67, White Male
For some 6 to 7 years, I have had bad headaches almost daily. Now I have a headache only once or twice a week, and much less severe. In the past year I have gone from 152 pounds down to 130 pounds. I have now regained to 138 pounds and climbing. My sinus problems have decreased approximately 50%. I have had mild depression in the past and that has improved probably 90%. I still have problems with arthritis, but am still seeing my alternative doctor for that problem. My fatigue problems have much improved. I used to be exhausted by 11 am. Now I can keep going most of the day. My irritability problem has decreased approximately 75%; my sleeping soundness has improved approximately 50%. Lastly, and best…I was plagued with ED. Now I am back to normal and the spouse is much happier, as well as myself.
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