Insight: Understanding the Mouth/Body Relationship

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Biological Dentistry

Some folks discover biological dentistry because they’re healthy and want to stay that way. Choosing nontoxic, minimally invasive dental care that supports their whole body health and well-being is a part of that.

Others come to us only after having suffered for years from the effects of things like “silver” mercury amalgam fillings, lingering infection in root canal teeth, cavitations, or other dental sources of toxicity.

Obviously, removing such dental burdens is important, but it’s only part of the solution. Equally important is supporting detoxification and healing, typically through work with an integrative or naturopathic physician and other holistic health professionals as needed.

We’re fortunate to know a number of excellent doctors here in St. Louis – and even beyond – to whom we can refer our patients for such care and who refer patients to us so we can help with the dental aspects of their treatment plan.

One of these is Dr. Simon Yu, author of Accidental Cure and AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine. (You can read our review of the latter book, his most recent, here.) Not only has he been able to help many of our patients recover their health; he has done wonders in raising awareness of the ways in which oral health is overlooked in medical care and how addressing dental burdens can help open the way to previously elusive healing.

That’s the topic of this excellent talk he gave back in 2020, which we think you’ll find well worth your time, no matter your current state of mouth/body health:


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