47, White Female
I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1977 when I was 21 years old, but was not clinically diagnosed until 1986 when I was 29 years old. I starting using a walker after a car accident, that was a head injury. I was 45 years old at the time. This caused equilibrium and dizzy spells and eventual weak legs. This was a dark time in my life to have to accept MS, as I was in denial and remission for 19 years. God allows things to happen for a reason, so in August, 2002, I started my journey for answers to my declining health and getting an education on how to fix it. The tests were conclusive I had battery mouth, mercury and nickel toxicity from dental fillings, and a major deficit in vitamin, minerals and water. The course of treatment was the following: Removal of teeth that caused battery mouth Removal of mercury fillings and fill with a non-toxic composite Five root canal extractions Weekly DPMS Chelating infusions Weekly Vitamin C/Mineral infusions Daily supplemental vitamins/minerals (approx. 30 per day) Weekly emotional and spiritual therapy On January 19, 2004, I got the last two partial crowns that were filled with mercury removed and replaced with tooth colored resin materials. At my employment, I would walk to the mailroom and back exhausted (1 city block). The rest of the day I would stay in my chair. Several days after the final removal, I have gained my energy! Now I was 2 city blocks a day and have to turn my fan on to cool off. I used to take weekend naps and I no longer do that as well. My long-term memory of my life like a slide show has come back. I remember short-term stuff as well. My emotional state is more positive than ever. My family is amazed and so am I. The last component to my health and wellness is by eating the right things and taking Nystatin medicine and additional cleansing products to rid the yeast (candidas). It was hard to stay on track with a yeast-free diet with all the other things I needed to focus on. But God helps those who help themselves. Now, with the dental work out of the way, I will lose the yeasty fat and my equilibrium will balance. Eventually, I will walk without a walker. I am blessed and thankful that I was introduced to the excellent medical and dental professionals and staff to assist me in achieving my goal of health and wellness. Good Luck to everyone in their health endeavors and Thank You for reading this.
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