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Could Flossing Be the Trigger You Need to Change Your Lifestyle?

Unless you’re some kind of alien, it’s likely you want to change something in your lifestyle: lose weight, exercise more, get more sleep, work less, decrease your stress…or just generally lead a healthier life. And if you’re like most, you’ve tried, maybe more than once, to make those changes. Despite your motivation and your effort, […]

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The Proper Care & Feeding of Teeth: Are You Walking the Talk?

Most people can tell you how long to brush your teeth, how often to floss, and which foods are tooth-healthy. That doesn’t mean they actually follow their advice. For instance, according to a recent survey by :DentalPlans, just three out of five people brush twice daily. When they do, they often don’t brush long enough, […]

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Gum Disease vs. the World (or, How to Not Be Among the 11%)

According to a review recently published in the Journal of Dental Research, more than 700 million people globally have severe gum disease. That’s more than the populations of most countries. It’s 11% of the world. And that makes it the 6th most prevalent health problem in the world. (And if your gums are red, receded […]

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Don’t Like to Floss?

Let’s face it: Committing to flossing regularly is a tough task for a lot of people. The most generous surveys say only about half of us floss daily. Others put the figure around 20%. Some folks never floss at all. Maybe flossing feels awkward or icky. Maybe it doesn’t have the same kind of instant […]

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Floss Daily, Live Longer

Scholars and scientists who study human behavior say that it takes approximately 21 days to introduce a new routine into our lifestyles. Repetition and commitment are two contributing factors to a successful outcome. However, without a perceived value for this new behavior, the idea or task soon becomes just an unimportant memory in our lives. […]

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