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Sinus problems improve…

Before I had the metal’s removed I had all kinds of sinus problems. Since they are gone the sinus problems are nil – one year later.

Ivan, Age 58

 Vision, hearing and motor coordination improves…

I am so grateful to have found successful treatment through your biological dentistry. On August 3, 2004, I had two mercury fillings removed from my molars. I’d had some mercury fillings as long as 45 years. The dentist did not use all precautions in removing the mercury – or else my levels were already high from leaky fillings. Twelve days later my vision went double and my balance was affected so that I couldn’t walk well.

Doctors were baffled. They thought it was MS or a brain tumor or a palsied optical nerve. But I continued to deteriorate until my speech became slurred to being almost unintelligible, I couldn’t walk with out assistance, my ears rang so loudly I couldn’t hear, I had excessive salivation, cold not longer write, eyes no longer focused, I was confused, had no short term memory – I was a MESS. Driving was out of the question! Tremors in my hands and motor co-ordination was an issue. I got to the point where I had trouble swallowing/breathing. No one knew why. Several doctors said it was just old age. A few weeks earlier I had been training for a marathon and did yoga regularly.

I finally found a holistic physician that suggested that I probably had mercury poisoning. She began chelation and sent me to your office for mercury removal.

You began by removing two teeth with root canals. One of which contained mercury. My breathing improved immediately!

After 3 sessions of mercury removal, I found I improved dramatically with each treatment. In early December 2004, I could again walk alone with out assistance. My hearing returned and motor co-ordination improved. By Christmas I took off my eye patch.

Thank You so much for your safe dentistry. I am about 95% better, 100% mercury free and getting my life back- THANK YOU.

Linda, Age 52






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Could your teeth be part of your ill health? Many dentists now believe the conditions in a person’s mouth are a reflection of their overall health.
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