Could Flossing Be the Trigger You Need to Change Your Lifestyle?

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Oral Hygiene, Wellness

Unless you’re some kind of alien, it’s likely you want to change something in your lifestyle: lose weight, exercise more, get more sleep, work less, decrease your stress…or just generally lead a healthier life.

And if you’re like most, you’ve tried, maybe more than once, to make those changes.

Despite your motivation and your effort, somewhere along the way to your goal, you gave up. You ate the wrong food. You stayed up too late. You couldn’t find time to exercise. Whatever it was, you fell back to the habit you were trying to break.

We know from experience how it feels like failure. And that feeling can last for a while. But we also know how we all tend to try again when our mood and conditions for success improve.

But before you do, watch Nick Crocker’s talk. In it, you’ll discover that the trigger to finally making the change you long for could be as simple as flossing your teeth – well, that and 10 ideas that most improve our ability to change. Seriously, you might want to take notes.

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