62, White Female
In 1998 I decided to quit the practice of medicine due to unrelenting fatigue. I literally quit the daily struggle of handling a huge practice as I felt that I “hit the wall.” It was not easy just to “walk away,” as I had to find someone who was willing to take over the practice. I was finally able to leave in June of 2000. The fatigue and inability to handle problems was overwhelming. In July 2000, I had a complete neurological evaluation, including a Brand and D-Spine MRI, the unequivocal diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was made. I was immediately placed on immunomodulator therapy to hopefully arrest the progression of the disease. Fatigue persisted – I began exploring “alternative” therapy. I was already focusing on nutrition, relaxation, water therapy, yoga, massages, meditation and spirituality. While doing all of these modalities, I connected with you, to discuss biological dentistry, although I realized it was a controversial issue from an allopathic perspective. It took me quite sometime to decide to proceed, but since my fatigue persisted, I decided to ‘go for it.’ To date, I have 50% of my dental restorative work completed. My energy has tripled – I am now working full time again, my mood is amazing and I can not wait to see how I will fee when ALL my work is complete, i.e. all amalgams and root canals out. It has been an amazing experience! Needless to say, I am very happy I made the decision to proceed and I do thank you and your staff for my newly found energy level.
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