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The Best Kept Secret: The Hygiene Visit

Unlike so many Hallmark holidays, National Dental Hygiene Month just doesn’t get much recognition. That’s a shame considering that your biologically trained dental hygienist is instrumental in helping you achieve your overall health and wellness goals. To be clear, we’re not just talking oral health – or systemic health, for that matter – but whole […]

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Caution: Elderly People…with Teeth

We don’t have to tell you the importance of oral health on overall health because, chances are, you’re already doing what you need to do to stay healthy. When it comes to your teeth, you brush, floss, schedule routine dental visits, and do your best to eat well. And even though you might not have […]

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Healthy Teeth & Gums with Coconut Oil Pulling

With all the ongoing interest in oil pulling, our patients often ask us about the practice – most specifically, if it can really help improve their oral health. The short answer is yes, especially when it comes to reversing gum disease. For millennia, oil pulling has been recommended by the traditional Hindu medical practice known […]

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Flossing vs. Nails on a Chalkboard? 7% Say They’d Choose the Nails

There’s one moment during a dental hygiene visit that a whole lot of people dread: the moment when the dentist or hygienist asks about your flossing habits. Some tell the truth. Others dance around the question. Some sheepishly admit the truth and promise to start doing better. And according to a new survey, a good […]

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From Our Archives: Dental Ozone – Simple, Safe and Effective

By Michael G. Rehme, DDS, CCN Working in the oral cavity can certainly create some interesting challenges. We are constantly fighting a battle with infections that are found in the soft tissue and/or the underlining bone structures. These infections can come from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Conventional methods have taught us to fight these […]

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How Grungy Can a Toothbrush Get? Very! Here’s What to Do

“You’ll never want to brush your teeth again!” Or so went one common reaction to research presented a few weeks ago at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. That research found that more than half of all toothbrushes used in shared bathrooms were contaminated with fecal matter. Pretty gross. Yes. And it […]

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Some Harrowing Hygiene Habits

A recent headline from a British tabloid: The horror! Actually, toothpaste really isn’t all that necessary. A soft bristled brush is. And your arm power. But that’s about it. In fact, some research has suggested that brushing without toothpaste may be more effective than with – at least on some surfaces of the teeth. Of […]

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The Proper Care & Feeding of Teeth: Are You Walking the Talk?

Most people can tell you how long to brush your teeth, how often to floss, and which foods are tooth-healthy. That doesn’t mean they actually follow their advice. For instance, according to a recent survey by :DentalPlans, just three out of five people brush twice daily. When they do, they often don’t brush long enough, […]

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Are Electric Toothbrushes Really All That?

Even Consumer Reports seems less than fully committal, saying that a “good soft-bristled manual toothbrush” is good enough – presuming “you take the time and effort” – but that powered brushes can be helpful. But they can also be pricey – up to nearly $150 pricey. CR sounds a little skeptical as to whether any […]

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Gum Disease vs. the World (or, How to Not Be Among the 11%)

According to a review recently published in the Journal of Dental Research, more than 700 million people globally have severe gum disease. That’s more than the populations of most countries. It’s 11% of the world. And that makes it the 6th most prevalent health problem in the world. (And if your gums are red, receded […]

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