Because mercury is such a toxic element, particularly dangerous when inhaled, we go to great lengths to protect the health of our patients, ourselves, and our planet whenever we remove “silver” mercury amalgam fillings to replace them with biocompatible restorations.

This means following the SMART Protocol developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) – the professional association Dr. Rehme has previously served as president. Here’s a look at what this protocol involves:


To learn much more about the impact of dental mercury on human health and why safety is paramount when dealing with amalgam, explore our archives or IAOMT resources on dental amalgam. Also be sure to check out their article on alternatives to mercury amalgam fillings.

If you live outside the metro St. Louis area or aren’t able to travel to visit us here in our office, use the IAOMT’s member directory to find a SMART-certified biological dentist near you.

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