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Vaping E-Cigs May Have Your Kid Smoking in No Time

Lots of folks think that vaping is safer than smoking. It’s not. And if the findings of a new study are correct, it may also pave the way for teenagers to move on to regular cigarettes in adulthood. The study, published in Pediatrics, focused on high school juniors and seniors – 152 who had never […]

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Smokin’ Microbial Warfare

This is for all the smokers out there, particularly cigarette smokers. It’s also for all of you out there who love someone who smokes. We know you’re out there. Missouri has one of the highest smoking rates in the country. This is not, we repeat not, a lecture. You already know the price of a […]

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Vaping: More Than Just a Lot of Hot Air

Last year, “vaping” was one of the new words that made the Oxford English Dictionary just a tiny bit fatter. No surprise, really. The popularity of e-cigarettes has only gone up, offering the opportunity to inhale vapor rather than the smoke of traditional cigarettes. They also offer a wonderland of not-tobacco flavors – citrus, berry, […]

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metals in secondhand smoke infographic

Smoking and the Alternatives That Still Harm

It’s not a fact we should be proud of: Missouri has one of the highest smoking rates in the country. This has big implications for dental health. After all, tobacco use is the number one risk factor for gum disease. On top of that, recent research suggests that those who smoke more than a pack […]

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How Secondhand Smoke Can Damage a Kid’s Teeth

For Valentine’s Day, the American Academy of Pediatrics offers “14 Ways to Show Love for Your Child,” with tips ranging from positive talk to remembering to say “I love you” to providing healthy meals. But we thought of one they missed: Giving them a smoke-free environment. Unfortunately, smoking is still prevalent here in the US […]

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Gum Disease vs. the World (or, How to Not Be Among the 11%)

According to a review recently published in the Journal of Dental Research, more than 700 million people globally have severe gum disease. That’s more than the populations of most countries. It’s 11% of the world. And that makes it the 6th most prevalent health problem in the world. (And if your gums are red, receded […]

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