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Cavitations – areas of dead, decaying tissue in the jaw, often at old extraction sites – are both extremely common and an often overlooked factor in an array of chronic inflammatory health problems. We’ve blogged before about how they can develop and what can be done about them.

Yet there’s nothing quite like learning from the leading expert on a subject – in this case, Dr. Jerry Bouquot, professor emeritus of the University of Texas and West Virginia University. Specializing in oral pathology – the branch of dentistry that deals with diseases of the mouth, face, and jaw – Dr. Bouquot has published more than 340 papers, abstracts, books and book chapters and been cited in the scientific literature more than 6000 times. Co-author of the most popular textbook of oral pathology, his work has been used by state and national governments to determine oral health policy.

Neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis or ischemic bone disease (other terms for cavitations) has been one of his special areas of concern for many years now – and the subject of his talk with Dr. Stuart Nunnally in this most recent episode of the IAOMT’s podcast, Word of Mouth:

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