48, White Female
Within two weeks of having the first quadrant done, my mother noticed I was not clearing my throat as much as usual. I experienced almost immediately a lessening of my allergies. I’m not blowing my nose as much. I have not taken any antihistamines every day like I used to. The left side of the base of my head was less sore, even the day of the removal. My left temple was sore. There was a significant reduction in the amount of mucus my sinuses usually secrete. Then about two weeks ago, I realized that I hadn’t had to take something for a headache for at least a week! There has rarely been a day in the last 10 years that I have taken Tylenol, Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc., for the daily headache I used to experience. In fact, that is why I have to rotate the remedies. I guess I build up a tolerance to them over extended use. All these changes have happened over the last 4 months. I am looking forward to the next round, when all the mercury is gone.
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