44, White Female
In September of 2000 I started consulting with my medical doctor about symptoms that had become a way of life. Depression, muscle aches, weight gain, blurred vision, bloating, constipation, upset stomach, low self esteem, fatigue. Testing revealed large levels of mercury in my body along with a chemical imbalance. These results brought me to remove my mercury fillings and root canals. In June after three root canals and several crowns and one bridge, I am left with no mercury fillings and one root canal. I have gone off my anti-depressant medication and feel the same low mood level as I did when I was taking the medication. My aches in my legs are still a constant problem. I have started to drop off some of the extra weight, but still have a way to go. The stomach bloating-upset and constipation are rare. In eight months, I have done a lot to improve my health but do not feel like the main problems of depression, fatigue and muscle aches are much improved. In the next few months I will continue to have chelation therapy to remove the mercury that has built up in my tissue. The vitamins and supplements along with the chelation should, hopefully bring my system back to functioning as they are meant to be. The dental treatment that I had done has been great and the office support has been the best. I hope when this is all done it will have all been worth all this work.
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