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Sometimes a Toothache Isn’t Really a Toothache

If your teeth hurt, it usually means that you have a dental issue. But “usually” isn’t always. Sometimes tooth pain can have nothing to do with the teeth at all. One of the most common causes of non-dental toothache is pain from the muscles involved in chewing. These are some of the most used muscles […]

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Dental Emergency – Who Ya Gonna Call?

Dental emergencies happen. They come out of left field. Intensely painful, they can swell your face and feel dangerously serious. Many folks ultimately decide their toothache warrants a visit to an emergency room or physician’s office. But are they really the best ones to deal with your problem? Not really, according to a recent study […]

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From Our Archives: Got a Toothache? Remember to Check Your Bite

By Michael G. Rehme, DDS, CCN There’s nothing worse than having a nagging toothache. It will not only occupy your time but zap your energy while you try to find relief from the pain. Sometimes it may last for only a day or two, but in some cases it could last for months and even […]

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