43, White Female
I am a 43 year old female, though healthy, suffering with several health issues. I had chronic sinus infections, excruciating knee pain. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed as having a torn meniscus (a common sports injury). The tear did not appear on the MRI, but was told many times they don’t, but once the doctor goes in with a scope, he finds the tear. I opted to suffer and stopped or lessened most activity such as exercise, climbing stairs, etc. I had a tingling pain in my arm; especially if my elbow was not supported when using the keyboard or mouse (I have not seen a doctor for this yet). Lastly, but most importantly, 6 ½ years ago (shortly after the birth of my third child), I was diagnosed with moderate to severe PMS, which manifested itself in multiple ways (depression, anxiety, rage, etc). I had a root canal 2 weeks before the delivery of my third child. I tried the gamut of treatments, both pharmaceutical and natural; nothing “cured” the problem. It was while on the quest for treatment that I stumbled on the possibility that the problem could be my teeth. As I researched the “whole body” philosophy, I had a paradigm shift. After much prayer, I decided I wanted my amalgams replaced and a root canal removed. In reviewing the problem teeth, the teeth numbers correlated to the health issues I was experiencing. I went into this hopeful, but not thoroughly convinced that it would resolve all the issues, little did I know it was an answer to prayer. During the first treatment, I removed 3 amalgam fillings and the root canal. As I was driving home I took a deep breath and thought “this cannot be!” I was able to breathe through my nose deeper than I had in years. The next morning I awakened with a mental clarity/sharpness. Monday morning, I arrived at work and took the stairs without pain…My knee has been pain free since the first treatment. I also no longer have tingling pain in my arm. It has been four months and I have not had any sinus infections!!! Praise the Lord!!! The PMS…I did not notice a huge difference immediately and only time will tell with this type of problem. Once all the mercury (5 amalgam fillings) was removed from my mouth, I sought help with the detoxification process. It was my finding that not only is there need to remove the mercury from your teeth, it also has to be eliminated from the body. I am about 10 weeks into this process and feel 90% better. It has been a long 6 years and I am so grateful that I am nearing complete recovery. I give the glory to the Lord for leading me to the research, the right doctors and the proper treatment, and supplying the finances for the treatment, which is a testimony in itself. I must say the results from the dental work and detoxification have far exceeded my expectations.
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