Reflecting on This Year’s Mercury Awareness Week…

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Mercury / Dental Amalgam

Like most biological dentists, Dr. Mike began his practice doing conventional dentistry. Then he happened upon a book that changed everything…

Our office has now been mercury-free for decades, and through all those years, it’s been great to see how many other dentists have since come to understand the problems with amalgam. Even better has been seeing so much progress in getting mercury out of dentistry for good. Countries around the world are banning it. The two biggest manufacturers of dental products have quit the amalgam business.

Even our own FDA now cautions against the use of mercury amalgam in roughly two-thirds of the US population.

Still, much more work remains to be done, especially here in the United States, which is the reason behind Mercury Awareness Week. This annual event, happening now, is a joint project of Dr. Joseph Mercola and Consumers for Dental Choice, the leader in the fight for a mercury-free future.

One goal is there in the event’s name: to raise awareness of the reality of mercury use in dentistry and the risks it poses to human and environmental health. To that end, Dr. Mercola is posting new content on the topic all this week, which you can share with others through social media. (Note, though, that content is only freely available for 48 hours before it is archived. Archive access is available with a paid subscription.)

The other goal is to raise money for Consumers to continue all the amazing work they do. As in previous years, Dr. Mercola will match each and every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $150,000, through the duration of this year’s campaign. The campaign ends on Saturday, August 19.

If you can’t give, no worries. There are other ways you can help out – from letter writing to letting others know about your own experience with amalgam to sharing stories, videos, and podcasts about dental mercury across your social networks.

To that end, we thought it might be interesting to do a countdown of the top 10 all-time most-accessed articles on mercury amalgam here on our own blog. While some of the posts may now be a little dated, they still serve as a record of just how much things have changed and how mercury-free IS the future of dentistry.

So without further ado, here they are, from least- to most-viewed…

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