56, White Female
In April 2002, I attended a meeting and was introduced to a piece of equipment called a Cavitat. This ultrasound device was the first clue that I had something going on in the upper right quadrant of my mouth. In this area I had four root canal treated teeth and the test revealed that I had a bone infection because of them. At no time did Dr. Rehme suggest that I remove them, but after extensive study and prayer, my decision to remove the teeth was made. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made because I went to great lengths to save my teeth and now they would be gone forever. Two and one half hours in the dental chair having the extractions has turned into my own little miracle, for 10 years I’ve suffered chronic back, knee, shoulder and big toe pain on my right side, when the teeth came out the pain disappeared. I must stress how the pain affected my life; I could not work a full day and then do anything in the evening, like going out for dinner. I saw a neurologist, physical therapist, chiropractors, and I had injections in my spine. All of my efforts proved worthless to get out of pain. God has truly answered my prayers, and I appreciate your vision of helping people get healthy, starting with their teeth.
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