We provide holistic,
biologic dental care

Holistic, Biologic dental care

Mercury free since 1994 · fluoride free · mercury safe

At our St. Louis dental office, we provide holistic, biologic dental care for both local patients and those who travel from across the Midwest and Upper South for the expert care we are able to provide. Our patients hail from Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky – and even beyond!

Many seek us out for solutions to oral/systemic health problems that others have not been able to resolve. While we can’t guarantee results, you can read some of our success stories that we have gathered over the last 20 years in our collection of patient experiences.

We work closely with a number of biological physicians, homeopaths, and other healing professionals in the greater St. Louis area and are always pleased to consult and coordinate your care with any other practitioners you may currently be seeing.

Our office has been mercury-free since 1994. We are also fluoride-free and mercury-safe.

May all of our patients be aware that the professional people in this office have devoted their professional lives to not only the treatment of disease, but also the prevention of causes by promoting health and wellness.

We are dedicated to the spiritual, mental and emotional uplifting of the people we serve.

Our Mission

At our dental office in St. Louis, we practice holistic dentistry because we believe it is the best dental treatment for our patients. We believe that we must consider the biological effects that dentistry has on the entire body. It is imperative that we use dental materials that are compatible with wellness. It is crucial that we evaluate dental treatments such as extractions, root canals, and implants and recognize how these procedures may compromise our biological health and well being.

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