Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are you accepting new patients at your dental office?
      Yes, we are currently accepting new patients.
    2. How do I get to your St Louis, Missouri Dental Office?
      We will be happy to send you a map to our dentist office or you may find that information on our website by clicking here.
    3. Do you have a parking lot at your office?
      We have a large parking lot that surrounds our building.
    4. Do I need to bring old x-rays from my previous dentist?
      If you have a full mouth series of x-rays that are less than 2 years old, or a set of bitewings that are less than 1 year old, it would be helpful for you to bring them with you to your first visit; or you may have your previous dentist send them directly to our office.
    5. How much will it cost for a new patient visit?
      A new patient visit usually consists of a thorough biological dental examination and a full mouth series of x-rays which costs $270.00. Any additional tests that are separate from our basic new patient process may increase the cost of your initial visit. These other charges will be discussed with you before any services are provided. If you bring, or have sent to us, any current x-rays this may reduce the cost of your first dental visit.
    6. What days/hours is your dentist office open?
      We are open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8am – 5pm and Wednesdays 10am – 6pm.
    7. Do you see children?
      In general, we only see children 6 years of age and older. Yet because every child is unique, we ask that any child, regardless of age, first have what we call a “happy visit” to introduce them to the office environment and see how they do. If a positive experience, we take it from there.
    8. Do you accept my insurance?
      While we are not preferred providers for any insurance, we do submit claims for our patients to all insurance companies. Although we expect payment at the time of service, if you have dental insurance, we’ll submit your claims for reimbursement to you. We will submit your claim in a timely fashion (most often electronically and on the date of service).

New at Rehme Dental Care: Biological Dentistry for Children

As of January 1, 2023, board certified pediatric dentist Dr. Ackeilia Heatrice will join our practice, treating children with the same protections as we offer our adult patients.

SMART Certified DentistSMART Certified Dentist

To learn more about our protocol, visit:

Could your teeth be part of your ill health? Many dentists now believe the conditions in a person’s mouth are a reflection of their overall health.
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