We have selectively chosen only those dental materials that have shown to be a bio-compatible match for our patients.

Restorative Dentistry

Although there are thousands of restorative dental materials available on the market for restorative dentistry, we have selectively chosen only those dental materials that have shown to be a bio-compatible match for our patients. Blood compatibility testing has been used for over 50 years to help assist in this selection process and we continue to use this information today.

To the best of our knowledge, we make every effort to avoid the use of other heavy metals such as; nickel, palladium, copper, cadmium, beryllium and aluminum in our practice. I believe there are safer products available, you simply have to take the time and make the effort to find them.

The following list is what we use predominantly in our office for all our restorative procedures:

Compatibility Report

Typical materials that can be used:

Etching Materials

37% Phosphoric Acid


Admira flow
Diamond lite

Lab Processed


Lab Processed

IPS E-max

Lab Processed


Bonding Agents

Clearfil SE Bond
Clearfil Photo Bond
Tenure A & B

Impression Materials

Blu mousse
Polyjel NF
Permadyne Garant

Metals for Crown
and Bridge

Holistic Gold

Metals for Removable


Glass Ionomers


Temporary Materials

Luxatemp Automix PLS
Temp Bond NE


Rely X Luting Cement

Denture and Partial
Base Materials

Vitalon Clear 1060
Lucitone Clear and
Lucitone Hy-Pro

Denture Teeth

Vitapan Teeth

Denture Liner, Repair
and Adhesive

Super Wernet Powder

Bio-compatibility of Dental

An important component of biological dentistry is bio-compatibility testing of dental materials which can be done before materials are placed in the mouth. This provides a safe and predictable outcome in the dental treatment offered to our patients. We’re among a unique group of biological dentists that utilize this Bio-Compatibility testing and provide these dental services.

Picking the most suitable materials can eliminate undetected sensitivities that range from mild irritations to extreme reactions such as long term illness, dysfunction or damage. As new and complex materials are continually developed, the impact that these materials present upon individual body chemistry must be considered.

Materials Reactivity Testing (MRT) is a comprehensive clinical blood test that screens for individual systemic sensitivity to bio-materials through antibody detection. This testing is intended to be a screening system to differentiate potentially unsafe materials (those containing components for which the patient has existing systemic sensitivity) from more desirable materials which show no evidence of any current sensitivity issues. It is not to be considered as a means of specific diagnosis or prognosis of any disease or condition.

An individual blood screening test is available for all patients. The cost for this procedure is approximately $300.00. Although this Bio-Compatibility testing is helpful, it is not required in order to proceed with your dental treatment.

We’ve carefully selected a list of dental materials that we use. These were specifically chosen due to their high compatibility rating that they’ve received from thousands of MRT laboratory test reports. This list is continually reviewed and updated every 6 months in order to ensure its accuracy for our patients.

Any dental material used in our office that we label as “compatible” means that on the basis of data from more than 46,000 patients, approximately 95% of the time, these materials are shown as suitable according to the MRT for the respective product.

In-House Dental

Several years ago, our office opened up its own dental laboratory. The purpose of this move was two-fold:

1. Quality control – having our laboratory on site provides better control and communications between the dentist, our patients and our lab technicians for each and every case that is fabricated. Modifications in colors and shades, contours and shapes of our crowns and bridgework can be easily corrected, when needed, while our patients are still in the dental chair. Our laboratory takes pride in providing a quality product for all our patients.
2. Selecting our own laboratory materials – I’ve seen over the last 10 years just how important it is to use compatible, dental materials in our patient’s mouths. Although this may not be a major concern for most dentists and dental laboratories in this country at this time; as a biological dentist, I am absolutely convinced that choices in materials, especially the porcelains, zirconium products and metal alloys, is crucial to our patient’s long term health and wellness.

An interesting news report was aired just recently, regarding the practice of out-sourcing dental products to China in an effort to reduce laboratory costs. A copy of this report is available for your review: Chinese Dental Products May Hide Danger.
Should you ever you have any questions about any of our dental products used in our office, please feel free to ask us and well be happy to show you exactly what we’re using in your mouth. You have a right to know what’s being used!
For more information regarding the compatibility of dental materials, go to Dr. Rehme’s Articles and select “Carefully Choose Your Dental Materials.”
Could your teeth be part of your ill health? Many dentists now believe the conditions in a person’s mouth are a reflection of their overall health.

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