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Mouth-Body Health

The Mouth – Body – Mind Connection

Chronic inflammation is one of the common denominators of gum disease and systemic illness. But “systemic” includes more than just physical conditions but mental, as well. Through recent years, there’s been a rising tide of both medical and media interest in the...

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Periodontal Health

Why Gum Disease Is a Very Big Deal

Why do we make such a big deal about gum disease and periodontal health? For one, almost everyone is affected by it. According to one study, 93.8% of all adults were found to have some degree of gingivitis, or early stage gum disease that is largely reversible....

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Periodontal Health

Good Nutrition Is the Foundation

Despite studies like one of several we looked at last week, suggesting that exercise may be even better for periodontal (gum) health than improved diet, more research suggests that diet is crucial – possibly even enough to reverse gum disease on its own. It’s a...

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Periodontal Health

For Better Oral Health, Move More

Exercise might be the last thing you think of when it comes to ways of taking care of your teeth (well, unless you’re a regular reader and remember this post), but it’s true. Yes, exercise. Physical activity. Walking. Running. Swimming. Working out at the gym....

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