A Primer on Cavitations (Jawbone Osteonecrosis)

While more people are becoming aware of the risks of mercury amalgam “silver” fillings and even root canals, far fewer are aware of the problem of cavitations. Also known as chronic ischemic bone disease or osteonecrosis of the jaw, these sites of “hidden...

jawbone osteonecrosis
Oral Hygiene

Making Your Own Toothpaste at Home

Keeping your mouth healthy isn’t just about brushing and flossing, as our patients and regular readers of this blog know. Crucially, it involves eating right, going for nutrient-dense foods while avoiding sugars, refined grains, and other fermentable carbs - foods...

ingredients to make toothpaste at home
Diet & Nutrition

Tips to Get Kids Eating More Healthfully

The good news: Kids are eating healthier these days. According to a large study published last year in JAMA, the proportion of kids eating a poor quality diet plummeted from 76.8% to 56.1%. Meantime, the proportion eating an intermediate quality diet jumped up from...

line drawing of family having dinner

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