A New Solution for Dry Mouth Syndrome

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Several months ago, I attended a biological dental convention. Several excellent speakers presented insightful information regarding heavy metals toxicities found in the oral cavity, chelation techniques for our patients, ozone therapies for dental applications, and biocompatibility testing for dental materials.

But there was one lecture that really caught my attention. It was a new treatment solution for people suffering from dry mouth syndrome. Dry mouth is a condition associated with a change in the composition of saliva or a reduced salivary flow (hyposalivation) in the mouth.

A conservative estimate is that about 20% of the general population is affected. This increases up to 30% occurrence in women and up to 50% incidence in the elderly population.

What causes dry mouth? Other than the simple causes of dry mouth, such as snoring, dehydration and mouth breathing, there are three primary causes: medications, medical conditions and their treatments, and excessive anxiety or stress.

Medications: This is the #1 cause of dry mouth. Over 500 medications produce Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) as a side effect. Medications used for depression, allergies, anxiety, high blood pressure and Parkinson’s disease are among the main offenders.

Medical Conditions and their treatments: The number one disease that causes dry mouth is an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome. This disease affects the moisture-producing glands in the mouth and eyes and results in severe dryness. Patients undergoing cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation near their head and/or neck, often experience trauma and damage to their salivary glands. Damage can become severe and cause burning mouth syndrome and create extreme sensitivity when consuming any food or beverage. Dry mouth is also associated with rheumatoid diseases, such as lupus, arthritis, and scleroderma. Other diseases that produce the side effect of dry mouth include AIDS, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Dental Concerns: Dry mouth syndrome can produce devastating effects in the oral cavity. Without the proper salivation to lubricate the teeth and the periodontium (the specialized tissues that both surround and support the teeth), harmful bacteria will flourish in the mouth, creating an acidic environment. This increases your chances of developing a chronic condition of dental decay and periodontal disease for many years to come.

New Solution: Other than carrying a bottle of water around with you 24/7, the only products available for dry mouth syndrome have been oral lubricants that artificially moisten the mucosa and the soft tissue lining of the oral cavity. Most patients unfortunately complain that these products do not stimulate salivation but rather offers a slick or moist coating in the mouth that only lasts for a short period of time.

But now there is a new, innovative product called Kaboom Xero Sticks. These “dental sticks” are toxin free and are infused with precise amounts of flavors, zero calorie sweeteners (xylitol), and a functional specific ingredient called spilanthes, that is clinically proven to stimulate and promote oral salivation.

Since attending this dental conference, I’ve been offering my patients, who suffer from this problem, sample “dental sticks” to personally evaluate the results of this product. These flavored sticks have a mild bitter taste that can activate the salivation process for up to 3 to 4 hours per stick.

Initially, I was quite skeptical about the claims being made by this product. However, after listening to my patients who used them, I can honestly report that approximately 75% of my dry mouth patients have experienced favorable results, i.e., increased salivation by simply using these dental sticks on a daily basis.

Throughout my entire dental career, I have continued to see the worst dental problems, i.e., recurrent decay, gum inflammation, bone loss, and halitosis (bad breath) persist, simply due to dry mouth conditions. With more salivation, not only will your mouth feel more comfortable, but you will most likely save yourself from unnecessary dental bills from piling up in the future.

The manufacturer of this new product has indicated that the Kaboom Xero Sticks will be available for sale only through professional health care offices beginning in January 2014. If you’re experiencing dry mouth syndrome, I would strongly advise you to consider this option because it’s simple, safe, and it could make a significant improvement in your dental health.

If you would like more information or if you’re interested in trying this product, please feel free to call our office. We’ll be happy to assist you with your personal needs.


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