46, White Female
My overall health has improved since I (you) removed all the metal from my mouth. The only regrets that I had was waiting so long to do it, my sisters and mother did it 2 years earlier. Fear kept me from having all my teeth redone. I guess I wasn’t sick enough. My health has steadily improved over the 18 months. It is my belief that sucking on mercury all day long can cause serious health problems. I also, besides the added energy, have experienced my brain is working much better. I had problems with my memory. I could read but remembering was difficult. The only way that I could remember anything was to do it 10 times over and over again. I drove my co-workers crazy with asking the same questions over and over again. Now I can remember what I read and catch on quickly. I believe that having my teeth redone has been a big part in an overall well-being and vast improvement in my health.
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