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Change Your Diet, Reverse Gum Disease?

If you just change what you eat, could it help reverse gum disease? Even if you don’t change your hygiene habits at all? A small but compelling German study in BMC Oral Health suggests yes. For two months, an experimental group switched from their regular diet to low carb. Their new diet was also rich […]

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The Still SAD State of the Standard American Diet – & How to Make Yours Happier

You probably already know full well that a healthy diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables. You probably buy organic whenever possible, maybe even have a membership with your local CSA. If so, you’re exceptional. According to the USDA’s latest Ag and Food Statistics report, most Americans still eat well below the recommended amount of […]

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What Are You Eating Really? A New Test May Soon Be Able to Tell

Ever had one of those moments when you swore to yourself that you were going to start eating healthy? If that moment was followed by the realization that you’d have to either eat or throw out half the food in your pantry, you’re not alone. Many of us choose to eat that stock down, despite […]

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Reversing Diabetes Might Be Simpler Than You Think

If you or someone you love has type 2 diabetes, you know that carb intake is the single biggest factor in raising blood sugar levels. And if you – or someone you love – is taking medication for diabetes, you might have wondered, if carbs are the problem, then why does the dietary guidance recommend […]

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10 Tips: How to Quit Sugar

Recently, we looked at life buried in sugar. But just how do you dig out from under it? You’ve probably heard more than a few horror stories about how hard eliminating sugar can be – tales of migraines, shakiness, lack of energy, irritability, and more. Fortunately, these withdrawal symptoms are only temporary. And there are […]

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Eyes Wide Shut? The Diet-Sleep Quality Connection

Now that life has settled down after all the holiday whirl, you’re still not sleeping. You get up a couple times a night or lie awake between rounds of wrestling your pillow into submission. By the time you actually get up, you don’t feel rested or refreshed. So in the morning, you shoot down chasers […]

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10 Tips: A Holiday Eating Survival Guide

If you’re committed to healthful eating, the thought of holiday parties may find you wanting to curl up under a blanket until they pass. So much easier than facing things like sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green bean casserole, cookie trays, and frosted stollen, But hiding out is hardly your only option. Here are 10 tips […]

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From Our Archives: Healthy Diet, Healthy Teeth

By Michael G. Rehme, DDS, CCN Although the heading seems to state the obvious, you might find this article quite interesting as we uncover the underlying events that actually occur to our teeth when our diets become compromised. Poor diets eventually invite a decaying process to develop within the oral cavity. Not eating properly, and […]

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The “Nearly Universal Prescription for Better Health”

Two thirds of American adults say their health is good. Yet about half have one or more preventable chronic diseases. Think heart disease. Think diabetes. Think cancer. Such conditions may be aggravated by overweight or obesity. Two thirds of Americans also grapple with those. Maybe the ultimate irony is that, on some level, we all […]

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What Makes for a Healthy Snack?

In a survey we told you about a few weeks ago, lots of folks were able to identify apples and vegetables as tooth-friendly snacks, but fewer were aware that things like nuts and cheese can be good options, too. And, of course, are these are far from the only options out there. Yet in a […]

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