Pediatric Biological Dentistry

Our mission is to provide children with the same kind of biological, biocompatible dental care that we offer our adult patients.

This means NO mercury fillings and the option of NO fluoride treatment during regular visits for exams and cleanings. We offer options such as all ceramic (white) crowns as an alternative to traditional stainless steel crowns. We are also researching options for metal-free space maintainers for use when indicated.

We understand that, just as with adults, each child may present with unique dental situations that require special attention for treatment. Dr. Heatrice’s knowledge and expertise are precisely what’s needed to facilitate a positive dental experience for each child.

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Our motto at Rehme Dental Care has always been, “keep it safe and keep it simple.” We are pleased and proud to now be able to offer this care to patients of all ages.

Protecting children is our priority.

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