A Stay-At-Home Handbook for the Whole Family

by | Mar 25, 2020 | General Health & Wellness

In the interest of health and safety, many folks are staying home a whole lot more than they’re used to right now. Even if you’re busy working or schooling from home, you’re probably still going a little stir crazy.

Sure it’s tempting to cocoon yourself on the couch and binge watch movies while the kids play video games and live off peanut butter sandwiches, but you also know it’s always the right time to eat right, stay active, and keep up everyone’s spirits

That’s because the better off you are physically and mentally, the stronger and more resilient your immune system, able to fight off infections so you can care for your loved ones.

So instead of giving in to cabin fever, why not challenge yourself? Check your pantry, attic, or basement, brainstorm with your family, and get going on a homemade hack or two!

DIY Toothpaste 

Just like toilet paper, toothpaste is something you don’t think about a whole lot until you’re almost out. Rest easy that you don’t actually need toothpaste. But if you like having something to put on your brush – minus the fluoride and other problem ingredients in commercial pastes – making your own is super easy. 

Google can bring up tons of recipes, but many involve the same core ingredients: baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils, a good number of which have antimicrobial properties, such as cinnamon, clove, and lemongrass. Mixing up a batch can be a good hands-on homeschooling activity that might also make your kids more motivated to brush!

DIY Bone Broth

Considering how trendy it is, you’d think bone broth was invented yesterday. In fact, it’s probably existed as long as humans have been able to make fire and throw a pot on top of it. And it’s super good for you

Bones are rich in calcium, glycine, amino acids, and collagen which our bodies desperately need. Collagen, for example, is good for detoxing our bodies and decreasing anxiety!

And that’s just the start of the nutritional punch bone broth can pack!

You can use any type of bones to make the broth – chicken, beef, pork, even fish! – so don’t throw them away. Drag out your slow cooker or stew pot, add water, salt, and a few veggies, and wait for the magic to happen.(Check out these extra tips for ensuring a tasty broth.)


Staying active is maybe even more important when you’re stuck at home, but if going outside isn’t the safest for you, you still have plenty of options. Even your couch can become gym equipment if you try!  

But, really, who needs fancy equipment

If it’s strength training you’re looking for, remember you can make weights out of nearly anything – canned goods, water or milk jugs, paint cans, even your kids! (Be sure to call them “smartbells” though!


DIY Dinner Date

Instead of assigning chef duty to just one member of the family, how about hosting a healthy competition? Assign tasks – salad, main course, and sides. Get out the fancy plates and napkins and have your resident artist make placemats and menus. You’ll be the restaurant critic (and probably the cleanup crew), but we bet you’ll get a 5-star dinner! 

If you’re on your own, maybe connect with your mom, a sibling, or friend. Decide on a time and set your phone or tablet to speaker. Then pour yourself a mug of tea or glass of wine, chatting while you chop your veggies or stir your soup.  Good for the body and soul. 

DIY Pet Toys

Of course you want to take care of your pets – from the dog who’s delighted that you’re around a lot more to the cat who’s wondering why the heck you’re home all day. As long as you’re careful to not make anything a dog might choke on or accidentally swallow, there’s probably plenty around the house that could become a new chew toy.

As for the cat, get ambitious. Break out the cardboard boxes, find some sparkly do-dads, and give your kitty the play palace of her dreams! 



It can be tough to stay positive right now, that’s for sure. But if you can be creative, strong, and safe, you won’t just be looking at the bright side. Soon enough you’ll be on it!

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