Success Stories:  More Energy

Experiencing more energy…

Prior to getting rid of the greatest mercury problems, upper and lower right teeth; I was getting sluggish by 3-4 p.m. I have always been known for my limitless energy and never felt “tired” during the day – until the last several years.

Further, I had trouble sleeping when I did go to bed, regardless of the time. There was a “taste” of metal in my mouth.

After the initial replacement my energy level increased dramatically. There is now no metallic taste at all and I am sleeping well whether I go to bed early or late. I seldom fall asleep during movies or theater performances anymore.

I know I still have a ways to go, but I am thrilled with my progress.

P.S. Migraine headaches began about 2 years ago, coming about 1 or 2 times per month. I have not had one since the filling replacement.

Yvonne, Age 60

The most obvious change for me was the return of stamina and energy. I felt like my old self. However, as I went through the check list I also realized that irritability that I had associated with stress has all but disappeared. That realization makes great sense to me because the stress has not decreased.

Carolyn, Age 64

Since the completion of removal of nine amalgam fillings and replacement of them with eight porcelain onlays and one composite filling. I have noted a distinct increase in energy. This has been through being able to work longer during the day, but also in having more energy during the day. I also seem to be able to recover more quickly from days of higher than normal physical stress. The only significant difference in my general lifestyle during this time period was the replacement of my amalgam fillings, which leads me to believe that this event was most probably responsible for my health improvement. I would note that both physicians whom I see, my general practitioner and my allergist had strongly recommended that for several years that I take this action. Testing prior to the procedure confirmed that I had a much higher than safe mercury level in my body. I am undergoing intravenous DMPS therapy to correct this.

Overall, I would recommend that all individuals consider removal of their amalgam fillings. The thought to consider is that there is definitely a potential for gaining enhanced health and nothing to lose.

Randy, Age 47

More energy – less headaches…

Life has improved so much that it is hard to remember what it was like before.

I still need 8-9 hours of sleep most nights, but I no longer need a 2-3 hour nap every day – I no longer need 20 minute cat naps every couple of hours.

I go weeks without headaches instead of days. I can focus and retain much more information I don’t catch every cold I’m exposed to – I haven’t had any bronchial infections or yeast infections – they were chronic before.

As I approach my sixties I definitely feel better than I did in my thirties.

Susan, Age 56

Metallic taste gone, energy continues to improve…

This is my personal testimony regarding the benefits I have received since having some dental work done with Dr. Michael Rehme. Twenty years ago I had 6 crowns with metal racks placed on my upper front teeth. In the years which followed I began to experience a multitude of symptoms including a vibrating, buzzing sensation in my gums, a metallic taste in my mouth, periodic ringing in my ears, and extreme fatigue. When my crowns were removed I had an immediate surge of energy all over my face. It felt like a weight had been lifted off me. Since then, I have had no further buzzing sensations, no metallic taste, and no ringing in the ears. My energy level continues to improve. Thank you Dr. Rehme & staff for the great work!

Shirley, Age 42


Weight problems, fatigue and digestive problems improve…

Thank you, Dr. Rehme, for helping me improve my health. When I first came to talk to you about removing my amalgam fillings, I had many problems. For years, O had been trying everything possible to regain my health, from acupuncture and chiropractic, to exercise and healthy eating habits. While all of these things helped, I still felt there was something missing. After reading about the dangers of mercury in amalgam fillings, I knew in my heart that that was the missing link.

When I first saw you, I was underweight, extremely fatigued, foggy headed, chemically sensitive, and had many digestive problems including IBS. After the first quadrant was completed, my mouth felt much lighter in that area, but there was no health improvement. But, after the second quadrant, my appetite Improved dramatically and I gained 10 pounds in two weeks! Then, it leveled off and by the time the third quadrant was completed the same thing happened again with improved appetite but not as much weight gain. After the final quadrant was completed, there was no dramatic change. Instead I seemed to gradually improve in many ways. My mind became clearer and I could make plans for days in advance instead of walking around in a fog. I now have more energy and the digestive problems are much improved, especially the IBS. My blood pressure, which historically has been very low, has now become normal.

I thought I was doomed to a miserable old age, but, thanks to you and your fine staff, I am regaining my health and starting new projects that I never thought possible before. Thanks again!

Willie, Female, Age 60


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