56, White Female
I am delighted to share my experiences relating to the removal of thirteen amalgam fillings at the dental office. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2004, I began a prayerful quest to educate myself on the effects of toxins in the body, especially mercury. I was able to make an informed decision to have the amalgam removed after surgery in August 2004. My alternative health practitioner highly recommended having the mercury removed and I am now pleased to be in the position to concur with her assessment wholeheartedly. From the first moment I entered his office to the end of the extensive treatments, I was impressed that everybody was truly professional, competent, and caring at the same time. To my amazement, even the five-hour sessions to prepare my teeth for crowns were filled with laughter and passed quickly. Moreover, following the doctors instructions (like avoiding vitamin C but adding chlorella before treatments) aided my healing process, and I never had pain after the anesthetics wore off. His work was very precise, and he did not take short cuts at my expense. Today, a month after my very last tooth of a total of thirteen teeth was crowned, I feel better than I have felt in years since the chronic fatigue and brain fog are gone. I have lots of energy and better mental acuity (I even passed my Illinois real estate exam since the last appointment). Due to the modern techniques and equipment used in the office, I did not experience any ill effects after the treatments. I attribute my improved health solely to the grace of God; it is He Who allowed me to find the right people in order to make necessary changes to eliminate toxins from my body and strengthen my immune system by adopting healthy eating habits and losing the excess weight. This office and staff are part of that wonderful group of people, and I am very grateful to you for the excellent work and care you provide. God Bless!
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