53, White Female
I came to Dr. Rehme in July 2005. The doctor that had been treating me for late stage disseminated Lyme Disease had suggested that I have a Cavitat scan for an old root canal. My Lyme doctor has tried many antibiotics and other treatments on me with very limited results. He said he had done research that led him to believe there was a connection between old root canals, bone necrosis, and the less than satisfactory results he was having in treating some Lyme patients. Dr. Rehme removed the old root canal tooth and all the metals in my mouth. As of today, Dec. 27, 2005, I have experienced great improvement in my Lyme symptoms; particularly in energy, mental clarity, and attitude/mental health. In short, I have hope that I will continue to improve and become well due to the procedures done by Dr. Rehme.
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