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40, White Female

On June 17, 2004 I had tooth #30 extracted. This tooth had abscessed in January of 2004 and had actually been giving me trouble for about two years prior to that. Today, it has been about 5 weeks since the extraction. Also, I don’t feel so sickly and my blood sugar (hypoglycemia) has improved. So has my memory.

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47, White Female

I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1977 when I was 21 years old, but was not clinically diagnosed until 1986 when I was 29 years old. I starting using a walker after a car accident, that was a head injury. I was 45 years old at the time. This caused equilibrium and dizzy spells and eventual weak legs. This was a dark time in my life to have to accept MS, as I was in denial and remission for 19 years. God allows things to happen for a reason, so in August, 2002, I started my journey for answers to my declining health and getting an education on how to fix it.

The tests were conclusive I had battery mouth, mercury and nickel toxicity from dental fillings, and a major deficit in vitamin, minerals and water.

The course of treatment was the following:

Removal of teeth that caused battery mouth
Removal of mercury fillings and fill with a non-toxic composite
Five root canal extractions
Weekly DPMS Chelating infusions
Weekly Vitamin C/Mineral infusions
Daily supplemental vitamins/minerals (approx. 30 per day)
Weekly emotional and spiritual therapy

On January 19, 2004, I got the last two partial crowns that were filled with mercury removed and replaced with tooth colored resin materials.

At my employment, I would walk to the mailroom and back exhausted (1 city block). The rest of the day I would stay in my chair. Several days after the final removal, I have gained my energy! Now I was 2 city blocks a day and have to turn my fan on to cool off. I used to take weekend naps and I no longer do that as well.

My long-term memory of my life like a slide show has come back. I remember short-term stuff as well. My emotional state is more positive than ever. My family is amazed and so am I.

The last component to my health and wellness is by eating the right things and taking Nystatin medicine and additional cleansing products to rid the yeast (candidas). It was hard to stay on track with a yeast-free diet with all the other things I needed to focus on. But God helps those who help themselves. Now, with the dental work out of the way, I will lose the yeasty fat and my equilibrium will balance. Eventually, I will walk without a walker.

I am blessed and thankful that I was introduced to the excellent medical and dental professionals and staff to assist me in achieving my goal of health and wellness.

Good Luck to everyone in their health endeavors and Thank You for reading this.

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46, White Male

I had an infected, cracked molar which had been affecting both my thyroid and my heart. My heart had been pounding for months. Within minutes after the tooth was removed my heart returned to normal and I felt better than I had in months.

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56, White Female

In April 2002, I attended a meeting and was introduced to a piece of equipment called a Cavitat. This ultrasound device was the first clue that I had something going on in the upper right quadrant of my mouth. In this area I had four root canal treated teeth and the test revealed that I had a bone infection because of them. At no time did Dr. Rehme suggest that I remove them, but after extensive study and prayer, my decision to remove the teeth was made. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made because I went to great lengths to save my teeth and now they would be gone forever.

Two and one half hours in the dental chair having the extractions has turned into my own little miracle, for 10 years I’ve suffered chronic back, knee, shoulder and big toe pain on my right side, when the teeth came out the pain disappeared.

I must stress how the pain affected my life; I could not work a full day and then do anything in the evening, like going out for dinner. I saw a neurologist, physical therapist, chiropractors, and I had injections in my spine. All of my efforts proved worthless to get out of pain.

God has truly answered my prayers, and I appreciate your vision of helping people get healthy, starting with their teeth.

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61, White Female

After trying for five months to heal an abscessed tooth with essential oils and a Chinese herb, I finally made the decision to have the tooth removed when the abscess was not getting better. My health care practitioner told me that my general health was being compromised and his recommendation was for removal. I had also been experiencing lower back pain on the right side for many months. After the tooth (18) was removed I began to feel a lessening of the back pain and it has now completely gone away.

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43, White Female

I am a 43 year old female, though healthy, suffering with several health issues. I had chronic sinus infections, excruciating knee pain. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed as having a torn meniscus (a common sports injury). The tear did not appear on the MRI, but was told many times they don’t, but once the doctor goes in with a scope, he finds the tear. I opted to suffer and stopped or lessened most activity such as exercise, climbing stairs, etc. I had a tingling pain in my arm; especially if my elbow was not supported when using the keyboard or mouse (I have not seen a doctor for this yet). Lastly, but most importantly, 6 ½ years ago (shortly after the birth of my third child), I was diagnosed with moderate to severe PMS, which manifested itself in multiple ways (depression, anxiety, rage, etc). I had a root canal 2 weeks before the delivery of my third child. I tried the gamut of treatments, both pharmaceutical and natural; nothing “cured” the problem. It was while on the quest for treatment that I stumbled on the possibility that the problem could be my teeth.

As I researched the “whole body” philosophy, I had a paradigm shift. After much prayer, I decided I wanted my amalgams replaced and a root canal removed. In reviewing the problem teeth, the teeth numbers correlated to the health issues I was experiencing. I went into this hopeful, but not thoroughly convinced that it would resolve all the issues, little did I know it was an answer to prayer. During the first treatment, I removed 3 amalgam fillings and the root canal. As I was driving home I took a deep breath and thought “this cannot be!” I was able to breathe through my nose deeper than I had in years. The next morning I awakened with a mental clarity/sharpness. Monday morning, I arrived at work and took the stairs without pain…My knee has been pain free since the first treatment. I also no longer have tingling pain in my arm. It has been four months and I have not had any sinus infections!!! Praise the Lord!!!
The PMS…I did not notice a huge difference immediately and only time will tell with this type of problem. Once all the mercury (5 amalgam fillings) was removed from my mouth, I sought help with the detoxification process. It was my finding that not only is there need to remove the mercury from your teeth, it also has to be eliminated from the body. I am about 10 weeks into this process and feel 90% better. It has been a long 6 years and I am so grateful that I am nearing complete recovery. I give the glory to the Lord for leading me to the research, the right doctors and the proper treatment, and supplying the finances for the treatment, which is a testimony in itself. I must say the results from the dental work and detoxification have far exceeded my expectations.

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62, White Female

In 1998 I decided to quit the practice of medicine due to unrelenting fatigue. I literally quit the daily struggle of handling a huge practice as I felt that I “hit the wall.” It was not easy just to “walk away,” as I had to find someone who was willing to take over the practice. I was finally able to leave in June of 2000. The fatigue and inability to handle problems was overwhelming. In July 2000, I had a complete neurological evaluation, including a Brand and D-Spine MRI, the unequivocal diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was made. I was immediately placed on immunomodulator therapy to hopefully arrest the progression of the disease.

Fatigue persisted – I began exploring “alternative” therapy. I was already focusing on nutrition, relaxation, water therapy, yoga, massages, meditation and spirituality. While doing all of these modalities, I connected with you, to discuss biological dentistry, although I realized it was a controversial issue from an allopathic perspective.

It took me quite sometime to decide to proceed, but since my fatigue persisted, I decided to ‘go for it.’ To date, I have 50% of my dental restorative work completed. My energy has tripled – I am now working full time again, my mood is amazing and I can not wait to see how I will fee when ALL my work is complete, i.e. all amalgams and root canals out. It has been an amazing experience! Needless to say, I am very happy I made the decision to proceed and I do thank you and your staff for my newly found energy level.

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49, White Female

When I started coming to your office, I had had the mercury removed from both upper quadrants of my teeth. I had had no noticeable improvement in my general health ailments. Arthritis being my major complaint, with sinus congestion, allergic reactions and fatigue making my life difficult.

I came to Dr. Rehme with #5 (upper right), which had begun giving me a lot of discomfort and at one point, a toothache that rated higher on the pain threshold, greater than that of giving birth to my 5 children. After actively making every effort (short of a root canal which I opposed to) to save the tooth, I decided it was necessary to extract the tooth. During the time that I was experiencing so much discomfort and pain with #5, I also began experiencing increased arthritic discomfort and restricted movement in my right elbow and shoulder. The elbow actually became frozen with a slight bend that still cannot completely straighten. After the tooth was pulled, I experienced immediate relief from the arthritic pain, most particularly in the elbow and shoulder, with noticeable improvement also in the movement of my neck.

Not long after, however, I began having arthritic difficulty on my left side, pain in my neck, shoulder and elbow, and both knees. In one day, my left elbow drew up into a bent position, almost a 45- degree angle, and I could not straighten or bend it. My neck and shoulder movements became more restricted and my right elbow also, again assumed a bent position. With some alarm, I asked you to remove the mercury from the lower left quadrant of my mouth, which he did just a couple day’s ago. When I came into his office that day I could hardly move either arm. My left arm was almost totally immobile and useless. With great effort, I could brush my teeth and feed myself with my right arm. I could not, however, brush or comb my hair with either had, due to the inability to move my arm. I was unable to get up out of a chair by myself, because my arthritic knees had been so bad for the last few years that I had to use my hands to assist my knees in lifting my body from a sitting position, and I could no longer use my hands in this task.

After I had the amalgam fillings removed from my teeth and tooth #5 extracted, I got up from the dental chair unassisted (not even using my own hands) and was able to completely straighten both elbows. It was nothing short of miraculous. It was hard for me to believe. It was the kind of experience I had only read about. The movement is neck, shoulders, elbows and knees were all greatly restored and improved.

At this point, I felt encouraged to remove the remaining mercury on the lower right side of my mouth, along with two root canal teeth that I decided to have extracted after having researched on my own, the problems that root canal teeth can cause.

I did experience even more improvement after completion of all the dental work; removing all mercury and root canals. However, the most dramatic improvements was definitely experienced after the mercury removal on the lower left side. The second greatest improvement being after the removal of tooth #5.

I have definitely had dramatic improvement in arthritic joint movement, and pain in elbows, shoulders, neck and knees.

I am presently working to get all mercury out of the cells in my body where it has been stored for years – detoxing my body. I do still have some pain in joints at times and am not restored to “youth.” But my improvement has been worth the expense and time. My husband has since chosen to have the mercury removed from his teeth and has also seen improvement in his health.

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44, White Female

In September of 2000 I started consulting with my medical doctor about symptoms that had become a way of life. Depression, muscle aches, weight gain, blurred vision, bloating, constipation, upset stomach, low self esteem, fatigue.

Testing revealed large levels of mercury in my body along with a chemical imbalance. These results brought me to remove my mercury fillings and root canals.

In June after three root canals and several crowns and one bridge, I am left with no mercury fillings and one root canal. I have gone off my anti-depressant medication and feel the same low mood level as I did when I was taking the medication. My aches in my legs are still a constant problem. I have started to drop off some of the extra weight, but still have a way to go. The stomach bloating-upset and constipation are rare.

In eight months, I have done a lot to improve my health but do not feel like the main problems of depression, fatigue and muscle aches are much improved.

In the next few months I will continue to have chelation therapy to remove the mercury that has built up in my tissue. The vitamins and supplements along with the chelation should, hopefully bring my system back to functioning as they are meant to be.

The dental treatment that I had done has been great and the office support has been the best. I hope when this is all done it will have all been worth all this work.

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51, White Female

My energy is returning, plus I feel balanced with my body. The severe pain in my right (before the heel) foot has disappeared. Also, the left shoulder which was so painful that I could not lift my arm above my waist without experiencing extreme pain is now gone.

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