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Sunday Express headline

Some Harrowing Hygiene Habits

A recent headline from a British tabloid: The horror! Actually, toothpaste really isn’t all that necessary. A soft bristled brush is. And your arm power. But that’s about it. In fact, some research has suggested that brushing without toothpaste may be more effective than with – at least on some surfaces of the teeth. Of […]

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A Natural Choice for Toothpastes and Oral Antiseptics

Offering our patients a biological approach to dental care means that I’m constantly evaluating new materials and dental products that claim to promote dental health and wellness. Some of the most frequently asked questions by our patients are; “What’s the best toothpaste to use?” and “What kind of mouth rinse do you recommend?” After years […]

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Toothpastes Are Not All The Same

A concerned mother called my office once with an intriguing question. “Is it possible that my daughter can get sick from brushing her teeth with her toothpaste?” I asked her what type of toothpaste she was using and it was one of the popular name-brand toothpastes on the market. Her daughter was 6 years old […]

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