An Integrative Health Care Approach to Biological Dentistry

by | Jan 17, 2013 | Biological Dentistry, Mouth-Body Health

If you ask most people, “What effects do your teeth have to do with your overall health and wellness?” the answer most likely given is, “I never really thought about it,” or “I didn’t know that my teeth had anything to do with my overall health.”

However, if you ask a functional, integrative, or alternative health care professional, their answer might be quite enlightening. We’re talking about physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, and biological dentists who understand the holistic connections of the entire body.

Their answers might sound something like this, “80 – 90% of your health problems may actually originate from the oral cavity.”, “The systemic link between the mouth and major organ systems of the body is quite significant.”, and “If you’re experiencing unresolved health problems, don’t forget to look in your mouth.”

These comments are spoken by individuals who recognize that the complex system we call the human body miraculously works together in unison like a finely tuned machine. If there is an imbalance that exists within the system, other parts will also be affected. The concern and interest of these specialists are to keep the entire system healthy.

If this makes sense to you find a holistic specialist who will explain that the reason your back is bothering you is because of an infected tooth or a necrotic osseous defect (dead bone) in your jaw. Or don’t be surprised if a biological dentist (also referred to as a holistic dentist) tells you that your tooth hurts because your large intestine is not functioning properly. You can finally get to the cause of some intriguing health problems if you’re willing to do the following:

1. Expand your knowledge to discover new ways to treat old, chronic problems.
2. Be proactive and not reactive when it comes to your health and wellness not only for you but for your family and friends.
3. Get 2nd opinions if you’re not happy with the first.
4. Treat the cause and not the symptoms.
5. Increase communications between your healthcare providers.

Biological dentistry offers unique choices for you when it comes to treating illnesses or ailments that may originate from the oral cavity. Your health is best served by using a collective approach with our holistic specialists who provide their expertise for the rest of the body. A team approach will get you the best results.

If you’re experiencing a chronic illness or a degenerative disease that is not responding to traditional treatments, discover the integrative approach. For more information on holistic specialists, visit our website at Click “Resources” then view our list of specialists under “Integrative and Holistic Health Care Providers.”

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