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Impossible Burger

Do GMOs Count as “Real Food”?

Good nutrition is essential for both your oral and general health. Your best source of nutrients? Real food. By “real food,” we mean fresh, whole foods, as close as possible to the form in which they were grown and preferably organic. It’s the opposite of the hyperprocessed products that line the aisles of your average […]

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romaine lettuce

Don’t Let E. coli Steal Your Leafy Greens

It’s no surprise that consumer confidence in leafy greens has plummeted since E. coli traced to romaine lettuce sickened hundreds of individuals, put 89 in the hospital, and killed five. What’s unfortunate is that it may be scaring folks away from any kind of leafy greens. Romaine sales are down nearly 45% from a year […]

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elephant and donkey

Food Politics Can Divide – or Unite

No doubt, this year’s presidential campaign is tough to ignore. And one thing has come clear: More attention provides more fodder for disagreement. Not only does this discord speak to the ideological distance between citizens who identify as conservative and those who identify as liberals – it can blind us to our similarities. Regardless of […]

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