects of Chinese acupuncture. Chinese acupuncture believes there is a universal life energy called Chi (also spelled “Qi”) present in every living creature. This energy is said to circulate […]

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Tongue Diagnosis: Seeing Is Believing

Tongue diagnosis has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. Over 280 diseases or “imbalances” can be diagnosed through the proper use of this method. I was first introduced to this concept several years ago and although I have a very limited experience in this field, it has given me yet another […]

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Tinnitus Finally Gone

After being introduced to biological dentistry 17 years ago, I learned several things that have built the foundation for my dental practice. First, the human body is designed to heal itself, and will continue to do so, if given the opportunity. Second, from major organ systems to basic cellular components, our bodies will function in […]

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Toothpastes Are Not All The Same

A concerned mother called my office once with an intriguing question. “Is it possible that my daughter can get sick from brushing her teeth with her toothpaste?” I asked her what type of toothpaste she was using and it was one of the popular name-brand toothpastes on the market. Her daughter was 6 years old […]

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Unexplained Dental Pain Explained: Tooth Extractions, Cavitations and the Periodontal Ligament

Removing a tooth is certainly an unfortunate event for a patient both physically and emotionally. However, having the tooth properly extracted may prevent health related complications from occurring in years to come. There are two important steps to follow when removing a tooth: First, it is imperative to remove the entire tooth. Avoid leaving any […]

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Vitamin C Connections to Dentistry

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a very important nutrient. Its therapeutic use became popularized in the 1970s, thanks to research performed by Dr. Linus Pauling. He is well known for endorsing that the common cold could be controlled by an adequate intake of Vitamin C. He deserves an enormous amount of credit for educating the […]

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What’s In Your Crown?

In March 2008, a television investigative reporter filed an intriguing story that caught my eye due to the nature of its subject matter. The title of his report was, “Chinese Dental Products May Hide Danger.” An Ohio woman, who was suffering from mouth pain, had a newly installed crown examined. It was made in China […]

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