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by | Jun 21, 2023 | Fluoride / Fluoridation

Earlier this year, a meta-analysis was published in the journal Public Health which concluded that fluoridated water was not associated with lower IQ in children. Its lead author, Dr. Jayanth Kumar, is the State Dental Director of the California Department of Public Health and a longtime advocate of adding fluoride to public drinking water.

But according to the Fluoride Action Network, Kumar actually omitted data that contradicted his study’s conclusion.

Documents obtained under California’s Public Records Act show that Kumar’s desire to protect fluoridation influenced almost every aspect of the study. Before even conducting the study, Kumar told his colleagues that his aim was to “pre-empt” the NTP [National Toxicology Program report] and show that fluoridated water is safe. In emails to co-authors, Kumar emphasized the “urgency” of the task.

Here’s the whole story:

As we blogged about before, the NTP report’s findings were clear: “This review finds, with moderate confidence, that higher fluoride exposure…is consistently associated with lower IQ in children.”

One of the key researchers on this matter of fluoride and brain health is Dr. Christine Till of York University in Toronto. Recently, she took the time to participate in a webinar on “the fuss about fluoride” – a discussion well worth watching to understand the current state of the research on fluoride’s neurotoxicity:

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