74, White Male

I had been experiencing extreme nervousness, unable to sleep (even with sedatives), loss of memory, weakness, etc. The doctor did a very thorough check up which included a heavy metals tests. The results showed a high level of mercury, cadmium and aluminum. The doctor suggested that all dental work be redone which included fillings, crown and partials.

It is now 7 months since the completion of the dental work. My strength is returning. I am no longer experiencing the extreme nervousness. I sleep well without sedatives, my memory has improved and my personality is much more normal. I was having difficulty taking care of myself, and now I can dress myself with help, take a shower, shave and brush my teeth – all without assistance.

My wife has noticed improvements in many areas, such as, vocabulary, attitude, interest in things around me and a longer attention span.

We are both looking forward to a time when all of the metals are at an acceptable level. We are so very pleased that there is no further experience of muscles twitching.

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