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What’s In Your Dental Emergency Kit?

While DIY dentistry is a really bad idea, sometimes, dental emergencies come up, and some self-care is needed to get you through until you can get in to see your dentist.  And whenever problems do arise - a toothache, a cracked or broken tooth, a lost filling or...

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Dental Health

Bad Idea #47: DIY Dentistry

With prices for nearly everything seeming to continually jump - stretching your budget and stressing you out - it’s easy to get sucked into the DIY revolution, especially with so many easy-to-find fixes on the internet.  In a lot of ways, the marriage of DIY with...

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Mercury / Dental Amalgam

Movement on the Mercury-Free Front

Amid ever-growing awareness of the risk mercury amalgam poses to your health and the health of the environment, and with many other countries in the process of phasing it out, here in the states, the FDA has seemed stuck and silent on the issue.  But last week, an...

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Diet & Nutrition

Getting Real About “Plant-Based Butter”

They can call it a commercial all they want, but some folks might call it a horror show:  And Little Cammie’s refusal to eat anything except buttered noodles is just the half of it. There’s also the fact that, despite the feel-good, nature-invoking label, this new...

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