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60, White Female

Prior to getting rid of the greatest mercury problems, upper and lower right teeth; I was getting sluggish by 3-4 p.m. I have always been known for my limitless energy and never felt “tired” during the day – until the last several years.

Further, I had trouble sleeping when I did go to bed, regardless of the time. There was a “taste” of metal in my mouth.

After the initial replacement my energy level increased dramatically. There is now no metallic taste at all and I am sleeping well whether I go to bed early or late. I seldom fall asleep during movies or theater performances anymore.

I know I still have a ways to go, but I am thrilled with my progress.

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44, White Male

Since completing amalgam removal and DMPS treatment my lower back pain is all but gone! My herbalist had told me every time I saw her for back pain that my kidneys were very low in energy. She would give me herbs for the kidneys with great relief to my lower back pain. I believe metal toxicity in the kidneys may have had very much to do with my back problems.

Since after just the first DMPS treatment I noticed significant improvement in my lower back pain. I tested very high in mercury toxicity when a metals test was performed for me. My candida yeast overgrowth seems to be getting better with every day that goes by.

Thank you so much for doing the amalgam removal that you believe in. I am also a believer now.

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I came to Dr. Rehme with a badly infected #5 tooth. I had two root canals performed on the tooth in the past 6 years, and still was experiencing pain. Upon looking at the x-ray, it was clear that my anchor bone was completely decayed away.

For over a year, I had been experiencing frequent headaches, especially when consuming sugar or alcohol. The headaches weren’t like anything I had experienced before. It felt as if the pain was shooting from my head down to my mouth. I explained the situation to several doctors and dentists, but they looked at me like I was crazy. Dr. Rehme was the first to listen to me and provide me with advice that made sense, and within a week, I was back in his office to extract the tooth.

The tooth has been gone over a week now, and I already feel significantly better. No more headaches and no more throbbing pain. I cannot believe how much more energy I have, too! To anyone who may be on the fence about the decision to extract one of these dead organs from their mouth, I say “go for it! You’ll be glad you did!”

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I had my wisdom teeth taken out over 18 years ago, and they healed fine and I felt fine. Little did I know what was going on inside, unseen.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer (on right side) August 2004, I began to research the reason. I had a very high level of mercury in my system and a cavitation on right side (lower) where my wisdom tooth had been taken out. I had cavitation surgery February 2005 and all of my mercury fillings removed.

Today, almost on year later, I am cancer free and I feel fabulous. I have lots and lots of energy. I never knew I could feel so good, or what feeling really good was.

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