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amalgam fillings replaced with composite

The Inevitable Replacement of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

While there’s still plenty of denial in mainstream dentistry about the health risks of mercury amalgam “silver” fillings, environmental concerns like the ones we raised last week are hastening the retirement of this toxic and antique material. The Minamata Convention on Mercury is a key part of this. This global agreement to reduce mercury pollution […]

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elemental mercury

Those “Silver” Fillings Are Terrible for Environmental Health, Too

You might think that if you don’t have any mercury amalgam “silver” fillings in your mouth, the dental mercury issue doesn’t really affect you. But if you breathe air, drink water, or eat food, you are indeed affected. That’s because dentistry is one of the biggest sources of mercury pollution in our environment. Some mercury, […]

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MRI device

High-Power MRIs Shown to Release Mercury from Amalgam “Silver” Fillings

Here’s a blunt truth: Mercury amalgam fillings are no friend to your health. As we’ve discussed before, When a person has these so-called “silver” fillings, mercury vapor is outgassed with every bite and swallow. Even something as benign as brushing your teeth can release vast amounts of vapor, which then gets inhaled and makes its […]

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Mercury Awareness Week 2017

The Movement Toward Mercury-Free Dentistry

Now that the Minamata Convention on Mercury has gone into force (yay!), maybe we’ll start to see change come at a faster clip. But for now, dental students – with very few exceptions – continue to be taught to place mercury amalgam fillings, just as earlier generations were taught. While some dental students may question […]

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dentist & assistant with dental tools

How Dentistry Can Be Hazardous to Health

When you think about dangerous jobs, dentistry probably doesn’t spring to mind. Yet according to a recent article over at Business Insider, four of the five most hazardous jobs involve dental workers. Hygienists were found to have the riskiest jobs, followed by dentists, vet assistants and lab animal caretakers, dental lab techs, and dental assistants. […]

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no mercury

Mercury-Free Dentistry Is a Win for Everyone

If you’ve made it a personal mission to remove toxic mercury amalgam from your mouth, you may be aware of a grassroots organization known as Consumers for Dental Choice. Their mission? To end the use of mercury in dentistry, full stop. To accomplish this, they have been tirelessly educating consumers about mercury since 1996 – […]

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dental amalgam label

Dental Mercury Amalgam: When Phase-Down & the Status Quo Collide

Given what we spend on medical care, it would make sense to focus first on prevention. You don’t have to pay to fix problems that don’t arise. Prevention starts with healthy habits: nutritious food, exercise, sleep, managing stress, limiting exposure to toxins… So why do still relatively few think twice about getting their teeth repaired […]

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What Makes a Biological Dentist Different from a “Regular” Dentist?

Our thanks to the office of Houston biological dentist Dr. Bill Glaros for letting us republish his essay on our blog. You’ll find the original post here, on his office’s blog. What Is a Biological Dentist? By William P. Glaros, DDS A Biological Dentist is a licensed dentist who uses the greatest elements and practices […]

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