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Free Monthly Seminar

Free Monthly Seminar and Discussion

You may not realize it, but your teeth and gums my be making you ill
or weakening your immune system.  Hidden Infections. Unresolved Illness.


St. Louis Missouri Dentist Discusses Biological Holistic Dentistry

Seminar Room in Dr. Rehme’s Office

Dr. Michael Rehme is a well established Dentist in St. Louis Missouri and an avid believer and practitioner of Biological Dentistry. Dr Rehme encourages the public to attend a free monthly seminar, especially if you currently have unresolved health issues, as well as others wanting to understand the health and chronic illness impact between the teeth and body.

Presented by: Dr. Michael Rehme, DDS, CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist)
When: Third Tuesday Each Month, 6:30-8:00 pm
Call to verify the date and reserve your space at 314-997-2550
Where:  Dr. Rehme’s office
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From this seminar, you’ll:

  • Find out what may be happening between your teeth and body that makes you ill, and what to do about it.
  • Discover how infection and illness transfer between the teeth and body.
  • Understand how biological and holistic dentistry focuses on your overall health.
  • Learn about dental materials that are compatible with wellness and those that aren’t.
  • Understand options for mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings and the alternatives to “silver” fillings that are over 50% mercury.
  • Discover how certain dental procedures may negatively impact your body.
  • Explore nutritional therapy that specifically supports healthy teeth and gums.


For Both New and Current Patients

SMART Certified DentistSMART Certified Dentist

To learn more about our protocol, visit: www.theSMARTchoice.com

Could your teeth be part of your ill health? Many dentists now believe the conditions in a person’s mouth are a reflection of their overall health.
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