31, White Female
Symptoms before filling removal: Dizziness, adrenal fatigue, depression, no hormonal production, no sex drive, headaches before it rained, cold sores on mouth, IBS, cold body temperatures, weight gain around stomach, excessive sweating while working out, tingly on backside of head, panic attacks, feelings of my house would be burned down when I got home, socially shy, avoided any social situations, irritable, down right mean, couldn’t concentrate, environmental allergies, suicidal thoughts, and really didn’t care about anything or anyone – I couldn’t laugh or smile. Immediately after I had my first huge amalgams removed I felt a surge of energy shot through my body and I wanted to run and dance. I felt immediately better. It was the most amazing feeling to have such a burden lifted off me. The next month I had the little ones removed, and within a month I was the same person I was before I got the silver fillings. Almost all my symptoms are gone. I now can function in society. I say hi and smile to people on the street I don’t know. I no longer think my house is burning down and I haven’t gotten a cold sore, any fall allergies, or headaches before it rains. I had my thyroid and hormones tested via saliva. To my surprise the only thing that was off was low progesterone production in which I had gotten natural hormone replacement for and I feel like I am 16 again. I am hoping after a few months my body temps will be normal again. I went into Dr. Rehme’s office with no one – I mean no one – believing me. I want to thank Dr. Rehme and his staff from saving me from this huge burden that took over me.
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