Success Stories:  Quality of Life


Emotions, energy & thought process improved…

After my second quadrant removal, my friends and family noticed color returning to my face. I had always been pale, washed out. The things most obvious to me at this point are my emotions, energy level, and thought process. I am much more positive in my outlook, the little things that used to seem like huge annoyances, I now laugh off. Energy level definitely improved.

I feel like a caged bird that has been set free!!

Looking forward to optimum health and am optimistic that it is attainable.


Debbie, Age 42

“I have a life…”

I came to your office, diagnosed with allergies, depression, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. I could only be up one hour at a time, due to the fatigue. I was in intense pain. I had itching all over my body, skin was really dry, even though I used lotion. I had brain-fog really bad. If I were asked a question it took me a while to process it. I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Since having my amalgam fillings removed, “I have a life”. I can walk 1 mile every day with out the fibromyalgia burn in my legs. I wake up at 8 am and don’t have to take naps. I can sleep with out my c-pap machine, and even with the windows open! I have lost the deep deep horrible cough I had. I have a renewed interest in my hobbies. My skin is clear and doesn’t itch anymore. I have a bounce in my step again – I’m in the process of weaning off my antidepressants.

I thank God constantly for answering my prayers. I “would” and “do” highly recommend having any mercury fillings removed. You and your staff have been wonderful. They “actually” care about you and it shows in how they treat you.

Sharen, Age 47

Happy, healthy life…

Prior to the tooth removal, I had constant absesses around the tooth, urinary tract infections, not to mention was battling hypothyroidism which had caused weight gain, hair loss and dry skin. Half a year later, I was able to completely stop my thyroid medication. Today my weight is normalized and I lead a happy, healthy life. Thank you!

Maya, Age 30





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Could your teeth be part of your ill health? Many dentists now believe the conditions in a person’s mouth are a reflection of their overall health.
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