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60, White Male

I stopped taking Tylenol Arthritis after Friday (4/8/05) – I had needed daily for the last two years. The pain I had in my left foot (mainly toes) has disappeared. My hearing has improved.
I have kept my diet to items that require little or no chewing. I eat yogurt with my meds daily. I have no pain in my mouth other than when I eat with my lower denture in place. The only problem is the extensive bruising-perhaps next time I tell my wife how to drive I should sit in the back seat! Just kidding!

48, White Female

I’ve been sick since 1997, very soon after bridge work was done by another dentist. 2 ½ years and 8 doctors (different specialties) later we found out I had 5 types of tick borne diseases (a.k.a. Lyme Disease)

The only treatment out of all the medical processes I’ve been through since 1997 – the second cavitation surgery – made a huge difference in my health. I’ve had 2 oral surgeries, within a few weeks of the second oral surgery that cleaned out the diseased bone in my jaw – my health has improved dramatically. I’m not 100% but the fatigue, the muscle spasms, blinding headaches; confusion & memory loss are all dramatically decreased. I can actually clean my house now – not all at once, but I haven’t been able to dust, vacuum, mop a floor, or clean a window in 9 years. I can now. I even went to see “Wicked” at the Fox Theater this past winter. I haven’t been to a movie or anywhere else where I have to sit for long periods of time because my back would go into muscle spasms within 10 minutes of sitting. I enjoyed the play!

And I won’t have to wait until Harry Potter 3 comes out on video – I will be able to go to the movie theater. Yeah!

54, White Female

I want to let you know how I am doing after my cavitation surgery of my old wisdom teeth sites #17 & #32. I can truly say that things are definitely improving. I have no more leg pain and I am starting to have more energy than I did before. I have many people to be thankful to!

I had been having a lot of pain with my right leg; it went all the way down my right leg and I was thinking it was coming from my back, but boy, was I wrong. For the last 3 ½ years I also had been having trouble with my ileoceal valve and now I can say that it has improved tremendously. Before my surgery, I had been having trouble not being able to eat any type of carbohydrates without it causing severe pain down my right leg. In addition I had been experiencing tingling sensations in my lower lip, but never thought to tell anyone until I had my first visit to Dr. Moreland.

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I also want to tell any other patients to not give up and give it time, even if their symptoms do not improve immediately. Never give up! I can’t thank you enough!

67, White Female

Dr. Yu recommended the Cavitat scan because EAV pointed to a dental problem causing a very low thyroid reading.

Dr. Moreland checked reading before and after which showed significant below normal before and near normal after.

More than a month later, Dr. Yu’s EAV reading showed a near normal thyroid reading.

61, White Female

My sense of smell has been gone for over 20 years. I have had very short periods (a few hours to a couple of days) when I would have some sense of smell, maybe 4 or 5 times, after a chiropractic treatment in this last 20 years. This time my sense of smell is strong and constant since my oral surgery on May 4th. I am delighted.

My sinuses on the right side cleared up after tooth extraction of 29 and cleaning out formerly extracted site 30. The sinuses on the left side cleared up after cavitational surgery on the left side. Sinus drainage stopped. It’s great. I have been clear for over a year.

I also had a very severe case of vertigo. So bad that I would often fall back on the bed when getting out of bed in the morning, even though I very slowly, and was avoiding sudden movements. After cavitational surgery the vertigo completely disappeared. I have remained completely free from symptoms of vertigo since the surgery. It is such a relief. I thank Dr. Moreland, Dr. Rehme, and I thank God.

49, White Female

In July of 2004 I had an oral surgeon remove a left jaw cavitation. Upon leaving the office that day I had an enhanced feeling of mental and physical energy. I only had to take one pain pill. My pain level was a “2” ( out of 10). I woke up each day with a bounce out of bed. I woke up mentally alert, usually around 8-9 a.m. Prior to the surgery, I woke up at 11 a.m. feeling fatigued, and mentally foggy. I would usually eat and then go back to sleep.

I now get up by 9:30 a.m. at the very least and nap occasionally (1-2 hours) around 3 p.m. I’ve had people tell me that I look “really good” – well rested and much healthier.

49, White Female

In 1993 I had mercury amalgams removed from 10 teeth without the benefit of a rubber dam, oxygen, or proper suction. I became violently ill during the procedure. Various medical problems surfaced. All newly drilled teeth became inflamed and infected and one erupted. Inlay was placed in the infected teeth. Each tooth worked on had emergency root canals. In 1994-95 my health progressively declined. High white cell count, extreme pain all over my head. Fevers, chronic fatigue, headaches, memory lapses, trouble concentrating, joint pain, jaw pain, TMJ, extreme low liver function, low thyroid, hypoglycemia, mood swings, occasional depression, improper digestion, bad breath, metallic taste, body odor, bowel function extremes, extreme food allergies and intolerances, frequent dizzy spells and overall, feeling miserable became my daily life for approximately 8 years. Various dentists and specialist were consulted. I followed recommendations for various treatments, crowns placed to rebuild bite, retainers, and even braces were applied trying to ease the jaw pain. None worked permanently.

Dr. Yu, diagnosed my medical problems from root canals, mishandled mercury removed and exposure to mercury fumes. Dr. Yu recommended to have all root canal teeth removed, which was ignored by several dentists consulted. All x-rays had shown no problem. In 2002, Dr. Yu referred me to Dr. Rehme. One tooth showed an abscess; also computer testing showed massive infection. Dr. Rehme recommended removal of all root canal treated teeth. I was referred to Dr. Keller for a bone scan that showed massive inflammation around the jaw and ethmoid. An apicoectomy on 5 teeth was performed in order to try to save the teeth. My health improved for about 3 weeks then fast declined. As each tooth was extracted and cavitation performed (per Dr. Moreland, oral surgeon), my health began improving immediately. Now, ending with 10 teeth removed, (2 more had inlays during the same time 1993-94), and three mercury amalgam tattoos removed from the gums and jawbone, my health has drastically improved. All teeth removed showed various bacterial organisms. During all this time I continued my supplemental program from Dr. Yu (totally believe he saved my life). I thank GOD for his love and my life, Dr. Yu, Dr. Rehme, and my husband Jess, for taking me serious, not giving up on me and helping me through all the pain and infection. I thank Dr. Moreland for following and trusting recommendations by Dr. Rehme for the removals and being patient with all the requests asked of him. I thank Dr. Keller for sending me for a bone scan for additional proof of the infection and attempts to ease the pain I was experiencing through the past years, (your humor and genuine concern helped make my many visits more bearable). In December 2002, I will be going a Gallium test, as requested by Dr. Keller and Dr. Yu, to follow up on any remaining infections. Since the removal of the 10 teeth, I have now completed 3 cleanse programs, intestine-colon, and heavy metal cleanse and a parasite cleanse from the health food store.

As of December 2002, my health has improved. I’m currently doing IV chelation therapy to further cleanse my system of mercury and other metals from my system.

Improvements: Higher energy level, no bad breathe, digestion much better, no depression, headaches, fever, body joints and jaw pain are lessening. Food intolerances are not as severe, white cell count and liver function (blood test) are back to normal. I have a much better outlook for a healthier future…….Thank you and God Bless each of you.

53, White Female

I came to Dr. Rehme’s office with multiple symptoms. The symptoms included tingling, aching, ears ringing, sinus congestion, a feeling of heaviness and an inability to exercise without extreme fatigue. Ironically, at time I would be very restless with a great deal of anxiety. I also had restless legs and frequent insomnia.

For several years I consulted several doctors. All tests cam back negative with symptoms attributed to strep and fatigue. I changed my diet during this time and eliminated sugar, caffeine, and processed food. The symptoms only diminished a small amount.

After an exhaustive search for answers, I finally consulted Dr. Rehme and decided to have all of the mercury removed as well as 2 teeth with root canals. At first I was reluctant to have the teeth removed but I am thankful to this day I followed through with this plan. Within several days of having the teeth with the root canals removed the aching and fatigue began to lift.

It has been almost a year since I began the dental revision. At first the recovery was sporadic but the symptoms have now consistently decreased. I sleep through the night. I have more energy than I have had in a long time. All symptoms have either disappeared or greatly subsided. I am actually more stressed in the last few months but find that I am able to handle it with greater ease.

Dr. Rehme and his staff were very supportive through this process and I thank them all for all of their help.

51, White Male

I am a 51 year old male from Indianapolis who had had occasional symptoms for many years which have become more frequent and difficult to survive with. They included fatigue or extreme fatigue after eating, morning headaches, flu like feeling in neck and shoulders, also a lack of ability to think clearly or retain and use ideas I had just thought for expression. This was very noticeable at work where it became an enormous source of grief. I noticed vegetables made me feel better and carbohydrates made me feel worse in general. I thought maybe I was getting diabetes, or and allergy or some disease. My attempts to communicate to my doctor didn’t result in any help.

In my mouth were numerous fillings and several root canals. After my fist visit all symptoms improved or went away. After three visits my symptoms have improved so much. Mercury fillings turn out to have made me sick despite reassurance by a previous dentist. After my first root canal tooth came out, it turned out to have a pocket of infection on the root. Thank God I finally found what was making me sick.

58, White Female

Dr. Rehme has been an informative and supportive dentist in my effort to better my health. He removed all my root canals (5), replaced mercury fillings, repaired my cavitations, and made crowns, bridges, and partial plate. Some teeth tested positive for toxins.

His office staff was always friendly, helpful, and comforting. Dr. Rehme was so encouraging and offered excellent follow-up care following my procedures. I really enjoyed my visits, even though I had a 4.5 hour drive from Kansas City area.
My sinuses are totally clear for the first time in 20 years. I don’t have sinus headaches. I have stopped allergy shots. My sinuses are 100% better.

I still have Parkinson’s. Soon I will consult with a toxicologist to see what else I can do concerning my health.

In the meantime, I know I took the right steps by having Dr. Rehme remove heavy metals and toxins from my mouth.

61, White Male

My problems really became evident in October 2007. I went to the emergency room with symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and double vision. I thought I might be having a stroke so MRI, CAT scan, and blood work were done but they could find nothing wrong with me. One of the doctors examining me suggested I had signs of MS in my upper body. Since the doctors seem to think nothing was wrong with me they suggested taking an aspirin each day and forgot about it. In April 2008 I went to the emergency room again since the symptoms I was having (nausea, pains in my stomach, dizziness, prickly feeling running up my arm, dead feeling in fingers and toes, fatigue syndrome, trouble sleeping and not wanting to eat) concerned me. My blood pressure was high so they put me on blood pressure medicine. Since I was 60 years old my doctor seemed to think my pain was a sign of old age. I could not accept living with the way I was feeling.

I remember being told I had signs of MS so I did a search on my computer concerning MS. It brought me to the Swank site, which shows people with MS are helped by eating a diet, which is low in saturated fat. I started following the diet but still did not get the relief I was looking for with my symptoms. Searching more on the Internet I began to understand that most of the degenerative diseases were being caused by toxins in our environment and I had to get these toxins out of my body. I located Tom McGuire, DDS website. He has a book explaining the vitamins and supplements needed to get the toxins out of your body. I purchased the book and started following the vitamin and supplement plan and within a week most of the symptoms had disappeared. I knew then all my problems were a result of toxins in my body.

The dentist I had before my trip to the emergency room in October had put a bridge in my mouth. I had been having problems with inflammation in this area but that did not seem to concern him much. Do not know where the bridge came from but it is my understanding that many of these things are coming from China now. Tom McGuire’s website expresses the importance of getting a mercury free dentist who understands this problem and takes care of it using the proper procedures to protect your health. I had a total of nine root canals and an assortment of amalgams and Michael Rehme, DDS has taken care of this problem and I am happy with the results. I no longer have this poison in my mouth and have not had a sick day since July 2008. Previously I had made trips to doctor once a year with bronchitis and my doctor could not understand this since I am not a smoker. Also had made a couple visits to the emergency room for muscle spasms in my back but no longer experience this. I really feel I have made a wise choice in getting the bad teeth out of my mouth. Will continue to follow different methods of detoxification of my body. They are skin brushing, detoxification baths, Yoga and Tai Chi, vitamins and supplements and occasional juicing along with fasting. I also realize the diet is very important in fighting disease. Disease can only grow when the body is acidic so it is very important to keep your diet mainly fruits and vegetables so you can keep an alkaline body. I have lost 35 pounds an am no longer considered obese. Do not need the blood pressure medicine anymore.

I would like to comment on the mercury problem. Mercury does not belong in the body. I had a urine test done to determine if I had too much mercury in my body. My test showed the mercury in my body was within the acceptable limits. The government has ser these limits and the dentist and doctors who make their living out of putting this poison in your mouth and giving you the drugs have influenced the government. They still see nothing wrong with the amalgam m fillings that are 50% mercury in your mouth. Yet when they remove this amalgam from your mouth it becomes hazardous waste and must be treated as such. How do they ever justify the amalgam as safe when it is in your mouth but hazardous when it comes out? Mercury is used in pesticides and kills other organisms. Mercury will kill you if you get too much of it. Before it kills you it will make you sicker than you have ever been. As far as I am concerned any mercury in the body is too much.

55, White Female

All I can say is thank you! Thank You! Thank You! To Dr. Rehme and his staff… for wonderful care and service to give me back great quality of life! The procedures I’ve had done are: mercury removal, teeth removed that had root canal procedures done to them, partials upper and lower, and teeth cleaning. Improvements in my health since having these procedures:

Clarity and calmness of mind (including better concentration)
My breathing is smoother and deeper (less stress in my chest area)
Veins in my legs gone down
My walking gate more even
Salivate more and of course how wonderful it is to be able to chew my up my food!
Teeth cleaning was even a good experience- got much good information not given at other facilities before
Oh yes, and have had tinnitus for years- about 50% better already I am so grateful!!! God Bless You!

46, White Female

It’s been a long journey to balance and wholeness. Clinical depression had its hold on me. Medicine, therapy, and shock treatments proved no relief. In the summer of 2006 Dr. Yu started me on a program of supplements to bring my body back to balance. It was a long process and finally I was well enough to tackle the dental portion. After removal of amalgam fillings and replacement of a few crowns I feel as if I have my life back. Life is worth living again. Many thanks to Dr. Yu and Dr. Rehme.

67, White Male

Thank you. My neck pain is gone. For the 1st time in years, probably 4, I’m not suffering from muscle tightness or arthritic pain in my neck. I’ve consulted numerous doctors, internal medicine, pulmonary, cardiac, and chiropractic. No definitive diagnosis other than degenerative joint disease. Now after pulling out a few teeth with root canals and replacing some silver fillings, I’m pain free. Actually the neck pain disappeared rather quickly, within 24 hours of my extractions. It’s hard to remain skeptical about the Tooth and Body Connection when the results are freedom from pain.

30, White Female

Prior to the tooth removal, I had constant abscesses around the tooth, urinary tract infections, not to mention was battling hypothyroidism which had caused weight gain, hair loss and dry skin. Half a year later, I was able to completely stop my thyroid medication. Today my weight is normalized and I lead a happy, healthy life. Thank you!

61, White Female

After removing a tooth and cleaning the exposed jaw of decay I noticed an immediate decline in over all body stiffness. Also gone was pain and stiffness in my right knee. Nothing else changed in my in my diet, exercise or eating habits that would account for this improvement.

53, White Female

I came to Dr. Rehme in July 2005. The doctor that had been treating me for late stage disseminated Lyme Disease had suggested that I have a Cavitat scan for an old root canal.

My Lyme doctor has tried many antibiotics and other treatments on me with very limited results. He said he had done research that led him to believe there was a connection between old root canals, bone necrosis, and the less than satisfactory results he was having in treating some Lyme patients.

Dr. Rehme removed the old root canal tooth and all the metals in my mouth. As of today, Dec. 27, 2005, I have experienced great improvement in my Lyme symptoms; particularly in energy, mental clarity, and attitude/mental health. In short, I have hope that I will continue to improve and become well due to the procedures done by Dr. Rehme.

51, White Female

I had my wisdom teeth taken out over 18 years ago, and they healed fine and I felt fine. Little did I know what was going on inside, unseen.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer (on right side) August 2004, I began to research the reason. I had a very high level of mercury in my system and a cavitation on right side (lower) where my wisdom tooth had been taken out. I had cavitation surgery February 2005 and all of my mercury fillings removed.
Today, almost on year later, I am cancer free and I feel fabulous. I have lots and lots of energy. I never knew I could feel so good, or what feeling really good was.

36, White Female

Since having Dr. Rehme perform my dental work (removing amalgams) and Dr. Moreland perform my cavitation work, I’ve noticed several improvements in my health. The most significant improvement I’ve noticed is that I an able to consistently fall asleep easily at night and stay asleep all night long. This is a problem I’ve struggled with for some twenty years. Also while asleep, I would grind my teeth and wake with headaches. I no longer have this problem. I used to keep my jaw clenched throughout the day, causing headaches and this has disappeared as well. I used to struggle to make it through a day of normal activities. Overall I feel more energetic, and as though a weight has been lifted from my body.

57, White Female

Four years ago (age 53) I was diagnosed with another (!) autoimmune disorder (Grave’s Disease). Everything for me has been “chronic, progressive”. My medical doctor recommended removal of silver amalgam fillings because a high percentage of hyperthyroidism is caused by mercury toxicity. This was accomplished about 2 years ago. At the time, one root canal was also removed because of an overfill (one of the filaments put in by a former endodontist was lodged in my left maxillary sinus requiring oral surgery to remove it).

With all mercury removed and a foreign object removed from my upper jaw and sinus, I began to crawl slowly out of the Grave’s Disease symptoms, but I hit a plateau and stopped. My medical doctor recommended removal of all root canals. He believed teeth with root canals were as toxic as mercury in fillings, if not more so. That was a difficult decision. I was always taught to keep my teeth. I would be having two teeth (#19 and #30) removed – on the chance I would not experience any change to my health – and the expense nearly took my breath away. Somehow, I chose to do it. Upon removal of the second root canal, I remember saying, while still in the dentist’s chair, “I feel better”. Then I thought, “Well, that’s probably due to the laughing gas”. But as my sockets healed over the weeks, I truly did notice I was feeling better. This was most unusual, since even recovering health for me has always been “chronic, progressive”.
At the moment of this writing, about eight weeks since the first root canal was pulled, I still have two large holes in my mouth (the bridge work is yet to be done). Nonetheless, without a doubt, I truly do feel good. Since I have not felt good for a year, that’s really saying something.

40, White Female

On June 17, 2004 I had tooth #30 extracted. This tooth had abscessed in January of 2004 and had actually been giving me trouble for about two years prior to that. Today, it has been about 5 weeks since the extraction. Also, I don’t feel so sickly and my blood sugar (hypoglycemia) has improved. So has my memory.

47, White Female

I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1977 when I was 21 years old, but was not clinically diagnosed until 1986 when I was 29 years old. I starting using a walker after a car accident, that was a head injury. I was 45 years old at the time. This caused equilibrium and dizzy spells and eventual weak legs. This was a dark time in my life to have to accept MS, as I was in denial and remission for 19 years. God allows things to happen for a reason, so in August, 2002, I started my journey for answers to my declining health and getting an education on how to fix it.

The tests were conclusive I had battery mouth, mercury and nickel toxicity from dental fillings, and a major deficit in vitamin, minerals and water.

The course of treatment was the following:

Removal of teeth that caused battery mouth
Removal of mercury fillings and fill with a non-toxic composite
Five root canal extractions
Weekly DPMS Chelating infusions
Weekly Vitamin C/Mineral infusions
Daily supplemental vitamins/minerals (approx. 30 per day)
Weekly emotional and spiritual therapy

On January 19, 2004, I got the last two partial crowns that were filled with mercury removed and replaced with tooth colored resin materials.

At my employment, I would walk to the mailroom and back exhausted (1 city block). The rest of the day I would stay in my chair. Several days after the final removal, I have gained my energy! Now I was 2 city blocks a day and have to turn my fan on to cool off. I used to take weekend naps and I no longer do that as well.

My long-term memory of my life like a slide show has come back. I remember short-term stuff as well. My emotional state is more positive than ever. My family is amazed and so am I.

The last component to my health and wellness is by eating the right things and taking Nystatin medicine and additional cleansing products to rid the yeast (candidas). It was hard to stay on track with a yeast-free diet with all the other things I needed to focus on. But God helps those who help themselves. Now, with the dental work out of the way, I will lose the yeasty fat and my equilibrium will balance. Eventually, I will walk without a walker.

I am blessed and thankful that I was introduced to the excellent medical and dental professionals and staff to assist me in achieving my goal of health and wellness.

Good Luck to everyone in their health endeavors and Thank You for reading this.

46, White Male

I had an infected, cracked molar which had been affecting both my thyroid and my heart. My heart had been pounding for months. Within minutes after the tooth was removed my heart returned to normal and I felt better than I had in months.

56, White Female

In April 2002, I attended a meeting and was introduced to a piece of equipment called a Cavitat. This ultrasound device was the first clue that I had something going on in the upper right quadrant of my mouth. In this area I had four root canal treated teeth and the test revealed that I had a bone infection because of them. At no time did Dr. Rehme suggest that I remove them, but after extensive study and prayer, my decision to remove the teeth was made. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made because I went to great lengths to save my teeth and now they would be gone forever.

Two and one half hours in the dental chair having the extractions has turned into my own little miracle, for 10 years I’ve suffered chronic back, knee, shoulder and big toe pain on my right side, when the teeth came out the pain disappeared.

I must stress how the pain affected my life; I could not work a full day and then do anything in the evening, like going out for dinner. I saw a neurologist, physical therapist, chiropractors, and I had injections in my spine. All of my efforts proved worthless to get out of pain.

God has truly answered my prayers, and I appreciate your vision of helping people get healthy, starting with their teeth.

61, White Female

After trying for five months to heal an abscessed tooth with essential oils and a Chinese herb, I finally made the decision to have the tooth removed when the abscess was not getting better. My health care practitioner told me that my general health was being compromised and his recommendation was for removal. I had also been experiencing lower back pain on the right side for many months. After the tooth (18) was removed I began to feel a lessening of the back pain and it has now completely gone away.

43, White Female

I am a 43 year old female, though healthy, suffering with several health issues. I had chronic sinus infections, excruciating knee pain. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed as having a torn meniscus (a common sports injury). The tear did not appear on the MRI, but was told many times they don’t, but once the doctor goes in with a scope, he finds the tear. I opted to suffer and stopped or lessened most activity such as exercise, climbing stairs, etc. I had a tingling pain in my arm; especially if my elbow was not supported when using the keyboard or mouse (I have not seen a doctor for this yet). Lastly, but most importantly, 6 ½ years ago (shortly after the birth of my third child), I was diagnosed with moderate to severe PMS, which manifested itself in multiple ways (depression, anxiety, rage, etc). I had a root canal 2 weeks before the delivery of my third child. I tried the gamut of treatments, both pharmaceutical and natural; nothing “cured” the problem. It was while on the quest for treatment that I stumbled on the possibility that the problem could be my teeth.

As I researched the “whole body” philosophy, I had a paradigm shift. After much prayer, I decided I wanted my amalgams replaced and a root canal removed. In reviewing the problem teeth, the teeth numbers correlated to the health issues I was experiencing. I went into this hopeful, but not thoroughly convinced that it would resolve all the issues, little did I know it was an answer to prayer. During the first treatment, I removed 3 amalgam fillings and the root canal. As I was driving home I took a deep breath and thought “this cannot be!” I was able to breathe through my nose deeper than I had in years. The next morning I awakened with a mental clarity/sharpness. Monday morning, I arrived at work and took the stairs without pain…My knee has been pain free since the first treatment. I also no longer have tingling pain in my arm. It has been four months and I have not had any sinus infections!!! Praise the Lord!!!
The PMS…I did not notice a huge difference immediately and only time will tell with this type of problem. Once all the mercury (5 amalgam fillings) was removed from my mouth, I sought help with the detoxification process. It was my finding that not only is there need to remove the mercury from your teeth, it also has to be eliminated from the body. I am about 10 weeks into this process and feel 90% better. It has been a long 6 years and I am so grateful that I am nearing complete recovery. I give the glory to the Lord for leading me to the research, the right doctors and the proper treatment, and supplying the finances for the treatment, which is a testimony in itself. I must say the results from the dental work and detoxification have far exceeded my expectations.

62, White Female

In 1998 I decided to quit the practice of medicine due to unrelenting fatigue. I literally quit the daily struggle of handling a huge practice as I felt that I “hit the wall.” It was not easy just to “walk away,” as I had to find someone who was willing to take over the practice. I was finally able to leave in June of 2000. The fatigue and inability to handle problems was overwhelming. In July 2000, I had a complete neurological evaluation, including a Brand and D-Spine MRI, the unequivocal diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was made. I was immediately placed on immunomodulator therapy to hopefully arrest the progression of the disease.

Fatigue persisted – I began exploring “alternative” therapy. I was already focusing on nutrition, relaxation, water therapy, yoga, massages, meditation and spirituality. While doing all of these modalities, I connected with you, to discuss biological dentistry, although I realized it was a controversial issue from an allopathic perspective.

It took me quite sometime to decide to proceed, but since my fatigue persisted, I decided to ‘go for it.’ To date, I have 50% of my dental restorative work completed. My energy has tripled – I am now working full time again, my mood is amazing and I can not wait to see how I will fee when ALL my work is complete, i.e. all amalgams and root canals out. It has been an amazing experience! Needless to say, I am very happy I made the decision to proceed and I do thank you and your staff for my newly found energy level.

49, White Female

When I started coming to your office, I had had the mercury removed from both upper quadrants of my teeth. I had had no noticeable improvement in my general health ailments. Arthritis being my major complaint, with sinus congestion, allergic reactions and fatigue making my life difficult.

I came to Dr. Rehme with #5 (upper right), which had begun giving me a lot of discomfort and at one point, a toothache that rated higher on the pain threshold, greater than that of giving birth to my 5 children. After actively making every effort (short of a root canal which I opposed to) to save the tooth, I decided it was necessary to extract the tooth. During the time that I was experiencing so much discomfort and pain with #5, I also began experiencing increased arthritic discomfort and restricted movement in my right elbow and shoulder. The elbow actually became frozen with a slight bend that still cannot completely straighten. After the tooth was pulled, I experienced immediate relief from the arthritic pain, most particularly in the elbow and shoulder, with noticeable improvement also in the movement of my neck.

Not long after, however, I began having arthritic difficulty on my left side, pain in my neck, shoulder and elbow, and both knees. In one day, my left elbow drew up into a bent position, almost a 45- degree angle, and I could not straighten or bend it. My neck and shoulder movements became more restricted and my right elbow also, again assumed a bent position. With some alarm, I asked you to remove the mercury from the lower left quadrant of my mouth, which he did just a couple day’s ago. When I came into his office that day I could hardly move either arm. My left arm was almost totally immobile and useless. With great effort, I could brush my teeth and feed myself with my right arm. I could not, however, brush or comb my hair with either had, due to the inability to move my arm. I was unable to get up out of a chair by myself, because my arthritic knees had been so bad for the last few years that I had to use my hands to assist my knees in lifting my body from a sitting position, and I could no longer use my hands in this task.

After I had the amalgam fillings removed from my teeth and tooth #5 extracted, I got up from the dental chair unassisted (not even using my own hands) and was able to completely straighten both elbows. It was nothing short of miraculous. It was hard for me to believe. It was the kind of experience I had only read about. The movement is neck, shoulders, elbows and knees were all greatly restored and improved.

At this point, I felt encouraged to remove the remaining mercury on the lower right side of my mouth, along with two root canal teeth that I decided to have extracted after having researched on my own, the problems that root canal teeth can cause.

I did experience even more improvement after completion of all the dental work; removing all mercury and root canals. However, the most dramatic improvements was definitely experienced after the mercury removal on the lower left side. The second greatest improvement being after the removal of tooth #5.

I have definitely had dramatic improvement in arthritic joint movement, and pain in elbows, shoulders, neck and knees.

I am presently working to get all mercury out of the cells in my body where it has been stored for years – detoxing my body. I do still have some pain in joints at times and am not restored to “youth.” But my improvement has been worth the expense and time. My husband has since chosen to have the mercury removed from his teeth and has also seen improvement in his health.

44, White Female

In September of 2000 I started consulting with my medical doctor about symptoms that had become a way of life. Depression, muscle aches, weight gain, blurred vision, bloating, constipation, upset stomach, low self esteem, fatigue.

Testing revealed large levels of mercury in my body along with a chemical imbalance. These results brought me to remove my mercury fillings and root canals.

In June after three root canals and several crowns and one bridge, I am left with no mercury fillings and one root canal. I have gone off my anti-depressant medication and feel the same low mood level as I did when I was taking the medication. My aches in my legs are still a constant problem. I have started to drop off some of the extra weight, but still have a way to go. The stomach bloating-upset and constipation are rare.

In eight months, I have done a lot to improve my health but do not feel like the main problems of depression, fatigue and muscle aches are much improved.

In the next few months I will continue to have chelation therapy to remove the mercury that has built up in my tissue. The vitamins and supplements along with the chelation should, hopefully bring my system back to functioning as they are meant to be.

The dental treatment that I had done has been great and the office support has been the best. I hope when this is all done it will have all been worth all this work.

51, White Female

My energy is returning, plus I feel balanced with my body. The severe pain in my right (before the heel) foot has disappeared. Also, the left shoulder which was so painful that I could not lift my arm above my waist without experiencing extreme pain is now gone.

55, White Male

My purpose in writing this letter is to help those of you who wonder whether dental work can have an impact on your health. In late February and early March 2000, I had the entire left side of my mouth “fixed” by removing four root canal teeth that had gone bad, along with six crowns that had mercury underneath them. The impact it had on my life was nothing short of astounding.

There were many subjective changes that occurred including the feeling that a fog had been lifted off of my brain as I sat in the dental chair after my teeth had been removed. I will never forget that change in the way I felt immediately after the teeth had been removed.

However, there were many objective changes such as the diastolic blood pressure dropping by about 20 points and my systolic blood pressure dropping by about 30 points within a week of the removal of the teeth, crowns, and amalgams. My blood pressure had been running an average of about 160-170 over 95-100. In less than a week after the teeth were removed my blood pressure dropped to about 130-140 over 75-80!!! I have had marginally high blood pressure (diastolic of about 90) since I was about 25 years old, which abruptly returned to normal.

I lost about 15 pounds over a two month time period without effort. Prior to that time I had watched my diet very carefully and tried every type of exercise and aerobic activity and was unable to lose weight. After the teeth came out, my weight dropped like a stone.

I had severe osteo-arthritis in my right shoulder to the point that I could hardly move my shoulder without severe pain. The arthritis in my right shoulder had started up and gotten progressively worse since tooth #12 had been re-crowned in September 1998. My previous dentist had said that there was an infection beneath the previous crown, which was only a couple of years old. He cleaned up the decay and re-crowned it. Coincidentally, the pain in my right shoulder started very shortly after he did the dental work. My right shoulder felt about 75% better immediately after the teeth were pulled and is now causing me very little pain.

I had severe osteo-arthritis in the fifth metatarsal bone of my right foot. It had been hurting and making walking difficult for the past year, but more severely for the past several months to six months. I was having trouble walking when I went in to get the teeth removed. The arthritis also cleared up after the removal of the 4 bad root canal teeth and the six crowns and mercury fillings.

Also, I regained a lot of the energy that had not been there for a number of years. There were many other changes but these were the ones that had the biggest impact on my life.

68, White Female

I had an old root canal tooth that was done so long ago that the tooth had a crack. After much thought and a couple of opinions from dentists, I decided to follow Dr. Rehme’s advice and have it extracted and put a permanent bridge there.

Before the extraction, I had many sinus headaches on that side of my head/face. After extraction of the “dead” tooth I had much drainage (post nasal) for several days. Headaches have lessened, and after 2 months, have almost disappeared.

Also, immediately after extraction, I felt I could breathe easier from the nostril on that side.

50, White Female

I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me with my dental problems. After repeated attempts with other dentists to get someone to pull out my teeth that had been treated with root canals, I found you. After meeting you and talking during our consultation (which I was not rushed through) you agreed I had some valid concerns. I appreciate this validation especially now in light of the results I have experienced after the removal of the root canals.

My initial reason for visiting was to have root canals removed because of my personal risk of heart disease. My family all seem to die from heart disease in one form or another. I would like to do as much for prevention as I can and believe my dental health puts me at risk. Turns out there had been more than one type of benefit for me other than my heart health.

One thing that happened was very surprising. I have been a massage therapist since 1989 and since 2003 have had to curtail my practice down to nothing, due to my decreasing range of motion in my right shoulder. No one seemed to help, not event the massages that I have so diligently practiced and taught to others. People cared, but nothing seemed to help. Within one day after the root canal removal and a few chiropractic adjustments, wa-la, I can actually move my shoulder. I have, since the procedure, been able to do several massages with no repercussions. This is important to me especially in light of 3 months ago I could not have done one massage.

There is another thing that is important to me that I want to comment on that you may not recognize personal history included experiencing childhood sexual abuse in the form of oral trauma.

Whenever I go to a dentist to get any kind of care, invariably memories are stimulated again from these dentist visits and I am thrown a few steps back in my own hard won healing. You are great in your approach to me and I can see that I have benefited fro your working as a kind and thoughtful person. Your gentleness is evident to me even while removing my teeth. Remarkable. I appreciate your whole manner of working with me.

Not everyone is willing to reveal their experiences with abuse, but it’s important for us all to have physically healthy care and also, emotionally safe placed to be cared for. Boundary issues are difficult for most people in the ordinary world, and are especially relevant for a survivor to be able to trust those who we are depending on for our care and require physical contact to complete. My gratitude is deep for you and your office staff that has been instrumental in my dental care.

72, White Female

I had a root canal removed although there was no pain; it was not bothering me at all. I just felt it should come out. When Dr. Rehme removed the root canal there was a hole in my sinuses. The puss & infection from the root canal had been draining into my sinuses. I always thought I had an allergy. Since the removal of the root canal I no longer have the nasal drainage. The root canal was done 10-15 years ago.

68, White Female

I came in because of an infected tooth. I was in severe pain all over my face and into my right ear. The tooth was so painful I couldn’t touch it. Over the last 4 years, I have dealt with removal of 4 root canals that were also infected so I knew what the pain was from. Again after removal of the infected tooth I felt an immediate surge of relief. The very next morning, I got up with renewed energy and no pain. If people would just listen to what happens to their body when a tooth is infected they would never consider implants, metals, or root canals. Thank you, Thank you for what you are doing.

73, White Male

About two years ago, I was tested for sleep apnea and a CPAP machine was recommended for better sleep.
My next concern was a bad shortness of breath and the fact that I had never been checked for possible lung problems.
I was found to have emphysema and I tested a 48. Three months later I tested a 25 and then later a 20 – Breathing had not improved.
I told my dentist of my concerns and he found tooth #32 with a root canal that had been done some years before. The tooth has been pulled about a year ago and my last visit to my lung doctor showed a 52.
My breathing continues to improve, I feel better each day since #32 and the root canal was removed. Needless to say I remain excited with my lung improvement and look forward to my next test scheduled for three months from now. Maybe I’ll never get back to an 80, but I am thankful to my dentist for his help and concern.

49, White Male

For about three years I had been suffering with severe joint and muscle pain. My energy level was very low and I was experiencing overall fatigue.
Dr. Rehme educated me about a root canal tooth that could be extracted and replace the area with a bridge. I was not in a hurry to have the tooth pulled. Two years prior I had this crown replaced by another dentist due to the fact that the porcelain had chipped off the original crown and the metal underneath was exposed.

I prayed and asked God to show me if I should have the tooth extracted and He did. My muscle pain increased to a “4”, my joint pain increased to a “5” and I was getting more and more fatigued. I wasn’t able to get more than three or four hours of sleep at night before waking up. I could hardly stretch or exercise because of the pain. I knew that I had to get the tooth removed.

In October I had the root canal tooth extracted. In only two weeks I started to notice that my energy level was going up, my joint pain was going away, and I was able to get more than three or four hours of sleep at night.
Six weeks after I had the tooth extracted, I had about 95% of my energy back, my muscle pain was gone, and my joint pain was less than a “1”. My fatigue is gone, and I am able to get seven or eight hours of sleep at night. A bonus to all this was that my pH levels have started coming up and I noticed that my hair is not falling out as much as it had been.

55, White Female

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for helping me improve my health.
I had my #3 tooth (top upper right), that had made a fistula in the roof of my mouth. I understand actually an abscessed tooth. It had been there since April, but bothering me a lot longer, before the fistula appeared. I was overall feeling crappy all the time.
I had the #3 tooth removed because I did not want a root canal. Since then I have only improved in the way I feel. Especially my sinus on the right and sense of smell and my stomach. Thank you!

69, White Male

This is to state beginning in the summer of 1993 I was having digestive problems, including diarrhea and a bad burning sensation when I went to the bathroom. It kept me up at night and bothered me all day. In 2004 after going to several doctors, I had a bad tooth pulled by Dr. Rehme. My problems stopped! NO MORE IMMODIUM!

One year later….

The last tooth you removed (which was abscessed) has resulted in the bad headaches ceasing. Also, the surrounding teeth have quit hurting & I get a decent night sleep without having to get up, walk the floor and put on ice packs. I don’t have to take the Claritin D & get by with a low level, off the shelf, sinus tablet. I really think I can get rid of that after the weather turns cool.

50, White Female

After tooth extracted, neck and shoulder pain stopped. Fall allergies seem to be a lot better! Thanks!

60, White Male

I had a lower jaw tooth removed. This had been a root canal. I had experienced pain in my right shoulder. It was immediately better, but now over a year later I am experiencing no pain whatsoever. I am totally free of any pain due to movement.

38, White Female

I am a registered nurse suffering from an autoimmune disorder. 10 years ago I developed a condition called vitiligo which destroys skin pigment. I was also experiencing fatigue, anemia, and quite severe skin itching. After many fruitless Dr. visits, mysterious lab results, and frustration on my part, I took it upon myself to research my condition. My inquiries led me to a lot of information about the connection between overall health and dental health. Further searching led me to the field of biologic dentistry and its various practitioners. I made the necessary appointments and travel arrangements as there were no holistic dentists near my home. I first had two root canals removed which turned out to be badly infected. Within a few weeks of doing that I noticed the itching in my skin had almost disappeared. My first extraction was 10 weeks ago and I just finished total mercury removal today. I am encouraged by the improvement I have already seen and am looking forward to seeing what continued progress I may be making in the future.

72, White Female

The before and after of having my tooth with a root canal pulled is unbelievable! For the last year or two (looking back maybe five years) my life has been such a struggle. I couldn’t figure out why I had gone from a vibrant, busy, upbeat, positive, person, to one who could hardly get out of bed, didn’t want to do anything, or go anyplace – Things I had always enjoyed doing. I blamed it on growing older. Well!!! I’m back to my old self since having that tooth pulled and am now planning to have my other two root canal teeth pulled.
Before having that tooth pulled I went to an endodontist (per Dr. Rehme’s advice) hoping to save the tooth. However the tooth continued causing me problems. Thus, the decision to have it pulled. I will never have another root canal!!

77, White Male

Before the removal of the root canal tooth the following:
Bad sinus trouble
Sore heel
could barely wear night guard due to pressure on upper teeth

After the removal:
The sinus condition improved 80%
Sore heel improved 90%
I have hardly any problems with constipation
I hardly notice any pressure on my upper teeth.

54, White Female

I was having pain in upper molar #14 for months. During this time my thyroid levels were fluctuating wildly and it was very difficult to adjust my thyroid medication. I was also experiencing bleeding from the corresponding nostril for 2 months before extraction. After the extraction of the tooth all the pain is completely gone and my thyroid has leveled out with no more wild fluctuation. Also the bleeding from the corresponding nostril has completely stopped. I feel great!

50, White Female

After reading about long term after effects of root canals, I consulted with Dr. Rehme. I had generalized pain in my bones, muscles and joints, in my feet, hands and elbows. I was wondering if I was coming down with rheumatoid arthritis. I had general aching and soreness.
I hoped that removing the root canal tooth would improve my overall health enough to lessen the aches and pains I was experiencing.
I am not completely pain free, but I am 75% better. I have more energy and feel better when I first wake up. I am sleeping better at night. The pain would wake me up every night. Now, I rarely wake up in pain, maybe one time a month.
I’m not sure if the tooth was the total problem, but I was concerned that I would get on pain medicine without finding the cause of my pain.

67, Black Female

Before I had my root canal extracted I suffered real bad sinus pain in my head and eye area. My eyes would water constantly and my gums in the root canal area would hurt. I have very bad headaches. I also suffered constantly with upset stomach plus I thought I had arthritis in my leg, arm and shoulder. I went to several doctors and they all could only tell me to take aspirin, and that I was just getting older.

From the first day I had the root canal tooth removed I have had not more problems period. I feel much better. It seems that all of the bad symptoms just disappeared. I will never have another root canal. I now know I can be healthy and pain free again.

51, White Male

I have had years of problems with my heart for years, arrhythmias and chest pain. It grew worse and I had to be medicated for arrhythmias 3 times per day. After the removal of a root canal that had been bothering me, I felt immediately better, more energy, and like I had been relieved of a “thorn in the flesh”, so to speak.

Now, 4 weeks after healing of the area, I am feeling much less fatigued and am only having to take my heart arrhythmia medication on an as need basis. My heart feels like it is rebounding form a “downhill” course.

66, White Female

I came to your office because I had a bad tooth and had been told that I probably needed a root canal. I was not comfortable with getting a root canal, so I was referred to you by a friend. After consulting with your office, I decided to have the tooth in questions extracted. This seemed like a better option, since no one could guarantee a root canal would even solve my problem.

The tooth was extracted very quickly and painlessly. Since the tooth has been out, I have noticed quite an improvement in my sinuses and while I had some back problems before the extraction, lately my back has been feeling much better. I am very glad I decided on getting rid of that old diseased tooth. I would do it again in a minute.

61, White Male

I am 61 years of age and my voice became unstable about six months ago. Western medicine could find mo reason for my loss of voice except my asthma. May tests were performed including having my throat scoped 5 or 6 times.

Two days after I had my root canal tooth extracted, my voice returned to normal and I am seriously thinking of going back to public speaking.

32, White Female

I had terrible back pain and was seeing my chiropractor two times a week. Relief was short term maybe a day but never more than one day. With my chiropractor we explored the meridians and discovered that my root canal tooth (#8) was directly in line with the area in my back which was giving me the pain. One day the pain was so intense that I decided to have the tooth removed, as soon as the tooth came out the pain creased. I have not been to the chiropractor since !!!

56, White Female

After many months of indecision I made the choice to have my root canal tooth extracted because the meridian for this tooth aligned with my right hip, which was causing me an extreme amount of pain. In November 2003 I decided to have tooth #6 extracted. I had no pain after the extraction itself. The pain in my right hip after the extraction totally dissipated. Also, I have had an extreme energy increase. In retrospect I should have had the tooth removed a long time ago. I would have saved myself a lot of grief.

42, White Male

Near the end of July 2002 my lower back started to hurt for no apparent reason. The pain increased every day and by August 15 I could barely move. I was admitted to the hospital in Breese, Illinois, where they did various test including a MRI. I was sent home late in the afternoon on the 16th and was given four different medications. A subsequent visit to the back specialist revealed a small bulge in the S3-S4 disc which was not big enough to operate on and was told that it should not be causing that much pain. In October I was referred to a pain management specialist in which I received four steroid injections in the lower back that gave me some relief from the pain.

One year later the pain returned and was building up to the same severity that I had experienced in August 2002. A subsequent MRI test indicated an increase in the size of the bulge in the same area and was borderline operable. In January 2004 I saw my chiropractor and he used clinical kinesiology to do muscle testing that lead to the discovery that tooth #31 tested positive for lower back pain. A call to the dentist that performed the root canal revealed that it was done in July 2002.

On February 12, 2004, at 1:30 p.m. the tooth with the root canal was removed. Within 10 minutes of the tooth being pulled I noticed significant reduction in lower back pain and improvement in hearing in my right ear. On the third day my whole body ached as if I had over worked for days, this was probably caused by muscles that had been tense for so long. By the seventh day, I felt better than I had since July of 2002. I noticed that the intermittent pain in my right big toe was gone, food tasted a lot better, and unconscious reduction in the number of cigarettes per day, better concentration and a reduction in the frequency and severity of sinus headaches.

After this experience with a root canal, I WILL NOT allow any dentist to do one on me or anyone in my household. I strongly recommend that root canals be made illegal. The next step in oral health care in my household is to have all metallic fillings replaced with non metals. If drinking water is not allowed to contain mercury then why should a dentist put it in my mouth.

47, White Female

I feel like I am doing so much better both emotionally and physically. In particular – I think my moods have been in general more upbeat. Also my energy level has seemed a little higher. Finally, before the root canal was removed I had a lot of infections in my throat. After the root canal was removed I never had any more infections.

37, White Female

I experienced chronic sinus infections, six or more per year. Had root canal tooth pulled and six months have passed and I have experienced only one sinus infection. Immediately after the tooth was extracted, chronic back pain went away for about one month. It has slowly been coming back and I continue to see my chiropractor. Tooth that was extracted was approximately 7-10 year old root canal.

41, White Female

First, I want to thank you for your dedication to good health. Your efforts have been very rewarding to patients like me.

I came to your office in July 2003 with a great deal of abdominal pain. I had been to my family doctor and he ordered a CT scan. I had the scan – all was normal – or so they said, but the pain was very real and still very much there. This lasted at least 6 weeks. I went to my chiropractor hoping to get help. He worked on me and asked if I had any root canals. I had two, both directly relating to my right and left side intestines. So, I had them out and my pain was gone. I must say even though it happened to me, it is still hard to believe. I has been almost 5 months and I have no pain and I am sure it will not return. My doctor was talking of exploratory surgery, to took around in my abdomen and come to find out, it was the root canals. I thank God he sent me here. You and your staff are exceptional. I do like my bridges now and am excited about being root canal free.

You truly care about your patients and it shows in you dedication to teaching us good health. Thank you again and best wished to you and your staff.

41, White Male

Before I had tooth #3 taken out I was having trouble with my stomach (primarily the left side). After I had the tooth removed the pain is slowly going away and I am definitely feeling much better.

59, White Male

I came to the office to remove a lower left jaw tooth. Prior to this visit I had experienced a great deal of pain in my right shoulder. This had occurred for several years. It bothered me to the extent that I found it nearly impossible to bring my right arm back over my shoulder. The lower jaw tooth (#19) had a root canal performed up t 15 years earlier. Upon the removal of my lower jaw tooth the pain diminished by a good 70%. It still feels almost pain free 2 months later.

47, White Female

The following is a brief description reflecting my own recent dental health journey.

It was in June and July of 2001 that I began having severe pain in my upper left tooth, which I now know as tooth #14. With the pain I began having fevers which would not go away. I saw an endodontist and he performed a root canal of the tooth. Unfortunately, the pain and fevers did not go away after treatment. I began having pain in my jaw and neck and eventually spread throughout my whole body. I visited the endodontist again, and he said x-rays of the tooth looked fine and there was no infection.

As the summer progressed my pain progressed. With the pain came extreme stiffness and fatigue. I began to have trouble walking, especially down the stairs. I stayed in bed most of the time I was at home and started to become frightened because I did not know what was happening. I kept thinking “this started when I had the tooth problem.” Luckily my work schedule was flexible, and during brief times I started to research what might have caused these terrible pains and changes in my body. I never had arthritis or other pains. I visited a doctor (my family doctor was unavailable) and he diagnosed fibromyositis, or fibromyalgia and gave me Mobic for the pain.

I attended a Christian healing service at my church. Through a series of very interesting “coincidences” I began to learn about the relationship between dental health and overall body health, and how root canals could very seriously impact your body. I kept running into people who knew about this also…and that verification was important because my work at the university involves research—I needed to understand the background on these dental health issues completely before I took action. I was amazed at what I was learning and what others were telling me—especially how root canals can cause pain or other problems in some people.

I began researching fibromyalgia and discovered some interesting links, such as to thyroid problems. I was taking a thyroid medicine and have since learned through the Fibromyalgia Research Association that these pains could be related to under-treated hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone resistance. (I later looked at the tooth-organ chart and learned that tooth #14 could be related to the thyroid.) I visited the Fibromyalgia Research Association and began taking a different thyroid hormone at a larger dose, which helped with some of the pain. I learned that I had pain in over 75% of my body (pain I had never had before in my life); the new thyroid medicine began to help with the pain and stiffness.

After learning as much as I could I decided to have tooth #14 extracted. After the tooth was pulled, any remaining pain, tension, and stiffness left my body. I have had all other root canals extracted and I have no more pain or stiffness. It is hard to believe the pain came on so suddenly back in 2001, but I now understand why, and I am wondering how other people might be helped by learning about these serious impacts of root canals on overall health.

66, White Female

I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in June 2002. Since I have always done healthy things I was shocked. So I proceeded to do research and read everything I could get my hands on regarding my path to healing. One book I read that clicked and made so much sense to me was “A Cure for all Cancer” by Hulda Clark in which she said we could cure lots of cancer if we remove all metals and root canals from our mouth. So I immediately starting doing that in the fall of 2002.
Every time a root canal tooth was removed I felt a surge of energy and was wondering if that could really be possible. So I became very alert to how I felt with each removal. It was so with each of the four teeth extracted. Anyway, now I am finished and my immune system is recovering and I am again able to job on my trampoline 30 minutes and back to walking. My recovery time from minor colds symptoms are gone. Before the teeth and mouth problem it was taking me a month or two to get better. Dr.Rehme, my new teeth feel great and if you have to have partials, these are the best.

55, White Female

Thank you for your commitment to alternative dentistry. The removal of my teeth has had the hoped for results. Before surgery I spend two years of weakened health – swollen ankles, over-all decrease of energy, and sensitive veins in my legs and arms that would begin tingling or “go to sleep.” I was concerned that this was a sign of poor heart health but my heart, on medical check up, was fine.

Intuitively I knew the problem was with my teeth and began searching for a dentist I could work with. After months of asking friends and acquaintances in southern Missouri, someone referred me to you. After having my teeth removed, the swelling in my ankles began to disappear after a couple of weeks. Now, four months later, all of the above symptoms are no longer present.

36, White Male

I had back pain from the back of my head down my neck into my right shoulder, since the removal of the bad root canal tooth on upper right the pain has gone away.

62, White Female

After trying for five months to heal an abscessed tooth essential oils and a Chinese herb, I finally made the decision to have the tooth removed when the abscess was not getting better. My health care practitioner told me that my general health was being compromised and his recommendation was for removal. I had also been experiencing lower back pain on the right side for many months. After the tooth (18) was removed I began to feel a lessening of the back pain and it has now completely gone away.

47, White Male

I had an infected, cracked molar which had been affecting both my thyroid and my heart. My heart had been pounding for months. Within minutes after the tooth was removed my heart returned to normal and I felt better than I had in months.

60, White Female

Before treatment:

I had a great deal of swelling in my lower right jaw adjacent to the infected tooth. I also had a lot of pain in the upper left quadrant which was relieved immediately when the infected tooth was removed. I also had a lot of fatigue. I had been having heart palpitations prior to the tooth being pulled.

After treatment:

The palpitations stopped.
The swelling in my lower right jaw disappeared as well as the pain in the upper left quadrant. The fatigue has lifted.

41, White Male

After having my root canal tooth removed, I noticed an increase in my energy level. It was GREAT! I wish I had done it a long time ago. I felt better the next day. I also noticed an improved energy level during the day. It was all worth it.

58, White Male

For over fifteen years I have been battling lower back problems that range from general stiffness to spasms accompanied by extreme pain. On an average of once a year, this problem becomes severe enough to put me in bed for a week or better.

Over the years I have been to a physical therapist, chiropractors and doctors to combat my condition. All have been able to provide temporary relief, but my back condition persisted.

Since I have had a tooth extracted, one that previously had a root canal, my back problems have lessened considerably. We just drove 3,400 miles in one week and I did not experience any soreness or stiffness. Previously, I would have been acutely aware of my sore back for days after driving that far.

I did have some discomfort recently after some strenuous work, but it was extremely brief (less than one day). Previously, after work like I had done, I would have been more uncomfortable than I was, and it would have bothered me for days. I could not believe how quickly I bounced back.

I am getting more and more optimistic about the improvement of my back condition. For the first time in a long time, I feel like this might be the solution I have been looking for. I will keep you posted.

36, White Male

Prior to coming to your office, my symptoms of pain ranged from lower back pain, headaches, shoulder and neck pain. These aches and pains affect my performance on the job as well as socially.

Since visiting you, I asked to have my tooth removed (a prior root canal). I have noticed a dramatic change in my whole body. My pain in my lower back is completely gone, I have no more headaches or shoulder and neck pain.

I am convinced the work that was done has made my health 100% better.

Thank You

49, White Male

I am a forty-nine year old male doctor who was in great health. In February 2001 I went for a routine dental visit, I had no symptoms, it was a check up. X-ray films suggested that an older root canal procedure needed to be redone. An endodontist agreed, the appointment was scheduled and they performed. I had no problems with the procedure and felt fine after it was completed. Within two days I started to have problems. My blood pressure increased over 20 points both systolic and diastolic. I had been taking it for years after swimming in the morning and it had been in the 117 / 75 range. I rationalized that it was due to the stress of the procedure and that I would drop back down. It improved slightly for a while but then started to climb again.

Within two days of the procedure I developed right and left shoulder pain. This continued and increased over the next eight months. It affected my ability to abduct my arm – it reminded me of an earlier injury to my shoulder that I had in my early twenties (this happened to be the same time that I had the original root canal done but did not make an impression until now). The reflex for the tooth, according to the tooth chart, showed that it referred to the shoulders.
Within a few days my resting pulse and my working pulse and my exercising pulse increased by about ten beats per minute. This did not improve. My recovery pulse after exercising was also much less efficient.

I swim six days a week and am very in tune with my split times for different parts of my workouts. After the root canal my times slowed down over one second per length. If I swam for lengths, 100 yards, I was about five seconds slower. If I swam 20 laps with the same effort as before I was almost 30 seconds slower (with a higher pulse).

As a doctor, I measure different peoples grip strength, before the root canal it averaged 220 pounds, within two days if dropped to 160 pounds. It slowly returned to 180 pounds.

Shortly after the root canal I developed a chronic athlete’s foot problem over my foot reflexology point for the shoulder.

Within a few months I was starting to feel some brain fog (I am 49 years old!).

I have always played a great game of ping pong but found myself losing in ping pong games to people that could never give me a strong game before.

I started to notice skin texture differences, waking more at night and other little things.

After reading several books on root canal problems, I knew that I had to remove the tooth, which had continued to feel non-symptomatic.

I knew from the books that in addition to extracting the tooth they would have to grind out the adjacent bone. My dentist extracted the tooth.

Within two days my grip returned to 220 pounds, 85% of my shoulder pain was gone, my foot infection was gone, brain fog was gone, pulses returned to normal.

After a week, I was swimming best times ever for twenty lengths of the pool (I was a conference champ in college for swimming – it was now faster). All of my problems were gone with the exception of the blood pressure, it is improving slower that I would like; it is getting closer to older readings.

Samples of my tooth have been sent to a lab to check for levels of infection. I am glad that I removed the root canal tooth, I now wish that I did not wait eight months.

An irony was that the day after my tooth was extracted; I had a full day of patients scheduled. My first visit was with a new patient whose chief complaint was pain all over her body (many others had diagnosed it as fibromyalgia). I asked her how long she had this problem and she said something I had never heard, she said it had started June 14th of the previous year. I asked her what happened on the day before it started, and she said that she had gotten a “root canal.” ( I have never known it to have had that sudden of an onset).

I have come to respect what can happen to a person if they have a focal infection in their body. Thank You !

58, White Female

I have noticed I did have a lot of lower back pain for approximately six months. After I had a tooth extracted, upper left side, the pain has gone away. It took about a month and now I’m pain free.

56, White Female

I’ve had severe anxiety and fits of anger as well as tiredness over my whole body.

I feel that since my one and only root canal was extracted I feel less anxious and have an overall increase in energy.

Although not a dramatic effect, I feel that it was best to have had done the procedure and am pleased with the results.

, White Male

Before the tooth was removed I felt draggy and tired. Within 24 – 48 hours I felt different. Afterwards, I had more energy !!

36, White Male

Tooth #14 which was root canalled previously was extracted on 09/29/99. One week later:
I had a lot more energy
No fatigue (fatigue has been present for the last 3 years).
Sinuses are clear – have not taken any medication (Tavist –D) for sinuses.

66, White Male

I had chest and neck pain that seemed like heart attack pain on three separate occasions (in about 1 – 11/2 years). After I had two lower molars removed I have not had that same experience.

46, White Male

For the past 5 years I have had a pain in my lower back. The pain was more of a nerve pain and not a muscular pain. After having one of my lower left molar teeth extracted, the nerve pain in my back stopped. Being a police officer, and wearing a gun belt that can weigh as much as 15 pounds. I contributed the constant pain in my age and profession. Since having the tooth extracted, I have been more active physically because there is no fear of the pain returning.

60, Female

My name is Kathy and I am 60 ½ years old. I had a mouth full of mercury fillings with lots of sinus problems for the last 40 years. Dr. Rehme removed all my fillings this past year and I can not believe how much better I have been. Thank you, Dr. Rehme.

51, White Female

I came to Dr. Rehme in December to have my mercury fillings removed. My energy level had been very low for years and my sensitivities to heavy metals, pesticides, and formaldehyde kept me from doing a lot of “normal” everyday activities. I had to jump into work immediately as we own our own tax service. Usually by February I find myself exhausted, wind up missing several days of work, leaving early and at some point get sick. This year I worked six 10-hour days a week, never left work sick and by April 15 I still had energy to spare. I’m feeling stronger and feel like my allergies are improving daily. Thank you Dr. Rehme for giving me my quality of life back.


I came to your office really not knowing what to expect because I was so weak I couldn’t even make it 20 minutes without feeling like I was going to pass out. I was so extremely metal sensitive that I couldn’t even eat with a fork. But after having my amalgam fillings removed and my flipper that had metal in it, I started feeling a lot better. I’ve been able to drive for the first time in 3 years and my electrical sensitivity is not nearly as severe as it was. I don’t have to wear a hat anymore to protect me from the fluorescent lights. And I was having a lot of pressure in my chest before the fillings were removed and now that’s all gone. I don’t get nearly as dizzy around the electrical devices because I think that all of that metal was conducting the electricity too close to my brain, and now I’m not feeling like a prisoner in my own body anymore because the EMF’s don’t get in my was as much anymore.

Dr. Rehme’s staff was really considerate and compassionate towards me and they made every effort to accommodate me. I’m thankful to God that he’s allowed me to come here and get the proper care that was needed for so long. I just didn’t have a clue that it was all of the metal in my mouth keeping me sick, but now I’m a believer. Thanks so much.

56, White Male

I’m a 56 year old male. Three years ago I suffered a heart attack. I had four heart by-passes. I started going to Dr. Yu. On his recommendation I went to see Dr. Rehme. I had all my mercury fillings removed. Since having them removed, I have gained more energy. I believe the mercury contributed to my heart attack. I would highly recommend having mercury removed from your teeth. Thank you, Dr. Rehme and staff.

68, Female

For two years I had been having hot and cold sensations in a back tooth. My hometown dentist did not believe in the theory of mercury in the teeth causing diseases so I found Dr. Rehme. Dr. Rehme thought that maybe it was just my bite but later he removed the crown and mercury filling and found a cavity. Once it was all removed, I immediately noticed that the cold water did not irritate the tooth.

Also, I had the crowns and mercury filling removed from the right side wisdom tooth socket cleaned. Immediately my left elbow did not hurt anymore. Before that my elbow hurt every time I used my left arm. I am a believer that mercury in your teeth does affect your health.

71, Female

I really would like to share with you how I came to feel so much better. I didn’t feel good, I would get very tired, I had a hard time climbing steps and walking. I did a series of tests and found out the heavy metals in my system came from the fillings and bridges in my mouth. I was referred to Dr.
Rehme for a consultation. Dr. Rehme proceeded to remove the top teeth first. Following the procedure, I was able to walk down 4 flights of steps. Dr. Rehme proceeded to remove my bottom metal bridges, which were leaking into my system. I have been walking great and am able to go up and down stairs. I really want you to know I feel ever so much better. I enjoy walking, work is so much easier and over all I am not as confused or tired. I also have been loosing weight. I have received many compliments that I look so much better and have color in my face.

47, White Female

I’m really thankful to Dr. Rehme for removing the mercury from my teeth. I was dealing with a lot of problems related to sleep, foggy thinking, I just wasn’t as organized as I used to be. I had spoken with doctors about my issues, but none could identify any solutions. After I had the mercury removed from one side of my mouth, my breathing was less congested, I slept better and I felt incredible. I couldn’t wait to have the rest removed. I felt like myself again. Having my mercury fillings replaced was a great investment in my health and well being. Thanks Dr. Rehme!

53, White Male

Dear Dr. Rehme,

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the dental work that you performed for me. This has been a part of my total health/life change. I had all the metal removed from my mouth, changed my diet to eating more vegetables, and started drinking more water. I have had great results from this. I have more energy. I am much healthier (not getting sick as often). My ability to concentrate has been enhanced and my memory is improving.
Once again, thank you for being a part of my healthier lifestyle.

49, White Female

I was having migraine headaches weekly. This was greatly affecting my life with my children and I was missing days at work. Months after having the fillings removed, I was feeling better. The migraines have stopped.

45, White Female

On March 6, 2007, I had my first appointment with Dr. Rehme. On Friday, March 9, he took out the amalgam fillings on my right side and put in temporary caps on two of my teeth-the amalgam fillings had caused my teeth to crack and one to break off exposing that much more amalgam filling (more mercury).

The following Thursday, just six days after removing the amalgams on my right side only, my boss told me she could tell I was thinking better-after just six days and with the amalgams still on the left side of my mouth!!

Before this, when my thoughts were interrupted and I would try to go back to my task, I would just sit there for a minute or two (maybe longer) and couldn’t even start a thought that would remind me what I was doing before the interruption. I thought I had early signs of Alzheimer’s at the young age of 44. But not I can get my mind back on task, even multi-task, usually within seconds.

I had the remaining amalgams removed shortly after, and am feeling much better about my mental abilities.

, Female

I have had all mercury fillings removed by Dr. Rehme; I had quite a lot. I came to Dr. Rehme on recommendation of my alternative physician who has treated me with chelation therapy to remove mercury and lead from my body. I haven’t noticed any dramatic changes in my health except that I have not suffered from any sinus infections for the last two years. Previously I would have at least two infections a year, sometimes more frequently and would take antibiotics (prescribed by a previous medical doctor). But I have not had or needed any medication or antibiotics for the last two years.

, Female

After years of suffering from fibro-myalgia, with severe flares when I’d have one of my chronic sinus infections, I found a doctor who tested me and found that I had high levels of mercury. After 3 months of mercury chelation IV’s, I still suffered general fibro, but have had no flares, even during a sinus infection. Since having my mercury fillings out (after 12 months of chelation) I have had virtually NO fibro symptoms and a notable increase in energy! I’m thankful to doctors like Dr. Rehme who think deeper than standard practices that may work for many – but not all!

59, White Male

This is to testify that I have had all the mercury amalgam fillings, 6 large ones, removed by Dr. Rehme over a 3 month period. As a result , I’m feeling truly healthy, have more energy, and therefore happier actually.

This achieves my health goal of getting my mouth mercury-free and of course removes the source of poisonous dental mercury that my saliva was delivering down into my digestive system 24 hours a day. YES! I am also emotionally greatly relieved to have a safe mouth and better health. By the way, today I had my only root canal (molar) tooth removed to prevent its toxicity also. Will tell you about my health benefits from its removal later. Recommend everyone, consider the lifelong benefits.

41, Filipino Female

A few hours after I have all my mercury taken out my sinuses opened up and I feel really good for the first time in a long time. I am so glad I got rid of all the mercury in my mouth. I am so happy and satisfied that the toxic heavy metal is gone. Thank you doctor.

60, White Male

Thank you, Dr. Rehme, for helping me improve my health. When I first came to talk to you about removing my amalgam fillings, I had many problems. For years, O had been trying everything possible to regain my health, from acupuncture and chiropractic, to exercise and healthy eating habits. While all of these things helped, I still felt there was something missing. After reading about the dangers of mercury in amalgam fillings, I knew in my heart that that was the missing link.
When I first saw you, I was underweight, extremely fatigued, foggy headed, chemically sensitive, and had many digestive problems including IBS. After the first quadrant was completed, my mouth felt much lighter in that area, but there was no health improvement. But, after the second quadrant, my appetite Improved dramatically and I gained 10 pounds in two weeks! Then, it leveled off and by the time the third quadrant was completed the same thing happened again with improved appetite but not as much weight gain. After the final quadrant was completed, there was no dramatic change. Instead I seemed to gradually improve in many ways. My mind became clearer and I could make plans for days in advance instead of walking around in a fog. I now have more energy and the digestive problems are much improved, especially the IBS. My blood pressure, which historically has been very low, has now become normal.
I thought I was doomed to a miserable old age, but, thanks to you and your fine staff, I am regaining my health and starting new projects that I never thought possible before. Thanks again!

48, White Female

Prior to having two amalgam fillings removed and replaced with nonmetal fillings I was experiencing headaches on a consistent basis. After having only two new fillings done, the headaches went away for three weeks straight. Now I only experience them once in a while.

64, White Female

I was referred to Dr. Rehme by Dr. Simon Yu because there was evidence of mercury toxicity in my system, plus I had suffered from TMJ for several years after repeated root canals. After a very thorough exam and subsequent discussion, we agreed the best step was to have Dr. Rehme remove all the metal fillings in my mouth. Although the task was daunting, Dr. Rehme and his staff made the arduous hours virtually painless.

It has been a year since the work was completed. My energy level has greatly increased, as Dr. Yu surmised it would. My TMJ, while not 100% eliminated, has been diminished so greatly that it flares up only occasionally.
I have referred a number of friends and professional associates to Dr. Rehme, particularly because he believes in “whole body health” and the relationship between dental health and total physical well being. We’ve known for years about the interplay of body functions (and parts!) but very few medical professionals have the courage and dedication to put this knowledge into practice everyday. Dr. Rehme does and I am grateful to have found him.

31, White Female

Symptoms before filling removal:
Dizziness, adrenal fatigue, depression, no hormonal production, no sex drive, headaches before it rained, cold sores on mouth, IBS, cold body temperatures, weight gain around stomach, excessive sweating while working out, tingly on backside of head, panic attacks, feelings of my house would be burned down when I got home, socially shy, avoided any social situations, irritable, down right mean, couldn’t concentrate, environmental allergies, suicidal thoughts, and really didn’t care about anything or anyone – I couldn’t laugh or smile.

Immediately after I had my first huge amalgams removed I felt a surge of energy shot through my body and I wanted to run and dance. I felt immediately better. It was the most amazing feeling to have such a burden lifted off me. The next month I had the little ones removed, and within a month I was the same person I was before I got the silver fillings.

Almost all my symptoms are gone. I now can function in society. I say hi and smile to people on the street I don’t know. I no longer think my house is burning down and I haven’t gotten a cold sore, any fall allergies, or headaches before it rains.

I had my thyroid and hormones tested via saliva. To my surprise the only thing that was off was low progesterone production in which I had gotten natural hormone replacement for and I feel like I am 16 again. I am hoping after a few months my body temps will be normal again.

I went into Dr. Rehme’s office with no one – I mean no one – believing me. I want to thank Dr. Rehme and his staff from saving me from this huge burden that took over me.

20, White Male

My son Ryan had 5 amalgam fillings removed July 2003.
He is now in his 3rd semester of college Oct. 2005. Before he had his amalgams removed he had anxiety and brain fog and emotional stress. I do not believe in using psychotropic drugs. So I did a lot of research on the internet and found Dr. Rehme.
After having his amalgams removed I used a lot of nutritional supplements and natural products on him (essential oils). He improved tremendously. His outlook on life has greatly improved and he has been able to be in college for 3 semesters. He is also in the Honors program at the university he attends. I am so glad we found Dr. Rehme. He has been such a blessing. I was afraid Ryan would not be able to attend college because of his health problems. Dr. Rehme knows what to do and is very professional in removing mercury amalgam fillings.

69, White Female

Since having all the metal removed from my mouth I am experiencing better health. I have not had any visits for over a year to my regular physician for gastric distress (gall bladder?), vertigo, or bloating. Also, frequent back aches have disappeared. No regrets whatsoever and am looking forward to continued wellness.

31, White Female

I came to Dr. Rehme to get my old (metal) fillings out because I was very sick and I hoped this would help me get better. I was losing weight very quickly, my muscle had wasted away, and I could hardly stand up. My whole body hurt and I had a very difficult time breathing.
After having the fillings removed I slowly began to get better. I started seeing a doctor who found that the fillings had caused my liver to stop functioning properly. I was in very bad health. Since having the fillings removed and getting nature treatments from my doctor and a whole lot of prayer, I am doing so much better. I am gaining the much needed weight, I feel better, think better, and look better! I know having Dr. Rehme remove the fillings was the right move. If I had not had it done I am not sure I would still be alive to raise my four wonderful children. Now my body can continue to heal without any poison in my mouth. Thank God! Thank you Dr. Rehme and his wonderful staff.

42, White Female

This is my personal testimony regarding the benefits I have received since having some dental work done with Dr. Michael Rehme. Twenty years ago I had 6 crowns with metal racks placed on my upper front teeth. In the years which followed I began to experience a multitude of symptoms including a vibrating, buzzing sensation in my gums, a metallic taste in my mouth, periodic ringing in my ears, and extreme fatigue. When my crowns were removed I had an immediate surge of energy all over my face. It felt like a weight had been lifted off me. Since then, I have had no further buzzing sensations, no metallic taste, and no ringing in the ears. My energy level continues to improve. Thank you Dr. Rehme & staff for the great work!

38, White Male

It has been about a year since I had all the mercury fillings removed. Since then, I have experienced a reversal of several long standing medical problems. I have experienced a great lessening of allergy symptoms – I no longer need to take allergy shots. Also my moods have greatly improved. With optimal nutrition and further work, I hope to see even more improvements.

46, White Female

My overall health has improved since I (you) removed all the metal from my mouth. The only regrets that I had was waiting so long to do it, my sisters and mother did it 2 years earlier. Fear kept me from having all my teeth redone. I guess I wasn’t sick enough. My health has steadily improved over the 18 months. It is my belief that sucking on mercury all day long can cause serious health problems. I also, besides the added energy, have experienced my brain is working much better. I had problems with my memory. I could read but remembering was difficult. The only way that I could remember anything was to do it 10 times over and over again. I drove my co-workers crazy with asking the same questions over and over again. Now I can remember what I read and catch on quickly.
I believe that having my teeth redone has been a big part in an overall well-being and vast improvement in my health.

30, White Male

I started the removal process in Jan ’01 and had the final teeth done in Apr. ’01. I have noticed more energy in the months since removal. Some other symptoms that removal has helped: mental clarity, shoulder & neck pain, anxiety, and my mood have gotten better.

52, White Female

I am so grateful to have found successful treatment through your biological dentistry. On August 3, 2004, I had two mercury fillings removed from my molars. I’d had some mercury fillings as long as 45 years. The dentist did not use all precautions in removing the mercury – or else my levels were already high from leaky fillings. Twelve days later my vision went double and my balance was affected so that I couldn’t walk well.

Doctors were baffled. They thought it was MS or a brain tumor or a palsied optical nerve. But I continued to deteriorate until my speech became slurred to being almost unintelligible, I couldn’t walk with out assistance, my ears rang so loudly I couldn’t hear, I had excessive salivation, cold not longer write, eyes no longer focused, I was confused, had no short term memory – I was a MESS. Driving was out of the question! Tremors in my hands and motor co-ordination were an issue. I got to the point where I had trouble swallowing/breathing. No one knew why. Several doctors said it was just old age. A few weeks earlier I had been training for a marathon and did yoga regularly.

I finally found a holistic physician that suggested that I probably had mercury poisoning. She began chelation and sent me to your office for mercury removal.

You began by removing two teeth with root canals. One of which contained mercury. My breathing improved immediately!!

After 3 sessions of mercury removal, I found I improved dramatically with each treatment. In early December 2004, I could again walk alone with out assistance. My hearing returned and motor co- ordination improved. By Christmas I took off my eye patch.

Thank you so much for your safe dentistry. I am about 95% better, 100% mercury free and getting my life back- THANKS YOU.

Mari Louise
54, White Female

I began researching holistic and biological dental care about 5 years ago and was amazed and appalled at what I discovered.

I knew I wanted to have my 14 amalgam fillings removed, but by whom?

I interviewed and visited 4 dentists who claimed to know about metal toxicity and proper removal but didn’t practice what I had been reading about.

Then I found your web site on holistic dentistry. What a discovery. Every criteria of what I’d read, he practiced and then some.
I had all my mercury removed (a long process) in the safest, least traumatic way. Though my health was good before, I feel it had improved with increased energy, better mental clarity, and most importantly, the knowledge that I have improved my over-all health for the rest of my life because I have removed the toxic metals from my mouth and system.
I have encouraged my family to do the same – hopefully they’ll be as convinced as I about the dangers of what we use in our dental care.

56, White Female

Life has improved so much that it is hard to remember what it was like before.

I still need 8-9 hours of sleep most nights, but I no longer need a 2-3 hour nap every day – I no longer need 20 minute cat naps every couple of hours.
I go weeks without headaches instead of days. I can focus and retain much more information I don’t catch every cold I’m exposed to – I haven’t had any bronchial infections or yeast infections – they were chronic before.
As I approach my sixties I definitely feel better than I did in my thirties.

47, White Male

Six months ago I got immediate relief from neck/shoulder pain – 90%. Now I would say 95% and go through the day many times without even thinking about it. Thank you!!

72, White Female

I am a 72 year old female who was referred to this office by a preventive medicine doctor. I had a severe medical problem, Candida, and had trouble getting a permanent cure. I did my home work and found that my mercury fillings were keeping my immune system working full time to rid my body of those poisons and there was little or nothing left for the removal of the Candida or any other medical problems.

In early 2003 I made an appointment with your office and was tested and found I was in fact leaking out much mercury with each and every bite I took.

During the removal of these toxins I made a casual comment that I had lost the use of my left arm to a great extent and woke up every time I turned on my left shoulder because of the pain. The doctor asked if I had injured my arm in any way. When I said “NO” he and his assistant both turned and looked at the tooth-organ chart. One of my root canals was in the very tooth and chart showed governed my left shoulder.

The work on my mouth has been completed. I had all of the metal in my mouth removed as well as the two root canals I had. The end result was my Candida is 99% cured and I have a left arm that is totally useful and not longer pains me. (I never dreamed that would happen). I also have a beautiful “perfect” set of teeth. I now look forward to many more healthy years. I would do it again in a minute.

58, White Male

Before I had the metal’s removed I had all kinds of sinus problems. Since they are gone the sinus problems are nil – one year later.

56, White Female

I am delighted to share my experiences relating to the removal of thirteen amalgam fillings at the dental office.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2004, I began a prayerful quest to educate myself on the effects of toxins in the body, especially mercury. I was able to make an informed decision to have the amalgam removed after surgery in August 2004. My alternative health practitioner highly recommended having the mercury removed and I am now pleased to be in the position to concur with her assessment wholeheartedly.

From the first moment I entered his office to the end of the extensive treatments, I was impressed that everybody was truly professional, competent, and caring at the same time. To my amazement, even the five-hour sessions to prepare my teeth for crowns were filled with laughter and passed quickly. Moreover, following the doctors instructions (like avoiding vitamin C but adding chlorella before treatments) aided my healing process, and I never had pain after the anesthetics wore off. His work was very precise, and he did not take short cuts at my expense.

Today, a month after my very last tooth of a total of thirteen teeth was crowned, I feel better than I have felt in years since the chronic fatigue and brain fog are gone. I have lots of energy and better mental acuity (I even passed my Illinois real estate exam since the last appointment). Due to the modern techniques and equipment used in the office, I did not experience any ill effects after the treatments.

I attribute my improved health solely to the grace of God; it is He Who allowed me to find the right people in order to make necessary changes to eliminate toxins from my body and strengthen my immune system by adopting healthy eating habits and losing the excess weight. This office and staff are part of that wonderful group of people, and I am very grateful to you for the excellent work and care you provide.

God Bless!

47, White Female

Six month ago I had all my amalgam fillings removed. I had immediate relief from my chronic neck/shoulder pain (90%). Now I would say I am at 95% and have many days without even thinking about it.

Thank You.

72, White Male

My husband Vernon suffered a stroke following spinal surgery in December 2001. He could not comprehend the spoken word, nor speak correctly. His blood pressure was high and unstable. Biological dentistry was recommended by one of his doctors. After much research we found your office.

Vernon is now able to communicate much easier as well as having his blood pressure under control while taking much less medication.

47, White Male

I had neck and shoulder pain with limited movement related to arthritis in my neck vertebrae. After the removal of a gold crown and amalgam filling remnants, I started feeling relief while I was still seated in the dental chair. Now I have no shoulder and full movement. Now I only have a very slight feeling and stiff neck from arthritis. I think I am 90% better after the dental work.

51, White Female

For 10 years I have struggled with a variety of symptoms that would fit into a seemingly endless list of causes. Among these that most affected my quality of living were: blood pressure enough to cause headaches, nausea and a kind of s stupor, weak and aching muscles, any kind of exertion would result in generalized weakness and increase the force of my heart contractions to an uncomfortable level, GI disturbances (gas, blotting, constipation), sugar craving, rashes on my chest and legs, edema that would change my belt size 2 notches overnight, metallic taste, 2 abscessed teeth, food allergies, swollen eyelids upon waking, a constant “sleepy” feeling and a general depressed, bitter attitude.

Allopathic medicine has its place but offered me little more than the knowledge that all my blood work is “fine” and a wide assortment of antidepressants. The proverbial door slammed shut, but that allowed the door to natural healing to open. With help from more directions than I can count, over the next 9 years I addressed my liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, parasites, yeast, intestinal tract, diet and emotional and spiritual issues (the e & s issues actually had a 9 year start). My regime was not perfect but in my opinion, I was doing enough stuff “right” with life style changes, supplements, unloading emotional baggage and increased spiritual awareness that I shouldn’t still be feeling so marginal and sometimes down right nasty.

Then, the door to therapeutic essential oils opened, followed by the urgency to remove the metal from my teeth (which, up until now I had ignored, sad to say, due to expense). This was the clincher! For the last 6 months I have been on a radical cleansing program (physically and emotionally), the last 12 months on which have included the dental work. i.e. –for me the key to health, I have finally discovered to detox, detox, detox – – all aspects of my being. I suppose I’ll be cleansing until the cow’s come home, but IT’S WORKING!

It’s nice to awaken in the morning free of a headache and be thinking “It’s going to be a beautiful day!”

43, White Female

Just a note to let you know that since removal of a mercury filling, December 2002, I’ve done great.

Prior to removal, I always had a chronic C1 subluxation causing upper neck pain. That no longer occurs. Also, my insomnia has improved. Thanks for your help.

54, White Female

I am so glad that I have had all mercury removed from my mouth. Before that happened, I took a test that showed I had a very high mercury content in my system…and I have had cancer. So I was ready to have it all removed.

The main thing I felt was a lot of new energy that I had not experienced before. Fatigue that I had had disappeared, and I felt extremely energetic, and I felt very well. I highly recommend the removal of all mercury from the mouth, as it is a poisonous toxin in our bodies that can lead to illness.

48, White Female

I want to let you know the removal of my old fillings has certainly helped my overall health. My allergy symptoms are now minimal or non-existent. I feel sure the dental work contributed a lot to this. You and your staff were always professional and caring throughout the many visits.

45, White Female

My uncontrolled sugar cravings disappeared. The heaviness in my chest disappeared and I was also overweight. I was diagnosed with depression. I did not respond to medication. I knew these were depressive symptoms of high mercury, nickel and tin in my system, and also other things mimic depression the disease. I am a “better” person for having my amalgams removed.

58, White Male

Three years ago I had all mercury amalgams removed and replaced by composite overlays. The amount of mercury in my system did not decrease (actually increased – tested by my regular physician in 2002). However, I definitely feel much better since the amalgams where removed. I use to have constant generalized pains in my jaw, teeth and gums, with blackish grayish color to my gums. All pains have gone and I feel healthier since the amalgams where removed. I was originally skeptical about the removal. My primary care physician was treating me with thyroid medicine for manic depression and referred me to your office. Removal of mercury seems to lessen my manic peaks by lowering “barometric pressure” effect to the mercury. I am currently taking DMSA (post three months) to eliminate accumulated mercury in my body. It definitely seems to be helping. I will be retested for mercury toxicity after four more months of DMSA.

In conclusion, I am quit happy with the removal of all my mercury fillings.

45, White Female

I had been hearing and reading about mercury toxicity as a result of dental amalgams. Since I had quite a few dental amalgams, I chose to have them removed and replaced with something more “body-friendly.”

Less than a year after having all of my amalgams replaced, I became a patient of an alternative physician and received a DMPS IV treatment. Pre and post urine collections yielded the following results:

Pre-DMPS urine sample 0.6 with reference range
(Reference range<3) Post DMPS urine sample 24.0 exceeds twice the maximum expected level As a result, I will undergo at least 4 more DMPS IV treatments to attempt to rid my body of mercury. In addition to mercury, prior to removing and replacing all of my dental amalgams, I had a consistently “stuffy” left sinus. I now breathe freely through both sinuses.

60, White Female

In March of 2002, after several months of check pain, shortness of breath, pressure in my neck and heart palpitations, the cardiologist diagnosed me the Pulmonary Hypertension. His idea of treatment was to put me on blood thinners for the rest of my life. Since he had no interest in finding what caused this condition, I knew I had to find out on my own. My research pointed to mercury poisoning. I began a program of detoxifying the mercury from my body with herbal supplements and acupuncture treatments. After a few months I was strong enough to begin removing the mercury amalgam fillings from my mouth. I am now completely symptom free with great energy and vitality back to what it was many years ago. The so-called incurable pulmonary hypertension healed with the removal of the mercury from my body.

51, White Female

As Christmas 2002 approached I had been ill for months but I was feeling even worse. I thought it was due to the holidays but, after the first of the year, when I expected to “get over” all the extra busy-ness, I continued to feel sicker and more exhausted.

In February an acquaintance told me of a doctor she thought might be able to help me. I called the doctor and as I began listing the symptoms I was experiencing she interrupted me and said that she thought I had heavy metal poisoning. She ordered a test which showed toxic levels of mercury. She said the most likely source of the mercury was the “silver” fillings in my teeth. The pieces were beginning to fall into place. I had had an amalgam filling replaced in early December, just before my health problems became worse.

After complete removal of my mercury fillings in August 2003, I was feeling better than I had in over a year. As each quadrant was completed I felt a little better. Some of the improvement may be due of treatment of some other medical problems but I do know that when the last mercury was removed from my mouth I was able to do things I couldn’t have done several months earlier.
Family and friends all noticed the dramatic change. By the end of August I had improved from not being able to take care of myself to being able to take care of my daughter and her family when she experienced some health problems.

49, White Female

I was referred to your office for the removal of my silver (amalgam) fillings as part of a preventative approach to better health that my physician had prescribed. We are working on cleaning candida and metal toxicity from my system. Since the removal of my fillings I have noticed that I have much more energy, clearer thinking and surprisingly, relief from chronic pain in my left shoulder and elbow. The relief in my shoulder was felt immediately after my office visit. I am a massage therapist and have been amazed at the number of clients I am not able to work on with absolutely no discomfort. I also began testing this by playing 18 holes of golf (I normally would have to take a Viox before playing). I was amazed. No more pain!!!! I haven’t needed medication since the removal of my fillings.

42, White Female

I did not notice any difference after having my amalgam filling removed.

62, White Female

I am feeling fine and I believe I have more energy. My arthritis seems to have improved.

48, White Female

Although the mercury removal is only part of my recovery program. I have noticed some physical changes. My body temperature seems to be warmer. The hair has grown back where it had receded around my hairline. I no longer have that metallic taste in my mouth. My vision has become less blurred. The numbness in my back is gone. My bowel movements are more formed and my periods are shorter. With the first quadrant removed, I felt very light, like a big weight had been lifted off me.

49, White Female

I had all my old mercury amalgams removed in 2001, for health reasons. I’ve had neuropathy in my feet, and still do. This condition has not improved, as yet. We don’t know if it’s a circulation/lymph problem or toxins still in my system. But after learning about what mercury fillings can do to your body, I’m glad I had them removed. I hope in time, my body will respond. I also wanted to thank you and your staff for their fine work and caring attitude.

67, White Male

Since the removal of the mercury from my teeth, I feel better, more energetic, better disposition, walking better, less nervous, and an over all wellness feeling.

62, White Female

For several weeks I have wanted to write and share the good news of my renewed energy. I am convinced it is related to the careful removal of mercury from thirteen teeth you and your staff accomplished. Let me share some of the differences I’m experiencing.

Three years ago I met an alternative doctor who recommended I see Dr. Rehme for an evaluation. At that time my mercury count was 230. I was unfocused, lacked energy, experienced many sinus infections each season, sore throats were common, upper back pain and pounding headaches added to my discomfort. I felt I was losing my mind and often lost my balance, walking in odd ways, almost feeling a “disconnect” between my legs and the rest of my body. I was dropping things, forever forgetting where I put things, etc. The simplest tasks seemed impossible.

When I had mentioned to my former dentist that I was concerned about the mercury he trivialized my fears and assured me there was nothing harmful in mercury fillings. I wondered where I’d be today if I had listened to him.

After your evaluation and subsequent replacement of all thirteen fillings, I have noticed a remarkable change in myself. Recently I have given presentations to group (50-60 people) with a minimum of anxiety, being able to focus and sustain thought patterns in questions from participants. I could not do this three years ago when I first began this process.

I also feel positive energy rising within me, something that had been so depleted by effects of the mercury poisoning. My attempts to compensate for the inability to focus led to extreme exhaustion. Now I find energy increasing as I research a topic, follow through in creating novel ways to present an idea, and do the entire administrative task needed. An example of this new energy took place this past Saturday, when I met with 60 School Sisters of Notre Dame to discuss the topic:”The Lewis and Clark Expedition as a Metaphor of the Motherhouse Renovation.” It was fun, energizing for the sisters, and gave them much food for thought. As the end of the presentation I felt their positive energy and have been invited to return and
explore the topic further.

My primary ministry is that of Spiritual Direction and my office is a Maria Center, St. Louis. Before my treatment for mercury poisoning, I was beginning to feel unable to continue this ministry. It demands careful attention to the feelings under the statements an individual might make and the ability to reflect back what the person has said and where the Spirit might be leading. Due to the exhaustion and pan I previously felt, it was a constant battle to stay present to the individual. In a previous instance of consulting a medical doctor, I had been told I would probably be on tranquilizers for the rest of my life. Thank God I sought another opinion.
I realize that my recovery has also included a change in diet and nutrition, greater fidelity to exercise, (walking and yoga), more rest, focusing less on a filled calendar than times for Shabbat rest, and a steady diet of good reading, good music, and good friends. I am no longer trying to handle difficulties alone, toughing it out as I had done before, but being a vital part of my parish community, my religious community, and my broader Franklin County community. Quality time for prayer and solitude are a “must” for the kind of ministry I offer and I honor that reality more than ever before. I continue to see a chiropractor whose philosophy supports my own.

As I consider how I’ve changed over the part three years I must admit it was a difficult road at times. I would receive chelation from my alternative physician; feeling depleted of any energy at all and then often come to your office for dental work. Sometimes I would drive home wondering if I could do it. But both your staff and the physician’s were so supportive and affirming. I remember how Melissa gave me pointers, and your willingness to listen to my fears and anxiety without judgment. That kindness kept me coming back and seeing the process through the end.

Finally, this whole process has taught me how threatening your approach must be to the ADA. Only once did I receive a prescription for a drug. Tylenol with codeine, after an especially difficult removal process. Yes, the initial cost was expensive and I wondered if my community could afford it. However, when I look at the benefits I see the whole process as an investment in better health in the future. I wonder what disease might have developed in me due to the mercury poisoning. MS, cancer, etc? The whole experience has made me even more a believer in alternative medicine.

To say I am grateful is an understatement. You have given me my life back and I will never forget your professional expertise and your personal kindness. The “Lazarus” in me says THANK YOU.

50, White Female

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful treatment I have been given over these past two months while having the mercury fillings removed from my mouth and having them replaced with non-toxic crowns. I was first impressed with the explanations and educations that preceded the dental work. You took the time to truly educate me about the reasons why this procedure would improve my health. Secondly, the procedure was not nearly as taxing as I had expected. All of you worked slowly and carefully, frequently stopping to see if I needed a break or if you could do something to make me more comfortable. You couldn’t have been more thoughtful and caring. Finally, the results of the procedure are amazing. Prior to the procedure, I had been experiencing a great deal of back pain and I had seemed to reach a plateau in the treatment of the problem. Almost as soon as the mercury was out of my mouth, my back problems were resolved. It is still hard for me to believe how much better I feel! I now sleep better and have more energy because of not having to cope with chronic pain. And it just feels good to know that my mouth (and therefore my whole body) is healthier.

Thanks to all of you for your commitment to the health of your patients and for the friendly and caring was in which you offer service. I’m glad I was referred to you and I will recommend you to others.

P.S. Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial to encourage others who might be considering having this procedure done.

Anne Margaret
46, White Female

I began the process of “un-mercerizing” my mouth because I had concerns about the future of my health. Although I didn’t have symptoms of anything dreadful – it was the worry that the mercury was a time bomb waiting to get me that prompted me to act. The differences I experienced are small – more energy is one. The biggest one is peace of mind and a feeling of well-being – knowing that I am actively pursuing a life of health. I took a stand for myself!!

57, White Female

I am very pleased and relieved to have the mercury removed from my mouth. I believe strongly in the dangers associated with mercury and believe that several chronic health concerns I had been battling were exasperated by mercury in my mouth. After the first and most serious quadrant of my mouth was completed, I noticed a marked increase in energy. Subsequent quadrants did not produce results as dramatic but initial readings in these quadrants had been significantly lower so the detrimental effects may not have been as severe. I found Dr. Rehme and his staff to be pleasant, professional and compassionate and am very grateful to know be “Mercury Free.”

51, White Female

In August 2001 I went to what I call my 99th doctor. After a year under her care I started to feel much better, but I was still dizzy, fatigued, and had severe headaches and nausea. She then tested me for metal toxicity. The results were devastating with mercury the highest 300+, which is off the charts. She suggested I come to your office, and help was on its way. I had all of the fillings taken out of my teeth and the results are wonderful. Instead of having only 3 good days a month, I have only 2 not so good days a month. Life is much better.

32, White Male

First removal: Within 24 hours I felt I could breathe easier in terns of “getting more air” per breathe. Overall energy increased, sleep disorder cleared up, 24 hour cycle started to get back to normal and it remained so. Metallic and warm solution taste disappeared. Breath small became better, plaque build up is reduced by about half, and better sensation and taste in mouth, more clear-headed. About 24 hours later, brain recalibrated – a loud radio/TV sound (very distinct) occurred and lasted for about 10 seconds. I knew it was readjusting as it happened. All of these positives have been maintained. I cannot think of any negatives.

Second removal: Like the first removal, but not as profound.

I’m very pleased with my results. Definitely recommended. Yes, in a heartbeat, I would have these
(5) 12-15 year old silver/mercury fillings removed again. Even though, I was certain beforehand that most of the mercury had leaked and I had already endured 90 % of the potentially damaging effects from them.

52, White Female

I am 52 years old. Before I had all the amalgam fillings removed from my teeth there were days that I would have welcomed death. I know that sounds like a strong statement, but, everyday I had a headache of some magnitude. They weren’t normal. They felt like my brain was on fire. The headaches were a burning, stinging, throbbing, and the pain felt like it was shooting out of my ears with every heartbeat. I lived on decongestant and pain pills everyday. It appears that my sinuses were inflamed as well, because, may face also hurt. It was difficult for me to go to work and try to think. There were times I had to go home because of the pain. Sometimes it was so bad I had to have someone else drive me home.

Over time I became depressed, irritable. My co-workers and family gave me a wide berth so to speak. I also began having other physical problems. As I would flex my right foot upwards I got a pricking pain and I thought, “oh no, a heel spur.”

On December 9, 2002 we took the mercury out of five teeth on my upper right side. Interestingly, when he had finished the last one that day, my right nostril started pouring out watery mucous and kept doing that for the next several days.

To my pleasant surprise I did not have a headache all the following week. The heel spur sensation was 95% gone in a week and a half.
I was still getting headaches, but they only occurred about every 7-10 days and they were not as painful as the burning, stinging, throbbing, feeling like my brain was on fire headaches.

At my second appointment I had the amalgam fillings removed from teeth on my upper left side. I didn’t notice anything physically different, but, my daughter called me that evening and remarked how good I sounded. She said, “Mom, are you sure you went to the dentist, you sound great!” I could only conclude that I must have had a real bear-like personality before.

As the mercury was removed from my teeth I kept feeling better not only physically, but, I noticed even my mental and emotions were better. I didn’t realize how awful I had become.

Everyday I wake up I find it remarkable that I don’t have a headache. It’s so nice not having my eyes, cheeks, teeth, and jaw bones hurting along with those awful headaches. My heel pain gone completely. To add to that I feel so much better mentally. I can actually go to work and think straight. Plus I feel better emotionally.

I find it interesting how much calmer I feel. I’m mot getting upset at every little thing that happens. Before I had any of the mercury removed I was so distraught that I just couldn’t take life anymore. I wanted to quit my job. I didn’t want to go anywhere, see anyone. I hurt so much that I couldn’t and didn’t want to cook or clean my house. In fact, I didn’t care if I even got dressed.

I am so happy to report that now life is good!

I firmly believe that the improvements in my health are due to the removal of the mercury fillings because it is the only thing that has been done different in my health care.

39, White Female

A year ago I had overwhelming health concerns. I was exhausted every day of my life. Just getting up and getting ready for work, school, or whatever event was, to me, a major chore. That was doing the bare minimum. I had head to toe problems. There were headaches, and generalized muscle aches and pains. I had mental and visual fogginess, popping in my ears and choking/gagging sensations with meals. Did I mention a profound sense of fatigue?

Needless to say I was on antidepressants as well, to help with all these overwhelming, nagging, continuous, never-ending health concerns. And, believe it or not, I was doing better (a lot better) in that I had been treated by an environmental health doctor. A year into that, I noticed a flyer about Environmental Health Dentistry. Thank God for that, for it’s been one year since I had all my amalgam fillings out. All of my symptoms have resolved or greatly improved. I no longer take antidepressants. I have more energy and resolve than I’ve had in 10 – 15 years. For that I am grateful.

Even through all of this, my faith withstood. Even when I talked negative, to flush the bad stuff out, I thought positive. One thing I am positive about is that I have the amalgam fillings removed. I’m positive there is a direct connection in how I was feeling then and how I am feeling and living today. I know I am better from it.

74, White Male

I had been experiencing extreme nervousness, unable to sleep (even with sedatives), loss of memory, weakness, etc. The doctor did a very thorough check up which included a heavy metals tests. The results showed a high level of mercury, cadmium and aluminum. The doctor suggested that all dental work be redone which included fillings, crown and partials.

It is now 7 months since the completion of the dental work. My strength is returning. I am no longer experiencing the extreme nervousness. I sleep well without sedatives, my memory has improved and my personality is much more normal. I was having difficulty taking care of myself, and now I can dress myself with help, take a shower, shave and brush my teeth – all without assistance.

My wife has noticed improvements in many areas, such as, vocabulary, attitude, interest in things around me and a longer attention span.

We are both looking forward to a time when all of the metals are at an acceptable level. We are so very pleased that there is no further experience of muscles twitching.

47, White Female

I came to your office, diagnosed with allergies, depression, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. I could only be up one hour at a time, due to the fatigue. I was in intense pain. I had itching all over my body; skin was really dry, even though I used lotion. I had brain-fog really bad. If I were asked a question it took me a while to process it. I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Since having my amalgam fillings removed, “I have a life”. I can walk 1 mile every day with out the fibromyalgia burn in my legs. I wake up at 8 am and don’t have to take naps. I can sleep with out my c-pap machine, and even with the windows open! I have lost the deep deep horrible cough I had. I have a renewed interest in my hobbies. My skin is clear and doesn’t itch anymore. I have a bounce in my step again – I’m in the process of weaning off my antidepressants.

I thank God constantly for answering my prayers. I “would” and “do” highly recommend having any mercury fillings removed. You and your staff have been wonderful. They “actually” care about you and it shows in how they treat you.

65, White Female

I came in contact with your office and staff when we were seeking a dentist to remove the amalgam fillings from my husband’s teeth. He had experienced failing health for about 2 years, which several doctors could not explain. When friends suggested this might help we were eager to give it a try.

I was so pleased with his recovery that I elected to have my teeth examined. They discovered I had one tooth that was traumatized, probably due to an auto accident in 1988. I had some back pain once in a while before the accident, but never to the degree of pain after the accident. I had sought medical help to no avail. I have received chiropractic adjustments, on the average of once a month, over the past few years.

When I came to the dental office with my husband I read a chart pinpointing which tooth affected certain parts of the body. I realized if the injured tooth were extracted, there would be a possibility that my back would improve. On the day I had the appointment to extract the tooth in question; I was having severe back pain. To my surprise, the pain was relieved as soon as the tooth was extracted. That was October 8 and the pain has not returned.

In Psalms, the Bible states, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made,” I believe this verifies that scripture.
Thank you for all your help and support!

52, White Male

A note of thanks to you and your Staff for your care of my dental needs that has improved my life. Since you removed most of the mercury from my mouth and two root canals, my life has changed drastically, (for the good).

I was having irrational thoughts and now they are gone. The color has returned to my face. My outlook on life is now. “Nothing is going to defeat me.” I am once again ready to face challenges that I used to avoid.

Thank you for your boldness to be forward with what you believe and do. You will be known as a pioneer of your day!!

40, White Female

I had all my mercury fillings removed and though it was a big expense, I feel like it was a real investment in my health. I had the metal fillings since childhood and I had become aware of some of the dangers of mercury. I had a metal taste in my mouth which I no longer have. I was noticing a tremor in my right hand which is no longer there. My depression (along with therapy and anti- depressants) is much better. I have more energy and more of a desire to eat healthy and exercise. I have a more confident smile.

78, White Female

I noticed metallic taste was gone after nickel fillings were out. My complexion was much better. I have much more energy, no more allergies or sinus problems.

67, White Male

For some 6 to 7 years, I have had bad headaches almost daily. Now I have a headache only once or twice a week, and much less severe.

In the past year I have gone from 152 pounds down to 130 pounds. I have now regained to 138 pounds and climbing. My sinus problems have decreased approximately 50%. I have had mild depression in the past and that has improved probably 90%. I still have problems with arthritis, but am still seeing my alternative doctor for that problem.

My fatigue problems have much improved. I used to be exhausted by 11 am. Now I can keep going most of the day. My irritability problem has decreased approximately 75%; my sleeping soundness has improved approximately 50%.

Lastly, and best…I was plagued with ED. Now I am back to normal and the spouse is much happier, as well as myself.

42, White Female

After my second quadrant removal, my friends and family noticed color returning to my face. I had always been pale, washed out. The things most obvious to me at this point are my emotions, energy level, and thought process. I am much more positive in my outlook, the little things that used to seem like huge annoyances, I now laugh off. Energy level definitely improved.

I feel like a caged bird that has been set free!!

Looking forward to optimum health and am optimistic that it is attainable. THANK YOU

51, White Female

I began treatment to remove my mercury fillings in July 2001, completed the treatment by October 2001. I initially saw my dentist because I found out I had candidacies. I became aware that my mercury fillings were greatly contributing to my ill health. I am now free of candidacies and I feel the removal of all mercury from my mouth played a major role in my recovery. My health has improved remarkably; my digestion is much better and regular bowel movements are an everyday reality. I don’t think my recovery candidias would have been so rapid if I had not attended to the removal of the heavy metals from my mouth. I am very happy that I had this treatment.

53, White Female

Last year, I was only able to “crawl” home from my nine hour a day job as a middle school teacher and collapse into a chair. Even a short period of rest before my evening activities cold not improve my energy level or general health condition.

During the last week of school, I accidentally popped off a crown biting into a piece of caramel. Within two hours, my sinuses filled, my throat became extremely sore, and I spent the next two days in bed with “flu-like” symptoms.

I had my mercury fillings removed and one very decayed tooth extracted.

Over the course of the summer, my energy level improved dramatically! I spent the summer traveling across the United States, visiting friends and family, and looking forward to the next school year. When I was home, I was even able to help our middle son rehab a fifty year old home.

In addition to a twenty pound weight loss, I am now able to hike four miles at Queeny Park every day after school. I have been sinus-infection free for six months and am seeing changes in my sleep needs.

My colleagues and husband are amazed at the energy level I maintain, and at how much I can accomplish each day.

40, White Male

Before going to my medical doctor and dentist I’ve had sinus problems and pressure in my forehead. My medical doctor told me to get my amalgam fillings removed. After doing this, I’ve noticed my bad breathe and the film on my tongue seemed to greatly improve.

With the help of my medical doctors treatment and my dentist removing my amalgam fillings my sinus and other problems are greatly improved.

44, White Female

Since having the amalgam/mercury fillings removed from my mouth, I have experienced the following:
Decrease in:
Mood Swings
Feeling of overwhelm
Body weight

Increase in:
Sense of well being
Desire to exercise
Clarity of thinking

I still must complete the treatments to remove the mercury stored in my body tissues in order to bring the mercury levels down into the “acceptable” range.
If I’m feeling this much improvement now, I wonder how good I’ll feel when my body is free of all mercury residues.

43, White Male

As a 43 year old male, I have become more conscious about my health. My wife and I had the debate about the effects of mercury amalgam. So, we elected to have the mercury replaced by a suitable and healthful alternative. While I did not have any noticeable health problems prior to the removal of the mercury.
I remain convinced that this was the right thing to do. Of course, psychologically, I feel good about taking positive steps to maintain my health.

57, White Female

My first mercury level (before amalgam removal) tested at 150 (very high). My second testing (after removal of amalgams) was 300. The seemed backwards to me, but my physician explained that it showed that the mercury was now coming out into my body (from chelation) and therefore, the reading was so high. I have not yet had further testing, but I expect it to be lower. However, I also expect that it will take quite awhile for my levels of toxins to get to something acceptable. I am OK with that, as long as things are going in the right direction.

It is very had to measure and evaluate depression. I am still taking the lowest level of effexar, usually prescribed for serotonin replenishment. It is far too early to tell, but I have a hunch that I am less depressed. I am still very fatigue, but I also understand that my body is doing a lot of work in this healing and detoxification process, and this consumes a great deal of energy. My mineral analysis recently showed that my glandular exhaustion is also gradually recovering. The amounts are extremely low, but again, it is the new direction that is significant. I am encouraged and glad to be on the upswing, no matter how long it takes.

61, White Male

My dental treatment to replace amalgam fillings was completed six months ago. Today I received from my medical doctor the results of a test to evaluate heavy toxic levels in my body and the test revealed that all metals, mercury, tin, arsenic and lead were now down to normal levels.

I have noticed a positive change in my ability to walk without pain and an increase of energy and endurance. It is now my hope that with the toxic metal levels down, my body will be able to fight the advancement of the scleroderma that has been the main manifestation of the high heavy metals in my system.

66, White Female

My doctor tested me for heavy metals and my mercury level was 40 and is now 6.4. It should be 3-5 at the highest acceptable level. I did a detoxification program (DPS) in conjunction with silver removals. I had psoriases on my knees and elbows, which has nearly disappeared, and lessening steadily even with putting cream on.
I had a PH test and it was low, I was given information on how to eat correctly to bring the level up to the proper level.
When my local dentist removed fillings to put on crowns (one at a time) I would feel a pulsing sensation in my hips and thighs and at times down to my feet when near electrical appliances and even 15-20” away from the television. Finally, this would lessen slowly over a few months.

49, White Female

Four years ago my husband left college with no job or insurance, and the three of us moving back to my hometown to rent a small house from my mom. We also found dental care at a local college. Within thirty days of having six teeth treated with amalgam fillings I became depressed, angry and unhappy with a six-year marriage. At forty – my menstrual cycle was off, so I thought it must be hormone related. I purchased a book at a very reputable health store in our community, and that’s when the healing process started.

Thinking I needed saliva testing, I called a lab in the appendix and they recommended a doctor in St. Louis. Well, he tested my mouth, but not the saliva. The result was a shocking amount of electric currents being produced by 12 molars – all with amalgam fillings, mercury. Reviewing my medical history provided a lot of insight. I had suffered with many illnesses associated with mercury poison, acne and rheumatoid arthritis to hyperglycemia and low thyroid (just to name a few). And now, it was a mental struggle to home school my son, run a home, stay active in church, maintain my appearance, control my anger and in general, just live life. My doctor did a hair analysis and a DMPS. My mercury level excretion was almost five times higher than normal. He also gave me lots to read and recommended seeing a dentist for mercury removal.

June 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Healing was going to be all three: Spiritually, mentally, and physically. I trusted the Lord to provide the dentist and the finances, since He had already lead me to a doctor. My husband and family were very skeptical, but I provided them with lots of information. I also talked to a couple in another state that had gone through this. Finally, my dentist discussed the plan for my mouth. I wanted to do it immediately, but that didn’t happen. In the process of removing the mercury, the metal post in the two front teeth became infected and a root canal started giving me problems. They had to go, too!!!

It has been three years and we are just about complete with my mouth. It took supplements and dental work to fight and rid my body of all mercury. The healing did not come overnight, but I noticed changes in chunks. About every three or four months, I would think, “Hey, I feel better; I haven’t been sick, depressed or yelled at anyone.” My energy level is high most of all, my husband and son have noticed an improvement. Exercise and a healthy diet have been a part of my life for over 20 years. I’ve weighed the same since high school, took first place in a bodybuilding contest at thirty and had natural childbirth at 41. But, little did I know that the run of the mill dental care was my enemy.

76, White Female

Symptoms of fatigue, low immunity system, insomnia and lack of concentration have reduced significantly. I’m confident my teeth are not adding more mercury! Because of my age, the mercury will take longer to clean out of my system.

I feel blessed to have been treated with the techniques used in biological dentistry. Many thanks and God’s blessing to all!!
P. S. As to my memory – – I FORGET!!

60, White Female

In December 1999, my mercury count was 230. After removing all amalgams it is down to 52. I still have lots of swallowing (excessive salivation), hoarseness, allergies, and TMJ. The pain in my upper back (osteoporosis) is gone, the sinus problems have diminished and teeth are beginning to settle down, although they are still sensitive to cold.
I also had trouble walking earlier, taking higher steps than needed.
P.S. I am very grateful!!

43, White Female

The main difference that I have noticed since I had my amalgams removed is that I sleep much deeper and fall asleep early.

I was not lacking in energy before, but I can say that now I always have energy and can’t remember a time recently that I have been tired.

In six months, I would like to update this, as I will be training for a race and hope that I can tell a difference in my aerobic abilities.

44, White Female

I first came to you in March 2000 to have my amalgam fillings removed. Then, on May 30th we began the process. I had been suffering from cancer and was trying to rebuild my immune system in order to fight the disease. My doctor had suggested that I consider the procedure.

Though I have not had my immune system tested recently, I have noticed the following improvements in my health:

It has been approximately 5 months since the removal of my amalgam fillings. In that time period, I have noticed several changes in my health. Before the removal of the fillings, I had an almost constant metal taste in my mouth whenever I brushed or flossed my teeth. That is no longer the case. I now seldom have any hint of metal in my mouth.
Also, before the removal, I was experiencing ringing in the ears and jaw pain which caused tightening of my jaw muscles. Now, the ringing in my ears has subsided and my jaw pain is much improved.

I attribute these improvements to the fact that the fillings have been removed.

58, White Female

I was experiencing extreme exhaustion. My chiropractor felt it stemmed from my mercury fillings. I saw my dentist and began the process of replacing all my fillings. The moment the last mercury filling came out my body relaxed and I lost a humming sensation in my body that I didn’t even know was there. I now sleep better and my body is relaxed. Also, heart palpitations that had been plaguing me stopped at that moment.

As I have continued the process of removing mercury from my system my energy level is continually improving.

51, White Male

Prior to having my amalgam fillings removed and starting my treatments for mercury toxic, I had suffered with chronic health problems for over 13 years. I had been treated by numerous physicians and institutions (including Mayo Clinic). No one was able to tell me what was causing my problems until I had my amalgam fillings removed.

My insomnia was so severe, for thirteen years I could not remember ever reaching a deep enough sleep to even enables me to have a dream. My depression was so bad I was taking as many as fifteen antidepressant pills a day and I still felt horrible.

Thanks to the removal of my amalgam fillings. I am now sleeping and dreaming. My depression has improved dramatically, the hypoglycemia is just about gone and my hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia continues to improve. I am finally starting to achieve a quality of life that I never thought I would see again.

Overall, I would recommend that all individuals consider removal of their amalgam fillings. The thought to consider is that there is definitely a potential for gaining enhanced health and nothing to lose.

52, White Female

In the past 13 months I have been focused on “healing my body and spirit after my treatments from breast cancer.

Removing heavy metals from my body has been one of the main focuses. I need also to interject that changing the acid base part of my body, the chiropractic along with other modalities have all added to my increasing great health. My energy levels have greatly increased. My depression, fatigue, apathy, and grief have decreased to a point where I no longer identify with those emotions. My hair and skin are outward signs of my increasing healthy body.

If I were to tell “my story” to a group of cancer patients and offered them a checklist of what is essential to do in healing yourself, removing heavy metals (mercury) would be top on the list.

52, White Female

I began treatments to remove my mercury fillings in August of 1999. We completed the treatment by December 1999.

I would like to report the improvements in my health:

My energy levels are much improved as well as depression.
My mental abilities heave improvement. I have more memory, clarity, and improved cognitive reasoning skills.

My level of mercury has decreased from 75 to 17 within 6 months.

I have done a great variety of healing modalities to improve my health. The removal of mercury is on the most beneficial.

55, White Male

Since the removal of 10 large amalgams and 2 toxic metal-based crowns, I noticed blunting of extreme peaks of “craziness” during rain and thunderstorms. Lowered barometric pressure caused mercury in teeth to give off more mercury vapors, which caused me to feel very crazy every time a rainy-weather condition occurred – since earliest childhood (50 years). However, daily manias continue unchanged.

Chlorella mercury cleanses (25-40gms/day) seem useful and gives “mind clearing” feelings.

I am glad that I had the mercury from my teeth removed. Actually, I read about mercury poisoning 28 years ago, when I worked briefly in the dental supply business, but several dentists said mercury amalgams were completely safe, and they refused to remove my mercury fillings.

56, White Female

All dental work has been pain-free.

Since the work a number of medical conditions have improved:

Anxiety and depression have eased and lifted.
Big improvement in ability to concentrate.
Big improvement in the pain and fatigue from the fibromyalgia and osteo-arthritis.

This has all come to pass since this dental work in spite of working a high stress retail management job with weird hours and great physical demands.
Thank You.

76, White Female

I thought that you would be interested in knowing that blood work taken just last week showed a 10-count drop in my lymphocytes. I have had an elevated lymph count for a long time.

Perhaps being mercury free is the reason.

And yes, no one can tell where real teeth begin and artificial ones begin. And I do not have a sore mouth. Thanks for a great job.

57, White Female

Last summer, after having a panorex x-ray of all my teeth, it was discovered that everywhere I thought that amalgam had been removed for health reasons, there remained significant amalgam in all of my thirteen fillings. I was then tested for mercury and was found to have a mercury level far higher than the acceptable score of three. The score I received for the Mercury Urine Challenge Test was an 87. At that time I began a program of detoxification that would coincide with the removal of existing amalgams. I had my blood tested in order to find the most compatible materials that should be used in the replacement of the fillings. After extensive consultation and testing he started removing them in October of 1999.

Since the removal of amalgam on March 7, 2000, I feel that there are significant changes in my overall health. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis in 1979 so I have had a myriad of symptoms from fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue syndrome to arthritis. When I began treatment I noticed small improvements but also suffered from detoxification symptoms such as extreme fatigue and catching every common illness that was being passed around. But when I finally had all the amalgam removed I found that within two days arthritic pain in my hips disappeared. I also stopped dragging my right foot after walking about one-half mile. Neuralgia in my right shoulder, hip and knee greatly improved and pain in the abductor muscle of my right leg also subsided.

Trigger points in my neck and shoulder seemed to disappear also. They were so bad that in the past I received neural therapy to help alleviate the pain.

Another problem that I was experiencing that was almost completely ameliorated by the final removal was a zapping sensation in my right foot. The best description if this pain was a searing, caustic pain. It began at the base of my great toe and traveled up the instep. Last summer, when I began oral chelation, the pain was only in the joint of my big toe but as the detoxifying continued it traveled toward my ankle and into my heel. The intensity increased to the point that it was uncomfortable to wear shoes that pressed in the top of my foot. Even tennis shoes were uncomfortable; I had to wear them with the laces completely loosened. I also could not bend over without being jolted by a stinging, sharp pain in my heel.

During the last ten months since I began the detoxification program I have noticed many changes. In the beginning I was extremely tired and felt sick with flu-like symptoms. Long before I knew I had a problem with mercury I would wake up at night with hands so stiff that they were frozen with pain, stiffened in a robot-like position. The best relief for this pain was to hold my hands under cold water; something I thought was strange since I always used heat for aches and pains. I felt like I had a metal snake whipping through my body. In fact this was the imagery that I saw long before I knew anything about mercury toxicity. These pains have improved so much now that I only experience mild stiffness, if any. I am to take the Mercury Challenge test in a few days and look forward to doing so because the last three times that I have received the mercury chelator DMPS I have felt better both physically and psychologically. I can best describe it as a “lifting” of symptoms that have plagued me for years.

47, White Male

Since the completion of removal of nine amalgam fillings and replacement of them with eight porcelain onlays and one composite filling. I have noted a distinct increase in energy. This has been through being able to work longer during the day, but also in having more energy during the day. I also seem to be able to recover more quickly from days of higher than normal physical stress. The only significant difference in my general lifestyle during this time period was the replacement of my amalgam fillings, which leads me to believe that this event was most probably responsible for my health improvement. I would note that physicians whom I see, my general practitioner and my allergist had strongly recommended that for several years that I take this action. Testing prior to the procedure confirmed that I had a much higher than safe mercury level in my body. I am undergoing intravenous DMPS therapy to correct this.

Overall, I would recommend that all individuals consider removal of their amalgam fillings. The thought to consider is that there is definitely a potential for gaining enhanced health and nothing to lose.

45, White Female

My mouth just doesn’t feel good. I always have a bad taste in my mouth and my gums are always sore. I have been self-conscious of my teeth for years, sometimes to the point that I hold my face and lips in a position that makes me feel tense and headachy. I always feel tired, achy and down.

66, White Male

During this last year I have had all of my amalgam fillings removed, to include the replacement of seven crowns (six of which had amalgams underneath).

I urgently advise everyone to have the amalgam removed from his or her fillings and crowns. I have already witnessed substantial progress in my health. Along with chelation therapy, a substantially changed diet, and the use of diet supplements, I have experienced increased energy and the absence of illness (colds, flu, etc.). In my diet, I have essentially eliminated the use of sugar, sweets, white bread and refined carbohydrates.

30, White Male

I have seen a gradual reduction in many of my symptoms since I had my mercury/amalgam fillings removed.

These physical symptoms still persist: dizziness, fatigue, muscle tremor, numbness/tingling, pain in limbs, and weakness (muscle).

These mental symptoms still persist: discouragement and insomnia.

Food allergies are still some of my most troubling symptoms. However, they are not as severe as they were a year ago. Symptoms that are completely gone include chest pains and rashes. Also, I have much less brain “fog”. I am still undergoing treatment to remove mercury from my body. I was found to be off the chart with mercury toxicity. Today, I’m having my last amalgam removed. It is very small. All the others were taken out late last summer and during the fall.

52, White Female

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that after undergoing extensive dental treatment I am feeling well. Previously, I had gone through two regimens of dental treatment at two area dental schools. After the first, I was diagnosed with severe depression and began to suffer recurrent bouts of bronchitis. After the second, I developed acute anxiety and paranoia, a sclerosis of the cornea (shadow vision) which made it impossible to do any extensive reading, contact dermatitis (which prevented one from wearing jewelry), and severe pet allergies.

One year ago, I found that I was suffering from acute mercury toxicity. Several upper molars that had shattered around their mercury amalgams where replaced with more compatible materials. My mercury levels were reduced with DMPS IV’s to a level where I can now take DMSA orally. I am continuing to take vitamin and mineral supplements and am still doing periodic liver-gallbladder flushes. Since beginning treatment with alternative medicine and biological dentistry, I have not had a single bout of bronchitis, I no longer suffer anxiety or depression, I am able to wear jewelry without breaking out and not only has my shadow vision improved to the point that I can now safely drive at night, but I can even sometimes read without my glasses- for the first time since 6th grade! My pet allergies are even a little better. My students no longer complain about my illegible handwriting.

We are about half way through the treatment program. I am very optimistic about my full recovery. The AMA and ADA approved treatments I received almost ruined my health and my life.

48, White Female

Within two weeks of having the first quadrant done, my mother noticed I was not clearing my throat as much as usual. I experienced almost immediately a lessening of my allergies. I’m not blowing my nose as much. I have not taken any antihistamines every day like I used to. The left side of the base of my head was less sore, even the day of the removal. My left temple was sore. There was a significant reduction in the amount of mucus my sinuses usually secrete. Then about two weeks ago, I realized that I hadn’t had to take something for a headache for at least a week! There has rarely been a day in the last 10 years that I have taken Tylenol, Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc., for the daily headache I used to experience. In fact, that is why I have to rotate the remedies. I guess I build up a tolerance to them over extended use. All these changes have happened over the last 4 months. I am looking forward to the next round, when all the mercury is gone.

64, White Female

The most obvious change for me was the return of stamina and energy. I felt like my old self. However, as I went through the checklist I also realized that irritability that I had associated with stress has all but disappeared. That realization makes great sense to me because the stress has not decreased.

48, White Female

The removal of my fillings has given me more stamina. As a mother of 5 kids, there has been a noticeable difference in my energy level.

I think it will even be more noticeable when I get more DMPS treatments to remove the mercury on a cellular level and when all of the permanent dental work is in and my teeth have settled down.

I think a follow up in six months would give you a more accurate accounting of the real results.

60, White Female

Prior to getting rid of the greatest mercury problems, upper and lower right teeth; I was getting sluggish by 3-4 p.m. I have always been known for my limitless energy and never felt “tired” during the day – until the last several years.

Further, I had trouble sleeping when I did go to bed, regardless of the time. There was a “taste” of metal in my mouth.

After the initial replacement my energy level increased dramatically. There is now no metallic taste at all and I am sleeping well whether I go to bed early or late. I seldom fall asleep during movies or theater performances anymore.

I know I still have a ways to go, but I am thrilled with my progress.

44, White Male

Since completing amalgam removal and DMPS treatment my lower back pain is all but gone! My herbalist had told me every time I saw her for back pain that my kidneys were very low in energy. She would give me herbs for the kidneys with great relief to my lower back pain. I believe metal toxicity in the kidneys may have had very much to do with my back problems.

Since after just the first DMPS treatment I noticed significant improvement in my lower back pain. I tested very high in mercury toxicity when a metals test was performed for me. My candida yeast overgrowth seems to be getting better with every day that goes by.

Thank you so much for doing the amalgam removal that you believe in. I am also a believer now.

I came to Dr. Rehme with a badly infected #5 tooth. I had two root canals performed on the tooth in the past 6 years, and still was experiencing pain. Upon looking at the x-ray, it was clear that my anchor bone was completely decayed away.

For over a year, I had been experiencing frequent headaches, especially when consuming sugar or alcohol. The headaches weren’t like anything I had experienced before. It felt as if the pain was shooting from my head down to my mouth. I explained the situation to several doctors and dentists, but they looked at me like I was crazy. Dr. Rehme was the first to listen to me and provide me with advice that made sense, and within a week, I was back in his office to extract the tooth.

The tooth has been gone over a week now, and I already feel significantly better. No more headaches and no more throbbing pain. I cannot believe how much more energy I have, too! To anyone who may be on the fence about the decision to extract one of these dead organs from their mouth, I say “go for it! You’ll be glad you did!”

I had my wisdom teeth taken out over 18 years ago, and they healed fine and I felt fine. Little did I know what was going on inside, unseen.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer (on right side) August 2004, I began to research the reason. I had a very high level of mercury in my system and a cavitation on right side (lower) where my wisdom tooth had been taken out. I had cavitation surgery February 2005 and all of my mercury fillings removed.

Today, almost on year later, I am cancer free and I feel fabulous. I have lots and lots of energy. I never knew I could feel so good, or what feeling really good was.

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