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60, White Male

I stopped taking Tylenol Arthritis after Friday (4/8/05) – I had needed daily for the last two years. The pain I had in my left foot (mainly toes) has disappeared. My hearing has improved.
I have kept my diet to items that require little or no chewing. I eat yogurt with my meds daily. I have no pain in my mouth other than when I eat with my lower denture in place. The only problem is the extensive bruising-perhaps next time I tell my wife how to drive I should sit in the back seat! Just kidding!

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48, White Female

I’ve been sick since 1997, very soon after bridge work was done by another dentist. 2 ½ years and 8 doctors (different specialties) later we found out I had 5 types of tick borne diseases (a.k.a. Lyme Disease)

The only treatment out of all the medical processes I’ve been through since 1997 – the second cavitation surgery – made a huge difference in my health. I’ve had 2 oral surgeries, within a few weeks of the second oral surgery that cleaned out the diseased bone in my jaw – my health has improved dramatically. I’m not 100% but the fatigue, the muscle spasms, blinding headaches; confusion & memory loss are all dramatically decreased. I can actually clean my house now – not all at once, but I haven’t been able to dust, vacuum, mop a floor, or clean a window in 9 years. I can now. I even went to see “Wicked” at the Fox Theater this past winter. I haven’t been to a movie or anywhere else where I have to sit for long periods of time because my back would go into muscle spasms within 10 minutes of sitting. I enjoyed the play!

And I won’t have to wait until Harry Potter 3 comes out on video – I will be able to go to the movie theater. Yeah!

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54, White Female

I want to let you know how I am doing after my cavitation surgery of my old wisdom teeth sites #17 & #32. I can truly say that things are definitely improving. I have no more leg pain and I am starting to have more energy than I did before. I have many people to be thankful to!

I had been having a lot of pain with my right leg; it went all the way down my right leg and I was thinking it was coming from my back, but boy, was I wrong. For the last 3 ½ years I also had been having trouble with my ileoceal valve and now I can say that it has improved tremendously. Before my surgery, I had been having trouble not being able to eat any type of carbohydrates without it causing severe pain down my right leg. In addition I had been experiencing tingling sensations in my lower lip, but never thought to tell anyone until I had my first visit to Dr. Moreland.

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I also want to tell any other patients to not give up and give it time, even if their symptoms do not improve immediately. Never give up! I can’t thank you enough!

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67, White Female

Dr. Yu recommended the Cavitat scan because EAV pointed to a dental problem causing a very low thyroid reading.

Dr. Moreland checked reading before and after which showed significant below normal before and near normal after.

More than a month later, Dr. Yu’s EAV reading showed a near normal thyroid reading.

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61, White Female

My sense of smell has been gone for over 20 years. I have had very short periods (a few hours to a couple of days) when I would have some sense of smell, maybe 4 or 5 times, after a chiropractic treatment in this last 20 years. This time my sense of smell is strong and constant since my oral surgery on May 4th. I am delighted.

My sinuses on the right side cleared up after tooth extraction of 29 and cleaning out formerly extracted site 30. The sinuses on the left side cleared up after cavitational surgery on the left side. Sinus drainage stopped. It’s great. I have been clear for over a year.

I also had a very severe case of vertigo. So bad that I would often fall back on the bed when getting out of bed in the morning, even though I very slowly, and was avoiding sudden movements. After cavitational surgery the vertigo completely disappeared. I have remained completely free from symptoms of vertigo since the surgery. It is such a relief. I thank Dr. Moreland, Dr. Rehme, and I thank God.

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49, White Female

In July of 2004 I had an oral surgeon remove a left jaw cavitation. Upon leaving the office that day I had an enhanced feeling of mental and physical energy. I only had to take one pain pill. My pain level was a “2” ( out of 10). I woke up each day with a bounce out of bed. I woke up mentally alert, usually around 8-9 a.m. Prior to the surgery, I woke up at 11 a.m. feeling fatigued, and mentally foggy. I would usually eat and then go back to sleep.

I now get up by 9:30 a.m. at the very least and nap occasionally (1-2 hours) around 3 p.m. I’ve had people tell me that I look “really good” – well rested and much healthier.

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49, White Female

In 1993 I had mercury amalgams removed from 10 teeth without the benefit of a rubber dam, oxygen, or proper suction. I became violently ill during the procedure. Various medical problems surfaced. All newly drilled teeth became inflamed and infected and one erupted. Inlay was placed in the infected teeth. Each tooth worked on had emergency root canals. In 1994-95 my health progressively declined. High white cell count, extreme pain all over my head. Fevers, chronic fatigue, headaches, memory lapses, trouble concentrating, joint pain, jaw pain, TMJ, extreme low liver function, low thyroid, hypoglycemia, mood swings, occasional depression, improper digestion, bad breath, metallic taste, body odor, bowel function extremes, extreme food allergies and intolerances, frequent dizzy spells and overall, feeling miserable became my daily life for approximately 8 years. Various dentists and specialist were consulted. I followed recommendations for various treatments, crowns placed to rebuild bite, retainers, and even braces were applied trying to ease the jaw pain. None worked permanently.

Dr. Yu, diagnosed my medical problems from root canals, mishandled mercury removed and exposure to mercury fumes. Dr. Yu recommended to have all root canal teeth removed, which was ignored by several dentists consulted. All x-rays had shown no problem. In 2002, Dr. Yu referred me to Dr. Rehme. One tooth showed an abscess; also computer testing showed massive infection. Dr. Rehme recommended removal of all root canal treated teeth. I was referred to Dr. Keller for a bone scan that showed massive inflammation around the jaw and ethmoid. An apicoectomy on 5 teeth was performed in order to try to save the teeth. My health improved for about 3 weeks then fast declined. As each tooth was extracted and cavitation performed (per Dr. Moreland, oral surgeon), my health began improving immediately. Now, ending with 10 teeth removed, (2 more had inlays during the same time 1993-94), and three mercury amalgam tattoos removed from the gums and jawbone, my health has drastically improved. All teeth removed showed various bacterial organisms. During all this time I continued my supplemental program from Dr. Yu (totally believe he saved my life). I thank GOD for his love and my life, Dr. Yu, Dr. Rehme, and my husband Jess, for taking me serious, not giving up on me and helping me through all the pain and infection. I thank Dr. Moreland for following and trusting recommendations by Dr. Rehme for the removals and being patient with all the requests asked of him. I thank Dr. Keller for sending me for a bone scan for additional proof of the infection and attempts to ease the pain I was experiencing through the past years, (your humor and genuine concern helped make my many visits more bearable). In December 2002, I will be going a Gallium test, as requested by Dr. Keller and Dr. Yu, to follow up on any remaining infections. Since the removal of the 10 teeth, I have now completed 3 cleanse programs, intestine-colon, and heavy metal cleanse and a parasite cleanse from the health food store.

As of December 2002, my health has improved. I’m currently doing IV chelation therapy to further cleanse my system of mercury and other metals from my system.

Improvements: Higher energy level, no bad breathe, digestion much better, no depression, headaches, fever, body joints and jaw pain are lessening. Food intolerances are not as severe, white cell count and liver function (blood test) are back to normal. I have a much better outlook for a healthier future…….Thank you and God Bless each of you.

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53, White Female

I came to Dr. Rehme’s office with multiple symptoms. The symptoms included tingling, aching, ears ringing, sinus congestion, a feeling of heaviness and an inability to exercise without extreme fatigue. Ironically, at time I would be very restless with a great deal of anxiety. I also had restless legs and frequent insomnia.

For several years I consulted several doctors. All tests cam back negative with symptoms attributed to strep and fatigue. I changed my diet during this time and eliminated sugar, caffeine, and processed food. The symptoms only diminished a small amount.

After an exhaustive search for answers, I finally consulted Dr. Rehme and decided to have all of the mercury removed as well as 2 teeth with root canals. At first I was reluctant to have the teeth removed but I am thankful to this day I followed through with this plan. Within several days of having the teeth with the root canals removed the aching and fatigue began to lift.

It has been almost a year since I began the dental revision. At first the recovery was sporadic but the symptoms have now consistently decreased. I sleep through the night. I have more energy than I have had in a long time. All symptoms have either disappeared or greatly subsided. I am actually more stressed in the last few months but find that I am able to handle it with greater ease.

Dr. Rehme and his staff were very supportive through this process and I thank them all for all of their help.

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51, White Male

I am a 51 year old male from Indianapolis who had had occasional symptoms for many years which have become more frequent and difficult to survive with. They included fatigue or extreme fatigue after eating, morning headaches, flu like feeling in neck and shoulders, also a lack of ability to think clearly or retain and use ideas I had just thought for expression. This was very noticeable at work where it became an enormous source of grief. I noticed vegetables made me feel better and carbohydrates made me feel worse in general. I thought maybe I was getting diabetes, or and allergy or some disease. My attempts to communicate to my doctor didn’t result in any help.

In my mouth were numerous fillings and several root canals. After my fist visit all symptoms improved or went away. After three visits my symptoms have improved so much. Mercury fillings turn out to have made me sick despite reassurance by a previous dentist. After my first root canal tooth came out, it turned out to have a pocket of infection on the root. Thank God I finally found what was making me sick.

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58, White Female

Dr. Rehme has been an informative and supportive dentist in my effort to better my health. He removed all my root canals (5), replaced mercury fillings, repaired my cavitations, and made crowns, bridges, and partial plate. Some teeth tested positive for toxins.

His office staff was always friendly, helpful, and comforting. Dr. Rehme was so encouraging and offered excellent follow-up care following my procedures. I really enjoyed my visits, even though I had a 4.5 hour drive from Kansas City area.
My sinuses are totally clear for the first time in 20 years. I don’t have sinus headaches. I have stopped allergy shots. My sinuses are 100% better.

I still have Parkinson’s. Soon I will consult with a toxicologist to see what else I can do concerning my health.

In the meantime, I know I took the right steps by having Dr. Rehme remove heavy metals and toxins from my mouth.

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