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Antibiotic-Happy Dentistry

Most folks aren’t surprised when their dentist prescribes an antibiotic. It’s so common, so expected that patients don’t pause to ask why they need the drugs to begin with. Or what the side effects might be. Or what alternatives are available. Over 24 million prescriptions are written by dentists each year, and these are general […]

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Dental Emergency – Who Ya Gonna Call?

Dental emergencies happen. They come out of left field. Intensely painful, they can swell your face and feel dangerously serious. Many folks ultimately decide their toothache warrants a visit to an emergency room or physician’s office. But are they really the best ones to deal with your problem? Not really, according to a recent study […]

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Reducing The Use Of Antibiotics In Dentistry

For many years it’s been routine dental practice to treat all patients with a history of rheumatic fever, mitral valve prolapsed, or other such disorders with antibiotics. It was believed that streptococcal bacteria in the mouth could enter the bloodstream during routine dental procedures, such as cleaning teeth that may induce a bleeding condition. These […]

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