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amalgam vs. composite fillings

How Does Mercury Amalgam Removal Impact Health?

The impact of amalgam removal and detox is different for everyone. Some people experience quick improvement; others need months or more to fully recover from decades-long exposure to mercury. The experiences are different because people are different. Still, amalgam removal can bring considerable improvements even in the relatively short term. After all, you’ve removed a […]

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dentist & assistant with dental tools

How Dentistry Can Be Hazardous to Health

When you think about dangerous jobs, dentistry probably doesn’t spring to mind. Yet according to a recent article over at Business Insider, four of the five most hazardous jobs involve dental workers. Hygienists were found to have the riskiest jobs, followed by dentists, vet assistants and lab animal caretakers, dental lab techs, and dental assistants. […]

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mercury rising

Modern High Copper Amalgams Exhibit Two New Traits of Increased Instability.

A recent study in BioMetals offers a scientific indictment on mercury emissions from modern dental amalgam fillings – proving once again that science is on our side. The study points out what we know, all types of dental amalgams contain mercury, which partly is emitted as mercury vapor. All types of dental amalgams corrode after […]

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amalgam separator

EPA Rule Finalized: Mercury Amalgam Separators a Must

An early Christmas gift arrived last week: The EPA finalized its new rule for reducing mercury discharges from dental offices. That mercury, of course, comes courtesy of the amalgam used to make so-called “silver” fillings. Amalgam is about 50% mercury, a potent neurotoxin. Strict safety protocols are needed whenever it’s handled, but these – unfortunately […]

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skeptical child

The European Union Rules: Partial Ban on Mercury Amalgam. But is it Enough?

When we wrote last year about the shift in Europe’s amalgam policy, we couldn’t have imagined that the three major institutions that play a role in establishing regulation for the European Union (EU) would vote and pass a provisional agreement to partially ban dental mercury so soon. But that’s what they’ve just done. Come July […]

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vapor skull

Are You Vaping Your “Silver” Fillings?

If you have “silver” mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, they give off mercury vapor every time you chew, drink, grind, and brush your teeth. That vapor is the most toxic component of the elemental mercury used in dental fillings. And it outgases for the lifetime of your fillings. Have more than one mercury filling? […]

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no mercury

Mercury-Free Dentistry Is a Win for Everyone

If you’ve made it a personal mission to remove toxic mercury amalgam from your mouth, you may be aware of a grassroots organization known as Consumers for Dental Choice. Their mission? To end the use of mercury in dentistry, full stop. To accomplish this, they have been tirelessly educating consumers about mercury since 1996 – […]

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dental laser

Removing Amalgam with a Laser? No Thanks!

Chances are, you’ve heard of laser dentistry. After all, lasers – hot and cold alike – have been used in dentistry since the 1990s. (A cold laser uses low level energy to stimulate tissue and cell function. A hot laser…well, keep reading.) The laser dentistry you tend to hear about relies on a hot laser, […]

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Dr. Michael Rehme

Dr. Rehme on Mercury Amalgam in Dentistry

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Mirror of the Body book cover

A Must-Read: Dr. James Rota’s Mirror of the Body

While it’s probable that a dentist will place more foreign material in your body than any other medical practitioner, it’s rare to hear an honest accounting about the practice of doing so. Perhaps that’s what makes Dr. James Rota’s Mirror of the Body such an intriguing book. While on one hand a memoir of the […]

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